Fighting Parkinson’s, and the big move

Sally and I have moved 3,000 miles from Tampa, Florida to Portland, Oregon. If you have sent me an email this week and I have not responded, it is because we have been very busy with the closing of our former home in Tampa and our getting out here with our 9 pound fluff-ball dog Cricket (first plane trip for her, in a carrier, in the cabin with us). Yesterday, we became Oregonians, and we feel great! Tired, yes, but feeling great!

A lot of thought went into our move. I am a native Floridan, and Sally has been in Florida over 40 years. However, after we spent a week in Portland last year, we decided it was time to move here. Many things went into our decision-making process, including what it would be like to live in an area where the Parkinson’s community embraces my recovery and my message of faith and hope in Parkinson’s recovery. The Parkinson’s community in Tampa had no interest in what we all are doing in our world-wide community of Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® warriors.

I am grateful for all of you. I am excited about moving to Portland. For the next three weeks, we will be living in a Marriott Residence Inn in Portland (they allow pets), and then we will move into our new home mid-May. I am with Sally, so wherever we are living, it is home.

For now, I am a little worn out from everything that has been going on, so this post will come to an end.

Have a beautiful weekend.

You are worth it!

All my best,



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34 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and the big move

  1. Keith Fensom says:

    Hi Howard, wishing you a successful move and also into your new home in mid- May, all sounds great. Now take it easy and do not over do it, relax and enjoy your new surrounding in the Marriott Residence Inn with Sally and Cricket.
    All my best wishes
    (Yangsheng School of Tai Chi & Qigong)

  2. Susana L says:

    Dear Howard, I will never take anything for granted. I always thought I would drive three hours away to visit you. Now will have to fly five hours! I’m very excited for you and Sally. I’m wishing you the very greatest success there with a community that respects how amazing you are and how lucky they are! Sending you joy and love in your new home. Thank you for guiding me and showing me I have the power to heal myself. I love you both, Susana

  3. Mary says:

    This is Mary from Tampa. I’ve written at least one prior time on Howard’s blog. My husband, Jerry, and myself feel so fortunate to be Howard and Sally’s friends. I believe the trendy name might be “besties”. I met Sally through work in the mid-80s, a short while, relatively speaking, before she and Howard met. I watched their romance bloom and their family grow. They were kind enough to ask Jerry and me to “be” honorary “Aunt” and “Uncle” to their three amazing children. Talk about a privilege! We’ve seen, heard and felt the ebbs and flows of their lives together from a very personal point of view, a perspective of intense interest and great affection.

    We saw Howard when PD began to affect him so much that he had great difficulty walking and feeding himself. We knew Howard’s mother and we heard him: he was not going down the same path with pharmaceuticals that obviously did not work. He was going to forge a very different path, one of accelerated learning by delving deep into various natural approaches. We then watched Howard change himself: spirit, mind and body. We have followed his progress in every way in which we were lucky enough to be privy. He is remarkable and altruistic and healed and genuinely wanting the very best for all of you. He knows you truly are “worth it”. I could go on and on but the gist is all in his blog and all of it honest and from his heart.

    I already miss Howard and Sally immensely. It will be hard to talk with Sally for a while without tears in my eyes. Just knowing they were five minutes away for whatever and whenever we might need them…such a comfort! I could depend on them to act for me in any situation, substituting their judgement for mine would be a no-brainer. But, I know they are going where they are being led, and for the greater good. The acceptance of holistic medicine in general is much greater on the west coast than here. Another understatement. We’re hoping, and we are very optimistic, that their new geography will allow for even greater opportunities for Howard to help even more PD sufferers with their Recovery.

    We love you, Sally & Howard. You’re forever in our hearts. We’re so lucky to be in your lives and want only the very best, all happiness, for you. We hope to visit from time to time and, from your vivid descriptions, you may have a hard time getting rid of us! Looking forward to many long face-time chats until then.
    Love, Love, Love,
    Mary ( & for Jerry )

    • Bailey says:

      Dear Mary and Jerry – know that us left-coasters are excited to embrace your beloved friends and you two too should a move west ever entice you! Thank you for being there for Howard, Sally and family through the thick and thin of their Florida life experience. I hope to meet you someday and enjoy your company as the Shifke’s did for so many years. We will take good care of them!

