Fighting Parkinson’s, and what is your attitude?

Recently, I have sent the link to a post from the past as a reminder to a number of people regarding having a positive attitude. I like the post and feel it is time for a helpful reminder to all of you, so I am copying and pasting the post, with a few additions, for you today.

Life is happening. Parkinson’s is happening. How you deal with your Parkinson’s symptoms has much to do with your recovery. Your attitude is a major factor in your recovery. Attitude, attitude, attitude!

I will begin today’s discussion with a quote from Jack Sparrow, that is, Captain Jack Sparrow from the Disney movie series Pirates of the Caribbean: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”

I would imagine that Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow) had no idea he was talking about Parkinson’s recovery. I will paraphrase so you will understand my point better:

“The problem is not your Parkinson’s symptoms. The problem is your attitude about your Parkinson’s symptoms. Do you understand?”

Your symptoms are happening. Your attitude about what they mean can dramatically change your recovery. If you can view your symptoms with a positive attitude from your heart instead of a negative attitude from your mind, then you have the greatest opportunity to move forward in your Parkinson’s recovery.

You are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Here are some examples of how doing the Recipe with a shift in attitude changes your recovery.

Event: An increase in tremors during the day or while doing the Recipe.
Mind: Oh no, I am getting worse. Better stop the Recipe and look for something else.
Heart: Excellent, I am getting better. I am generating more internal electrical impulses and they temporarily cause me to tremor more while they are opening blockages in my system.

Event: An increase in stiffness during the day or while doing the Recipe.
Mind: Oh no, I am getting worse. Better stop the Recipe and look for something else.
Heart: Excellent, I am getting better. I am generating more internal electrical impulses and they temporarily are shocking the muscles more as they look to open new energy passageways, causing me a little more stiffness in my system.

Event: An increase in slowness during the day or while doing the Recipe.
Mind: Oh no, I am getting worse. Better stop the Recipe and look for something else.
Heart: Excellent, I am getting better. I am generating more internal electrical impulses and they temporarily are shocking the muscles more as they look to open new energy passageways, causing me a little more stiffness in my system, and this stiffness is making me move slower.

Attitude, attitude, attitude.

The mind views an increase in a symptom as “getting worse, only getting worse.” The mind follows the current medical model for Parkinson’s, you will be “getting worse, only getting worse.” With your mind’s attitude following the “only getting worse” medical model, your Parkinson’s symptoms get worse because your mind is filled with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, and stress…all of the things that helped bring your Parkinson’s symptoms to the surface in the first place. If you stay in your mind, you defeat your own recovery because an attitude filled with this outlook and these emotions, feeds the Parkinson’s symptoms and ultimately makes you stop doing the Recipe and quit your recovery.

The heart views an increase in a symptoms as “progress in recovery, everything is progress in recovery.” The heart follows the Recipe model for Parkinson’s, if you are doing the Recipe you are making “progress in recovery, everything is progress in recovery.” With your heart’s attitude following the “everything is progress in recovery” Recipe model, your Parkinson’s symptoms eventually get better because your heart is filled with faith, hope, love, joy, happiness, gratitude, contentment, vulnerability, and forgiveness…all of the things that get your dopamine flowing and rid you of your Parkinson’s symptoms. If you stay in your heart, you enhance your recovery because an attitude filled with this outlook and these emotions keeps you doing the Recipe and ultimately defeats the Parkinson’s and leads to your full recovery.

Attitude, attitude, attitude.

Attitude. Your body. “I am recovery.”
Attitude. Your mind. “I am recovery.”
Attitude. Your soul. “I am recovery.”

Attitude, attitude, attitude. “I am recovery.” “I am recovery.” “I am recovery.”


You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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11 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and what is your attitude?

  1. Tony says:

    this is so very true it’s not the problem but how we deal with the problem and our attitude toward it. I had an appointment with my movement specialist today he told me because I’m limited in certain things that I should consider trying some medication now I told him it’s going in one ear and out the other he said I know. I have to listen to my heart and my heart tells me no drugs just keep doing what I’m doing it’s not up to me when my recovery happens it’s up to God and I have to trust him which I do hundred percent. yesterday I fell to my knees and cried with my face to the floor I asked God to help me which I do everyday but I believe we have to do our part and that part is our attitude we didn’t get Parkinson’s because everything was perfect in our lives we got Parkinson’s so we could be right with our lives thank you Howard

