Fighting Parkinson’s, and the blog is six years old

Six years ago today, I began this blog. Much has happened over these last six years, and I thought it would be helpful to go back to the beginning as a point of reference for today’s post. Here is my first post, March 25, 2010.


I turned 49 years old two days ago. In November of 2009, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. My mother had Parkinson’s for 24 years before she died, and a couple of months before receiving my official diagnosis, I was pretty much certain I had it.

My mother was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s right away, and she had been put on drug treatments prior to her Parkinson’s diagnosis. She responded well to the initial Parkinson’s medications, and hence received her diagnosis. She fought a long and valiant fight, but in the end, it seemed like the drugs took their toll and played as much a part in her passing as did the disease itself.

I am fortunate to have learned from her experiences and her courage, and I am fortunate that her Parkinson’s specialist is located in my city — he is my Parkinson’s specialist now.

I am doing my best to fight this drug free. Admittedly, my movements are slow, my balance is not good, I have regular nagging pain, and I tire much more easily than before. However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective. I am interested in sharing my experiences to help others and I am interested in hearing others’ experiences to help me and anybody else who reads this blog.

All I can do is share what I am doing…what works and what does not. Everybody who suffers from Parkinson’s suffers in a different way. Obviously, if something I am doing looks like giving a try, let your doctor know what you are thinking about doing. I am not a doctor, and I am not advocating you do anything that you and your doctor have not discussed. My doctor is fantastic and has given me the green light to explore the approaches I will be describing in later posts.

I would not be able to fight this fight if it were not for the love of my wonderful wife and children, as well as my extended family and friends. I have many blessings in this life, and I feel that Parkinson’s is just a roadblock…not an immoveable object.

I look forward to a meaningful dialogue.”

So, here we are six years later. The meaningful dialogue has been taking place. Statistically, there have been 5,124 comments posted by you. That’s right. I have posted 491 blog posts and you have commented 5,124 times…that, my friends, is a Parkinson’s recovery dialogue. I am grateful for all of you.

Please take a look at one of the things I wrote about:

“I am doing my best to fight this drug free. Admittedly, my movements are slow, my balance is not good, I have regular nagging pain, and I tire much more easily than before. However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective.”

1. “I am doing my best.” You all are doing your best, and your best is good enough.
2. I had not experienced symptom relief even six months into doing the Recipe. Many of you are facing this exact same situation.
3. “However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective.” My goal was not symptom relief. My goal was to be recovered. I knew it was a long-term solution and that I had to listen to the messages from the inside.
4. It worked. I was my own Parkinson’s cure.
5. You are your own Parkinson’s cure. Know it and be it.

Thank you for six years of a wonderful dialogue.

You can do this!!!

Is Parkinson’s Curable? Yes!

They say incurable. We say, “YES, IN CURABLE!”
They say impossible. We say, “YES, I’M POSSIBLE!”

So, embrace the Recipe and chant with me:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.


All my best,



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18 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and the blog is six years old

  1. Anita in England says:

    Thank you Howard, for your faithfulness in writing this blog and giving us all a meeting place, and belated birthday greetings. The sun is shining on a beautiful spring day here in south London, for which I give thanks.
    Warm good wishes to you all.

  2. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard thank you for 6 years of unconditional love to people you have never met. Your wisdom, knowledge, support, encouragement, guidance and belief in all our recovery, is priceless and soooooooooooooooo appreciated. My family and friends know you by name. 🙂 I can’t believe you are 55, being in your soul must be the secret to staying young! May many of us reacquaint ourselves with our true self to stand at the finish line smiling with you. God bless your beautiful heart my friend. 🙂
    Big Love to all my fellow warriors. Happy Easter to everyone. A time of death and rebirth. May we feel the power of Gods love within each of us at this time and always.
    Karen xx

  3. Deanna says:

    Thank you Howard. You are such a blessing. I so much look forward to reading every post

  4. Mike Puopolo says:

    Thank you Howard. I have been quietly with you every blog post and wanted to emphasize how special you are to me, and to Bethany, and I am sure a great many folks like myself that don’t post. This is the most positive of communities and your message resonates so truly with me. I pray for all of you and love the fact that people share both the ups and downs with love and a positive spirit. You are a beacon and I can’t thank you enough.

    With love, and the greatest respect.

  5. Susana L. says:

    Dear Howard,
    Always such a positive spirit and an uplifting message when I receive your posts in the morning. Thank you for your deep dedication to holistic healing. I am forever grateful for your sincerity and immense generosity. Your love saturates each page of this blog and emanates to each one of us in our journey to heal ourselves. I heal. I heal. I heal. Love to you Howard and to all of you who share your hearts here. Susana

  6. Debbie says:

    Thank you Howard for sharing your brave loving self with each of us. Thank you for a very doable cure to Parkinson’s. Thank you for giving me a choice of the actions that I will take in becoming more healthy each day. Thank you for being stead fast and unwavering in your commitments . Thank you for being you and sharing your journey with me. How I use what you have given is up to me. I choose the Recipe for Recovery. I choose to have faith in myself and in my abilities to stay the coarse until the battle is won. I choose to have faith in God and in his love for me. I am grateful that I am able to following someone who has cured himself. Thank you to each of you who share their thoughts and feelings on this blog.

  7. Lohren says:

    Howard, your messages are such a blessing. They seem to come when I most need them! Thanks to all for the encouragement I always feel from these blogs!

    Love, Lohren

  8. judy says:

    There are times in this journey when only a word from Howard will do.
    Thank-you, Howard, for being there, for your insight, for your sensitivity,
    for your love, for your dedication. Real change happens in this world
    because of people like you.

    Have a happy, everyone!


  9. Leena says:

    Thank you Howard, you are a blessing to us all in disguise. I wish there was a way to express my gratitude to you and I find the best way would be to continue doing the recipe till we recover. Thank you for your time and unwavering commitment.

    With deep gratitude


  10. Sally Carlson says:

    Thank you Howard!

  11. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Howard, for your consistent message of confidence and hope. Easter blessings to you and the many fellow travelers on this blog. I really think you’ve made a huge difference in more lives than you’ll ever know.

  12. Kjell Nilsson says:

    Thank you for all supporr and love

  13. Melanie says:

    Howard, you are surely a godsend. You neve Howard, you are surely a godsend to each and every one of us in this commune. Your recipe and encouragement offere such great help and determination to heal completely as you and others have done and have proven that complete healing is possible! Though complete healing is possible, each of our pathways to recovery is a little bit different. Thank you for your encouragement and unconditional love for each of us. With much love and gratitude to you and each one in this community. Melanie

  14. Frank says:

    When I look in the bedroom and I see Susie already in bed reading most of the time it is one of your messages. She has gone back and read everything from your beginning blog. It has helped educate her, served as a great motivator and comfort to her. For that I am forever grateful to you.
    Susie and I had the great fortune to meet Howard and attend his workshop in LA. If you are out there wondering if this guy is too good to be true, all I can tell you is he is even better, kinder, and more genuine in person! Frank

  15. Marie says:

    Have been away traveling and just catching up today on recent posts.
    Wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY EVERY DAY, dear Howard!

    Your generosity, love and support changed my life and the lives of so many others.
    Each day, I think of you and thank you, for the precious gift of hope you gave me in my darkest time , and for the Recipe for Recovery.

    Much love to you! Always!!! Marie

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