      • Mary says:

        We loved the beauty and, dare I say, the “mindset” we experienced in our Pacific Northwest visit. We might be there ourselves but for responsibilities that, for now, tie us here.
        My pity party is winding down. I think! We’re hereby entrusting our dearest friends to the new dear friends they are bound to make. I hope to meet you, too, someday. Thank you so much for writing!

  4. Tony says:

    Only bigger and better things ahead brother! Change brings change, out with the old and in with the new as we all recover and step into our new lives!! God bless

  5. hans says:

    The best to you and your family Howard. May you prosper and hopefully continue to be an inspiration to many.

  6. Deanna says:

    Congratulations Howard!! I am so inspired by you, and your courage to pick up and move to a place where you can contribute even more!

  7. Kathy says:

    How happy I am for you and Sally! I know you have been led there by a higher power and will blossom and thrive in your new surroundings. Can’t wait to hear all the good that is to come. Many blessings!

  8. Debbie says:

    Dear Howard and Sally,
    I am thrilled that you have made the move !!! I know that things will work out great for you, because that is just the way you roll. (lol) I am following in your footsteps because that is just the way that I am rolling also. Welcome to Oregon !!!!
    Thank you so much for your love, support and for sharing yourself with each of us.
    It is a new beginning for you. It is a new beginning for me as I recommit to becoming healthier and happier everyday. We our all capable of change. Change for the better. Have a great week enjoying your new beginnings.
    Love and Gratitude

  9. Kjell says:

    Congratulations to all now rest up and enjoy as much as you can love and hugs

  10. Marie says:

    Greetings, Howard! Best wishes to you, Sally and Cricket in the wonderful city of Portland. Congratulations on your move!

  11. judy says:

    I know you are only as far away as my computer, or the phone, but a feeling of sadness comes over me. It seems like you are so far away. I’m afraid I am much too selfish to say that I am happy you are no longer in Tampa area. (boo-hoo) .
    Seriously though, may God continue to richly bless you and yours, Howard, in every endeavor. Oregonians are blessed to have you and Sally in their midst.
    May many, many others reach recovery because of your relocation.
    Much love to you, Howard and Sally

  12. Laura Doyle says:

    Yay, Howard and Sally! So glad to have you here on the West Coast. May your lives continue to be blessed.

  13. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Howard and Sally

    Congratulation on your move to the new area and the wonderful home!! We are happy and proud for you and wish you a good start !!!

    You both live what you are explaining us: To hear what the heart is telling you!!! You proof courage and faith and are a wonderful example, that everything is possible in life if you want to do it!!! Admirable, you both!!!!


    Tery and Werni

  14. mayarita says:

    Lovely news. Wishing you all the best.

  15. Julie says:

    Sending very best wishes to you and Sally , Oregon sounds made for you, soft landing, days filled with loving kindness and acceptance, nourishing new friends and lots of organic meals, walks in sunshine good life ahead.
    Love and hugs, I’ll light a candle today to light your new path ????????????

  16. Karen in Ireland says:

    Howard and Sally, what exciting news! Good for you! Wishing you both and Cricket continued health, peace, Joy and happiness in your new chapter of your lives. May God continue to bless you and guide you.
    Big Love,
    Karen xx

  17. Helen says:

    Congratulations Howard and Sally how wonderful your move is. To be living in a like minded community. Lucky you lucky Portland!! Rest up, enjoy the Inn. New beginnings how wonderful. Big hugs and love. And your dog. Helen Australia and bella the pug xxxxx

  18. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Sounds like a wonderful move! What a lovely part of the world you have moved to. All my very best wishes to you, Sally and Cricket in your new home xx

  19. Anita in England says:

    Congratulations on your move. Take good care of yourselves. With love and very best wishes.

