Fighting Parkinson’s, and making healthy choices

In life, there are opportunities to make choices. You can decide what to wear, where to go, what movie to watch, what food to eat…and, what will be your emotional reactions to life. Since you have these choices, why not choose wisely and make healthy choices.

Yesterday morning as I was beginning my day, the person from my first coaching Skype sent me an email about things to discuss on the Skype. At the end, she wrote this: “As you know, all the darker feelings have gotten in the way of being able to bring forth the higher vibrations like joy and happiness and compassion – Can I now begin to focus also on these good feelings – like imagining myself well and happy and at peace while still purging the negative emotions?”

My response was this: “Yes, you have suggested a wonderful topic for our Skype. I feel that it is important to increase the positive emotions as a way to help purge the negative emotions. So, you are spot on.”

As we were discussing this topic, here is the analogy that popped up. Suppose you have spent your entire life eating nothing but unhealthy food. Inside your body, you would be very unhealthy. I would imagine that a long water-only fast would purge the unhealthy food from your system, but it would come as a shock to the body and you probably would not stick with it.

You see, we are creatures of habit, so as soon as the water-only fast would become intolerable, most people would go back to eating the unhealthy food to reach their familiar “state of being.” However, there is another, healthier, wiser choice.

Start replacing the unhealthy food with healthy food. This is a slow, but steady process, and if all you are eating is healthy food, then eventually, all of the unhealthy food and toxicity will exit and be purged from your body. Your new habit and familiar state of being with be healthy choices and healthy eating…and a healthier you!

Okay, same thing with your emotions.

If every time something happens you do not like, you find yourself filled with anger and frustration…take a step back and realize that you can make a different choice. When the anger and frustration surface, make a healthier choice: acceptance. “Okay, instead of getting angry, I will accept that what just happened actually did happen, and I will deal with it.”

If every time your symptoms change, you find yourself filled with worry and fear…take a step back and realize that you can make a different choice. When worry and fear surface, make a healthier choice: hope and faith. “Okay, instead of being afraid, I will have faith that my changing symptoms means that the electricity in my body is changing for my healing and recovery, and therefore the changing symptoms are necessary for my recovery.”

If every time you think about something you used to do that you can no longer do, you find yourself filled with sadness and grief…take a step back and realize that you can make a different choice. When sadness and grief surface, make a healthier choice: gratitude and compassion. “Okay, instead of wallowing in sadness and grief, I will be compassionate with myself and my situation and give gratitude for having had the opportunity in my life to do the things that currently I find myself unable to do.”

If every time you think about your life in the past, you find yourself filled with self-judgment and self-criticism…take a step back and realize that you can make a different choice. When self-judgment and self-criticism surface, make a healthier choice: love and joy. “Okay, instead of criticizing myself and my choices from the past, I now realize that they are over and cannot be changed. Instead, I choose to find love for myself and joy in my heart, and I grow the love and joy inside me by sharing love and joy with myself and others.”

In a life filled with choices, choose wisely for your life and your Parkinson’s recovery…choose to make healthier choices.

You can do this.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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14 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and making healthy choices

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, fabulous post. Let’s all Rock On with the healthy choices! :-)
    Big Love to you and all warriors.
    Karen xx

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks Howard. I love this post. I love the fact that I have the ability to make healthy choices ! There are so many things that I can and do choose everyday. The biggest three for me are …I choose to have Faith in God, Faith in the Recipe for Recovery, and Faith in myself. By making these healthy choices, the other many choices that I make during the day seem to fall more easily into place. I like to ask myself if my actions are showing the choice I have made to have faith.
    It is like you said. I am getting rid of unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthy ones. For me it is not an over night process but slow and steady wins the race. I choose to show compassion, love and patience with myself as I move forward. Remembering that I am not perfect, that I do not have to be, and that my best is good enough.
    Sending love and Blessings to all
    With Gratitude in my heart for this day

  3. mayarita says:

    Oh Howard I have so much work to do on this! A simple proposition, I shall try! Love to all friends. Thanks Howard

  4. Anita in England says:

    Choosing to do gratitude practice each day has had a profound effect upon my patterns of thinking. It has become much more automatic for me to think positively and therefore to feel happy. After listing 10 things for which I am grateful in the here and now I then go on to add something I am grateful for having experienced in the past. I now find myself feeling genuine joy for having experienced things I can’t do at the moment, such as going on bike rides and long walks, intricate craft work, etc.

  5. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Howard

    Thanks again for your effort and the wonderful explanations. It’s your extraordinary talent to write the advices in a very easy way so that everyone can understand how to practice it. Not only the way you help people but also your time and compassion you need is huge!!! Your deep thinking about the problems to solve them and afterwards to put down in writing is unique. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Tery and Werni

  6. Dear Howard

    I celebrate this awareness around choice…what could be more life-serving than to know that, in all matters…all things, I have a choice. And the choice I most celebrate is the one I made to engage you as my coach, my mentor and my friend. I am so very grateful, Howard.

  7. James Michael says:

    Hello I’m a newbie. I’m recovering from Parkinson. I just this website a couple days ago. I had been to see specialists for Parkinson about 2 months ago he put me on carbidopa levodopa, I told him I hate taking any drugs. I told him I never taking before. He told me there is nothing you can do for Parkinson. I ask him about herbs and naturopathic. He said don’t waste your money on this stuff. Stop reading this on Google, nothing will cure it. I hated taking these drugs. I just know that GOD had a plan for me. My wife said get off those drugs we’re going to find a way. Then I got the idea about taking TAI CHI. Cause I was young I used to karate. So we starting looking around for some places that teaches TAI CHI, found one nursing home for free classes twice a week so we started in JANUARY this yr. Right away I started to sleep better. Then last week I read HOWARD Web site. I read how HOWARD overcame Parkinson. I was on cloud nine. I said praise God. I said this is for me I’m already a vegan I love to exercise too. I’m going to beat this thing with God and all my new friends. I probably had this problem about 3 yrs or longer I shake, my speech is not to good, but I still can run. Oh, my name is James, but I like Mike, ha, I love u all.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Mike, welcome to our community of Warriors. God guided you to Howard, as he did all of us. You are in fine company! :-)
      Karen xx

      • james michael says:

        hello KAREN , IM so happy , I thank GOD for finding HOWARD, GOD will bless him . he;s a wonderful man , thank HOWARD . AND thank all my new friends , please forgive my spelling too. ha

    • jimmy says:

      wellcome Mike

    • Anita in England says:

      You’ve come to a very good place, Mike. I’ve been here since July last year and it’s made a huge difference to my life. Welcome.

  8. Kathy says:

    A year ago today I was handed the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Like the rest of you, I was told that it was progressive and incurable and to come back later for the meds. I felt like my body was saying, “don’t believe it …it’s not true!” Finding your website is a confirmation. Howard, you and this community have been a Godsend to me! You are an amazing person with a wonderful gift shared generously with others.
    I’m using this rather sad anniversary to do a happy thing …. to share with all of you and embrace the RECIPE.

  9. Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

    I thank you, Howard! This post is heart moving.

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