Fighting Parkinson’s, and important concepts to remember

Many new people have been coming to the website and blog this new year. I have been finding myself going over some of the same concepts involved in this recovery, and I feel that everybody would benefit from reviewing these concepts again. So, today, we are going to have a review.

This is a soul, mind, and body recovery, and most of you are familiar with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Here are some reminders about the extra things that will assist you in your recovery that are not specifically spelled out in the Recipe.

Drinking enough water:

Practicing deep breathing:

Feeling worse while getting better, including more tremors when doing the Qigong, Standing and Balance, and Brain Vibration Chanting:

Thoughts on medications:

Scientific study says your dopamine is not depleted:

Assistance with symptoms and side effects:

And here are some additional things to help you understand how your recovery is taking place.

Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress:

Being the tortoise:

Faith over fear:

Accepting your recovery in your heart:

Bringing your life back into balance:

How well you are doing in your recovery:

Acceptance, and “Okay”:

Being your real self:

As you take your time and read through these posts, fully appreciate yourself for the courageous person you are. In a world of quick-fixes, you have come to realize that it takes time, patience, and dedication to have a Parkinson’s recovery. Each and every one of you has this recovery deep inside you. We each are born with a body fully capable of healing itself.

However, this Parkinson’s recovery can be challenging. Please do not make it any harder than it needs to be. Each day, to the best of your ability, do as much of the Recipe as you can. It is the consistency, the repetition, that slowly builds your recovery from deep inside.

Your best is good enough:

If you are having a difficult time with energy and movement, then spend your downtime working on the mind and soul healing aspects of the recovery. You will find that when you calm your mind and open your heart, your dopamine will flow better and suddenly you will have the energy and movement to do the physical part of the Recipe.

It is a matter of staying in balance…physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can do this.

Finally, with Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, This would be a good time to remind all of you that LOVE MELTS ALL BLOCKAGES! Please do not forget…

2016 is the year of LOVE! Click here to read all about it.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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10 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and important concepts to remember

  1. Helen says:

    Love it Howard as always you are so inspiring. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone . Much love Helen

  2. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Thank you Howard for the reminders and keeping us on track as usual!

  3. Anita in England says:

    I’ve been thinking about perseverance: – “Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power.”
    Thank you, Howard, for your perseverance in repeating the lessons every time we need to have them repeated. I would find it so, so difficult to persevere without your ongoing guidance and reminders and without this space that you give us in which to communicate with each other.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Well said Anita, I second what you have just written to Howard. 🙂
      Big Love to all Warriors,
      Karen xx

  4. Tony says:

    All I can say is over the last 30 years I developed the body of my dreams, I graced the covers and centerfolds of national and international magazines, I’ve won numerous fitness and natural bodybuilding titles, been on TV many times and traveled the world doing my thing. I work as a male entertainer and have done close to 6,000 performances. If i know anything its this, you must believe in what you are doing, sometimes there are days when i question if what I’m doing will work, but today doing the recipe God gave me a sign that what I’m doing is right. We all pray to God everyday to get better, well God is working through do I know this? I just do. So believe in what you are doing my friends and believe in the power of you.

  5. Carlo (Italy) says:

    Hi to all the warriors.
    This is my second post in this forum. The first was weeks ago, while in deep desperation, and the encouragement I received from you in still in my heart.
    My journey with PD and the recovery is teaching me so many things that I could never immagine to even only consider pre-PD.
    I want to share with this wonderful community one of the lessons I learnt.
    Having the PD it sometime happends that I need help; well, initially I used to struggle to find the way to return the help and free from debt (for many wrong reasons I don’t mention); then I understood that it was more important to espress the gratitude (more than to materially show it); and then I understood that I could return the help/favor to life in another form in another time to someone else: this is a natural way to keep goodness flowing (externally) and avoid to short-circuit it redundantly between the two people.
    So simple, easy and beautiful… and valid for all (not only PD-ers)
    Happy Goodness to everyone

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      That’s beautiful Carlo. Yes I believe that also, the gift of gratitude and ourselves to another is simply priceless. 🙂 . Nice to hear from you again Warrior. xx

    • Tom says:

      Carlo, Thank you for sharing your gratitude truth; just beginning see how this works…

  6. judy says:

    I am amazed how I constantly need to be encouraged, and reminded.Yes, thank God for Howard, and his love and concern for all of us. And, it doesn’t stop there: he’s also involved.
    I am recovering by leaps and bounds! So often along the way, I have burdened myself with doubt, fear, anger, worry. Then we get a shot in the arm, so to speak, from Howard and I’m back on my feet again.
    This Recipe is a miracle! Don’t go searching for one. It’s right here!

  7. Christine says:

    Thanks for the review Howard,especially about water,breathing,reducing medications and listening to our bodies.I have been trying to reduce medications by using my mind and willpower..bad mistake!
    So back to self love and compassion and respect for this body which has carried me around so willingly for so long.
    Love to all you warriors and well said Carlo!

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