  20. CynThia says:

    You continue to be an inspiration, Howard. May your commitment to the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery and the new energy of the Portland area combine to grow and expand your message of faith and hope, that God’s Will be done. With Gratitude.

  21. What wonderful news, Howard and Sally! I’m so delighted you are on the west coast…pretty much a day’s drive south of British Columbia, Canada where we live…though, in these times, connecting through technology brings most of us close to everyone in the time it takes to form a written message. I truly hope you enjoy both relaxation and fun in the next 3 weeks, exploring Oregon’s beauty together and connecting with new friends…Ray and I send love and a big hurrah! I was very touched reading Mary’s (and Jerry’s) communication…such a heart-full message and so very affirming of your integrity, your love and your care.

  22. Welcome to Portland, Howard and Sally!!!!

    I run the PD Alternative Healing Support Group at the Northwest College of Natural Medicine (NCNM, a 75 year old college with degrees in Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine) on the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm. We would be absolutely thrilled to have you come either as a member or a speaker or both. Please contact me and I’ll get you on our mailing list.

  23. Tu says:

    All the best to Howard, Sally and Cricket. I am happy for you all. I like your sentence “I am with Sally, so wherever we are living, it is home.” It is so true and a very important point in life. I am so happy you have a soul mate who has been their with you and for you all the way, and you have been there with and for her. This is very precious and sweet!

  24. Rita says:

    Dear Howard and Sally
    Best wishes on your move!
    With love and gratitude,
    Rita and Eugene

  25. Tom Lovdal says:

    Dear Howard & Sally

    Congratulations I’m sure you will find it a joy to live in a forward thinking community which wholeheartedly embraces your kind of thinking and practice and what a bonus to be surrounded by the natural beauty and splendor of the northwest.



  26. Leena says:

    Dear Howard and Sally, last September when I met you, you were in the process of checking out your new home State and now you have finally moved. congratulations on the achievement on the success of your plans.
    You rightly said wherever you have your soulmate that place becomes HOME.
    Enjoy your new Home with Sally and Cricket.
    All the best,
    With love and gratitude,

  27. Howard says:

    Hi All,

    Sally and I appreciate all of your kind and heart-felt wishes. Looking forward to continuing our relationship with you and growing our recovery community from the Great Northwest.

    Love and blessings,
    Sally and Howard

  28. Sally Carlson says:

    Congratulations Sally and Howard.
    With love and gratitude.

  29. Lynda Bedrosian says:

    Welcome to Portland!! AKA: PDX, Puddle City, Portlandia (after the TV show), and
    originally as Stumptown! You have arrived just in time for our Rose Festival and improving weather to explore Portland’s many scenic sites. The Zoo, Rose Gardens, Pittock Mansion, OHSU Tram (best view), many neighborhoods, and , of course, the Gorge!
    We are holding our own in a burgeoning Micro-Brewery market and excelling in the production of superb Pinot Noirs (esp), and a coffee shop on every corner and in between! We are good at bringing back the old crafts and hipsters with the artistic
    cutting edge. We WILL be the next Hot Spot/Cool Zone on the West Coast Block!!
    (If our aggrandizing housing market doesn’t do us in!) Welcome!! Lynda B.

  30. Nancy Yates says:

    Yes, let me echo Carol and Lynda with a big WELCOME to Portland. I moved up here from northern CA about 12 years ago and have loved it from the start!! I can’t help but be certain that you and Sally will settle in and thrive here too!! I attended your workshop in Seattle in 2014 (seems like yesterday) and cannot wiat to get better reconnected for using your recipe, hopefully with consultation support. Rumor has it we’re likely to see you at an upcoming support group meeting I attend…and so looking forward to seeing you again!! Cheers, Nancy Yates

  31. Jim R says:

    Dear Howard and Sally,
    Congratulations on your move here in the West Coast and your new home!
    Now, we’re on the same time zone 😉
    Best regards,

  32. Lisa says:

    How wonderful and exciting. The Pacific Northwest is God’s country for sure.
    Glad you arrived safely and thrilled your recipe is well received there.
    I continue to work it with positive hope.

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