  2. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors. Great reminder Howard. I haven’t posted in the last few weeks as like Tony, was on my knees to God as I’ve been going through a lot of ” overwhelm” . The last few posts just showed me, yes, non Parkinson’s side now in unison with Parkinson’s side, but been like that for such a long time. The overwhelm comes as there seems no turn in the road and all the posts from the Warriors are so positive and everyone seems so in the flow of healing. So I decided to apply a new attitude:- TASK! Trust( in God) Accept ( that this is how it has to be right now. Surrender ( to Gods timing as he has the bigger picture. Knowingly ( as he has always had your back Karen and always Rocks up for you. So I’m now Trusting, Accepting, Surrendering Knowingly! So like Howard says, I’ve changed my attitude as I so easily fall into victim mode! Well done Tony, stay with the knowing in your heart friend. Out speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward. We are all fine FINE snails! :-)
    Big Love to you Howard and my warrior comrades!
    Karen xx

    • Waseema says:

      Lovely to have you back Karen. I noticed you were missing. Hang in there, as you know this journey is not one to be made alone. I’ve learnt how to be vulnerable and ask for support on this blog over the years. It has made a huge difference. My learning is that I am not alone and therefore can be strong.
      Love and blessings.


      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Bless your heart Waseema, I agree with you but when fellow warriors are doing great, I didn’t want to put a dampener on the mood by saying I have not seen a change in such a long time. My spirit is still strong and I’m still not medicating but it’s a challenge when both sides are affected, especially with the tremor now in my left arm. There are people with worse symptoms out there. I’m just focused on my new daily TASK, trust, acceptance( the hardest one) surrender and knowing! Thanks again for your lovely message. Hope you doing well. xx

    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Karen. I was diagnosed for PD in 2004 and was prescribed REQUIP immediately then followed with SINEMET few years later. In 2013 I felt the medicine wasn’t working and the doctor insisted to increase the dosage. So I decided to stop taking it but I became so weak and could not function at all. I decided to change doctor and start taking only the SINEMET.
      About 2 years ago, I read an article written by a doctor that deficient in vitamin D or B12 can mimic Parkinson’s symptoms. And my blood test result confirmed that I was extremely low in both of them. Since then I take the supplement daily and I’m doing very well. One note if you are already taking B12 supplement make sure it is B12(METHYL). Since you are not on med maybe just go get the blood test done.
      Good luck Karen!

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Jeanne, thank you for your thorough email. I have had all the bloods done which are great actually. I do take B12 ( methyl ) but bless you for taking the time to write to me. I’m just lacking Dopamine right now :-) like the rest of us. We will get there. I haven’t noticed you here before, so welcome if you are new. :-) always lovely to have new personalities and thank you again for taking the time to try and help me. Much appreciated. xx

  3. jimmy says:

    When you see coming a challenge (Parkinson) or when presented with one that is a surprise what is your reaction? Do you fall in fear? ¿Scrunch your hands
    despair and say to God, “Why me?”
    The enlightened human knows more. When an imbalance occurs, then it needs a
    balance. The solution to any challenge you may have, is not contained in the energy
    the old thoughts and worry. That reaction will keep you tied to the floor and
    you will never see after starting the energy challenge. The first thing you can do with a challenge is disarm it. to receive it celebrate it! This gives to the challenge the energy
    of wisdom and balance and begins to turn on the light to find the solution. Think the
    solution is hidden. How to find something that is hidden? Bring out the light and look it!
    God is not comfortable when the human being is wallowing in a
    challenge and fear. The celebration is when the Human understands that there is a balance in all things. Therefore, there is a solution waiting to find for him ,
    after you start celebrating your life, after you understand the
    Spiritual decision and all its ramifications, after you practice holding your light
    with joy even the physical condition (Parkinson), after you show to people around you the spectacular light of your inner being, our healing come

  4. Thank you Howard for a timely reminder…and Tony, Karen and Jimmy too!…such beautiful wisdom emanating from you all to nourish my heart this morning. I feel so very blessed…

    Loving gratitude to you all…

  5. Lohren says:

    Thanks Howard! Our current system tell us to think with our head not our heart. The heart has much more electromagnetic output than our brain. We have forgotten to think with our heart. The author of “Crack in the Cosmic Egg” knew this years ago! Bless you for reminding us.

    Love, Lohren

  6. Debbie says:

    Hi Howard and Everyone,
    Just a quick note to say thank you for such great messages! My internet has not been working and so I have not been on the blog for awhile. I am still doing the Recipe and am so grateful for my life and many blessings. Hopefully my internet problem will be corrected soon :)
    In the mean time I am still moving forward.
    Sending love and blessings to all

  7. corazon salvador says:

    Our GOD is a good GOD he will not withhold anything for us as we keep on trusting him for the healing and as Howard leading us to reach that goal.

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