Fighting Parkinson’s, and six years symptom free

On June 12, 2016, I will be six years with no Parkinson’s symptoms. Six years with no Parkinson’s Disease. I am cured. I am joyful. I am grateful.

As I have been asked in the past, recently I have been asked a couple of questions to the effect of: “Will you be offering reduced-cost coaching again in celebration of being six years symptom free? If so, can you offer it for the entire month of June instead of from June 12th until the end of the month like you did last year?” My answer has been simple: “Yes. Yes.”

This leads me to the point of fear…and faith. There are people who are afraid to “jinx” themselves by doing the very thing I am doing here today — celebrating six years of being cured from Parkinson’s eleven days in advance of the “official” day. That is the epitome of fear.

Instead, I have faith. Faith in my life. Faith in my Higher Power. Faith in my cure. For those of you who are new to this website and blog, I say cure because I did the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and became symptom free…and I stopped doing the Recipe. In the last six years, the only time I have done the Recipe is to prepare for a workshop. No symptoms have returned, and they won’t. That is faith. That is cure.

Remember: Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress. Cure.
Remember: Patience. Tolerance. Acceptance. Surrender.

I have been doing Parkinson’s Coaching full time for nearly six years, and for the opportunity to work with those of you who have signed up for coaching, I am grateful.

In celebration of my being six years cured from Parkinson’s, I have an offer for you to help make Parkinson’s Coaching more accessible. I offered this same offer last year and it went well for quite a few of you.

If you sign up by June 30, 2016 for my One-Month Parkinson’s Coaching Package, the cost of your first month of coaching will be $350. That is a 30% reduction from the regular cost of $500.

The One-Month Parkinson’s Coaching Package includes:
Four one-hour conferences with me, by phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person; and

Unlimited email communication with 24-hour or less response time.

With this first-month $350 offer, you will receive the full One-Month Parkinson’s Coaching Package as if you had paid the regular full cost of $500.

Here is a little more information about my Parkinson’s Coaching. As you know, I have provided you with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® at no cost. Many of you have posted comments about how you are doing with the Recipe, and many of you have emailed me that you are working on it. That is great. What I have learned from many who I am coaching is that it is not the starting the Recipe that is the hard part, it is the sticking with it that is the hard part.

A large part of the inability to stick with it is not understanding fully what you are experiencing. With Parkinson’s Coaching, we are in continuous communication so you can better understand what is going on with your symptoms and your recovery. I can relate what is happening with you to my own experience and coaching experience, and can provide you with the explanations, comfort, and continuing support to keep you on your path to your recovery.

Click here to learn more about Parkinson’s Coaching, including how to sign up for the One-Month Parkinson’s Coaching Package with the special offer.

On June 12, 2016, I will be six years with no Parkinson’s symptoms. Six years with no Parkinson’s Disease. I am cured. I am joyful. I am grateful.

“I have the power to heal myself.” And I did.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Marie did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Pratima did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Betty did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Helen did, and you are.
“Together we have the power to heal the world.” When there are enough of us recovered as a result of the Recipe, we will have the power to heal the world from Parkinson’s.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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6 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and six years symptom free

  1. Tony says:

    We all have the POWER!
    There is nothing wrong with us we are perfect!
    Thank you for showing us all the light and may we never live in darkness ever again.

  2. Rainer from Germany says:

    Congratulations, Howard. I am so glad for you, you are really worth it. Your example is encouragement and motivation for so many people. – For me, in June it is just one year that I have been doing the Recipe. What makes me happy the most is that I am feeling more and more reasonable and unreasonable joy. This shows how well the Recipe is working. Thank you for one year of coaching me, a really invaluable help. I cherish each one of our conversations.
    Best wishes to all my fellow travellers.

  3. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi to all Warriors, I just had an amazing Skype session with our mentor! Oh my, oh my, oh my and WOW! He just Rocks at this subject! I was truly blown away by his wisdom, his knowledge, his care and his humour. I cried, I laughed and I learned so much. Guys make this journey easier by connecting directly with this man. You are worth the cost. Howard my lifeline, bless you and THANKYOU from my heart for today. I truly know now, I can and will be healed completely. You ROCK! 🙂
    Big Love,
    Karen xx

  4. Heather Parker says:

    How do you explain the dizziness and off balance I feel in terms of an electrical problem Howard. I do believe it is an electric issue but just can’t figure this one out? Heather Parker

    • Howard says:

      Hi Heather,

      Most of the time it is blockages in the gallbladder meridian, As you can see, there are 40 gallbladder meridian points in your head (20 on each side). When the electrical impulses are blocked, particularly at points 20 and 21, it creates pressure in the head leading to dizziness and balance issues. Lying down on your back and putting a hot water bottle under your neck so that the heat also covers GB 20 on both sides will release he pressure and assist with dizziness, headaches, and balance issues. Also, doing acupressure on GB 20, 21, and 22 will assist with these issues as well.


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