Fighting Parkinson’s, and YOU ARE WORTHY!!!, part 2

Last week, I posted, Fighting Parkinson’s, and YOU ARE WORTHY!!! That post sparked a lot of discussion over the last week. If you have not read it, please click here to read the entire post prior to reading today’s post. Today, we will focus on a big part of this concept that YOU ARE WORTHY!!!

Today’s focus is on this aspect of last week’s post:

“When your family, friends, or helpers are helping you, it serves them too. They feel love and compassion for you and they feel the joy of being able to assist you because you are their friend and you need their help. It is no different than how each and every one of you would act if the roles were switched. Keep accepting that you are worthy and deserving of their assistance. Make this your new habit as well. YOU ARE WORTHY!!!”

Many people explained to me that they simply could not accept the assistance without feeling worse about themselves. Mostly it was because they were used to doing for others, with the Parkinson’s they felt they had nothing to offer others (especially nothing to offer in return to those who were assisting them), and so the assistance just made them feel worse about themselves.

I explained to them that I suffered in the same way. It had been over six years since I had thought about a conversation that Sally and I had regarding this topic. She sat me down and asked if she had said or done anything that made me feel like it bothered her to be assisting me with certain things around the house.

I told her of course not and that I was quite grateful for the things she and our children were doing to assist me. She then pointed out to me something that I had been doing but was completely unaware. Sally told me that when she or our children were assisting me with things around the house, I was apologizing to them that they had to help me. She pointed out to me that they were assisting me because they loved me and that I needed to figure out whatever was my issue because I needed their assistance but I was making them feel badly when they helped me.

After a lot of soul-searching, I realized that I felt unworthy of their love. I was the one who was supposed to be doing for them and I was failing them. How unfair it was to them that I had Parkinson’s. I didn’t even like myself enough to feel compassion for myself about the Parkinson’s, but only to feel how unfair it was for them. I remember thinking, “This is not the life they signed up for, me with Parkinson’s.”

Sally is the wisest, most compassionate soul to have graced my life, so I heard her words and took them to heart. At first, it was quite difficult, but I responded to assistance from Sally and our children with “Thank you” or “Thank you. I love you” or “Thank you. I love you, too.” It was healing for all of us.

I have cried with quite a few people this last week who are experiencing the same situation that I had experienced, and three who told me that their spouse or significant other has had a very similar conversation with them as the one Sally had with me.

I was discussing this with Sally a few days ago and she told me that she loved me so much and I was such a special person to her that it was very painful for her to see that I was struggling so much with even being able to like myself. As you all know, I eventually got all of this worked out and learned to love myself and to know that I am worthy.

On that note, I feel compelled to tell all of you one of the most important things you need to know about yourselves:


Yes, you have Parkinson’s physical symptoms.
Yes, you have an adrenaline-driven over-thinking Parkinson’s mind.
Yes, the Parkinson’s physical symptoms and the adrenaline-driven over-thinking Parkinson’s mind have polluted you with so much toxicity that your beautiful, radiant, abundantly healthy, joyful, loving, compassionate, forgiving, grateful soul is covered up with Parkinson’s toxicity.

However, the Parkinson’s body and mind toxicity never permeate your soul, the real you. So let’s be clear one more time:


In your soul:

You are abundant health. You are allowed to be abundantly healthy.
You are joy. You are allowed to be joyful.
You are gratitude. You are allowed to be grateful.
You are happiness. You are allowed to be happy.
You are love. You are allowed to be loving.
You are forgiveness. You are allowed to be forgiving.
You are compassion. You are allowed to be compassionate.

You are special just because you exist. That’s right. You need to accept this. You are special just because you exist. Your achievements, attainments, performance, and successes, they are icing on the cake. You are the cake, your heart and soul, perfectly baked just because you exist, uniquely you. And, a perfectly baked cake doesn’t need any icing at all. It is gloriously radiant all by itself.

Your mind has you confused, and it has hypnotized you into thinking that if you are in a physical position where you cannot maintain your level of achievements, attainments, performance, and successes that you no longer are special and that you are worthless. This is the battleground where you have to un-hypnotize yourself by combatting your mind with the truth of the following affirmations to be repeated again and again and again until your mind waves the white flag and surrenders.

Okay! Everybody together so that we rock the world:

I am abundant health. I am allowed to be abundantly healthy.
I am joy. I am allowed to be joyful.
I am gratitude. I am allowed to be grateful.
I am happiness. I am allowed to be happy.
I am love. I am allowed to be loving.
I am forgiveness. I am allowed to be forgiving.
I am compassion. I am allowed to be compassionate.

Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of the Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.


All my best,




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11 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and YOU ARE WORTHY!!!, part 2

  1. Shawna Carol says:


    Wonderful post! I’d like to add one:
    I am relaxation. I am allowed to relax.



  2. Eva Gabrielle says:

    Good morning Howard;

    You are a star!

    I could not agree with you more!
    On my Facebook page my favorite quote is this;
    “There is nothing wrong with me . There is nothing to fix. I am here to enjoy life every day. And I decide what I enjoy.”

    Lovingly, Eva Gabrielle

  3. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors, I have that affirmation of by heart since last week. Marie’s words hit a core also about actually being open to the grace and wonder of a full recovery. So I made up an additional mantra about that to add to Howard’s. ” Father I allow and the grace of your healing love for I am worthy” and ” I am worthy and accept and allow my dopamine to produce and flow perfectly” All that’s coming out of my mouth this week is mantras lol. Also Tony’s link, the song was stunning. I now have the song ” it is well with my soul” playing over and over again as I have played it so often. My mind doesn’t know what has hit it as it is ignored by mantra chanting and song singing. Big Love to all. Karen xx
    Tony will you post that link again for anyone who missed last weeks post. Has to be our warrior song it’s so appropriate. xx

    • Anita in England says:

      I found a version of Tony’s song that has the lyrics on the screen –
      Thanks for introducing us to it Tony – I’m also finding it very helpful.
      Much love to all.

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Well done Anita as Tony not posted this week. Also love ” you make me brave” and ” come to me ” on same album by Bethel Music. Lifts the soul 🙂 xx

  4. Sara says:

    Wow, Howard, I never realised how unworthy I actually feel until I read this!

    I’m fortunate in that I need very little help yet, but I hate that I’m sick – somehow I blame myself – and hate that I’ve dumped this on my OH. I keep thinking that he didn’t sign up for this either, and how I’ve let him down. It’s not helpful!


  5. judy says:

    Perfect. Another blog overflowing with gems, encouragement, love.

  6. Lohren says:

    Howard, you’re a jewel!!

  7. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Thank you Howard for this post – I know this is so right, but feel I keep getting in my own way x

  8. Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

    Thanks, Howard. This is all so true. Exactly as it is.


  9. Cap says:

    Dear Howard, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is such an enlightening post! In my humble opinion, it enables a MUCH deeper understanding of the being worthy concept, specifically because of your story of your wife Sally having had her talk with you about your prior apologizing for being helped, and how this was unwittingly engendering guilt in those who willingly and lovingly helped you. This is most profound, and reached me to the very bottom of my heart for obvious reasons. And lastly, I believe we have yet another thing in common, we’re both married to angels.

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