Fighting Parkinson’s, and feeling what is real

Over the last two weeks, I have spent much time discussing how you are worthy. I have provided affirmations to help you build a deep inner feeling of your worthiness. On a recent Skype, the discussion was centered around how long does it take for a positive affirmation to replace a negative thought since the negative thoughts have existed for a long time. Here is how the discussion went.

Before going into the discussion, in case you missed the last two posts, here they are:
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Okay. Here we go. As expressed in those two posts, if you look deeply inside yourself in your heart and soul, in your essence, what you will find as an inherent part of your nature are abundant health, love, joy, happiness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. They are what is real.

If you look deeply inside yourself in your heart and soul, in your essence, what you will NOT find as an inherent part of your nature are fear, worry, anger, frustration, resentment, emotional stress, anxiety, self-criticism, self-judgment, and self-hatred. They are NOT what is real. They are merely thoughts. They are vapor.

In my conversation, I said to the person, think about this, you have been telling yourself for 65 years that you are not allowed to be happy. The positive affirmations will un-seat the “not allowed to be happy” and replace it with “allowed to be happy.” He said, but I am 75 and do not have another 65 years to make this happen. I said, okay, it will not take that long; let’s use an example.

“You have been brushing your teeth every day for 70 years with your right hand, correct?” He said “yes.” Okay.
“Now, suppose starting tomorrow, you take your toothbrush, place it in your left hand, put your right hand behind your back, and brush your teeth. Will you be able to do this.” He said “yes.”
“Okay, if you do this every day, how long do you think it will take until you walk into the bathroom, pick up the toothbrush with your left hand, and brush your teeth.”
He said, “two or three weeks.”
“Okay, then as you can see, you replaced a 70-year habit within two or three weeks by the repetition of the new habit.”
Why does this work so quickly? Because when you are brushing your teeth using your left hand, that is what is real. Right-hand brushing ceases to exist in the moment, and left-hand brushing becomes the new habit.

So, when you are faced with years of feeling unworthy, do not despair. The positive affirmations contained in the two previous posts can un-seat years of negative feelings in a rather short amount of time. How is this possible? Love is REAL. Fear is VAPOR.

When you deeply and repeatedly feel what is real, the vapor simply evaporates and disappears. What is real has substance. What is vapor has no actual existence. The negative thoughts are nothing more than a story you have been telling yourself. The negative thoughts are repeating to yourself other people’s words; they are not even your own words, at least not in their origin. The negative thoughts are an illusion of unworthiness.

The positive emotions are feelings that are real. They have been buried under whatever story you have been telling yourself about how you are supposed to be existing in this world, how perfect you need to be, how unworthy you are, and how your best is not good enough. Living in the positive emotions overtakes the negative thoughts because it brings you back to reality.

That’s right…brings you back to reality…what is happening right here, right now, in this moment, that is what is real. And what do you feel in your essence? Abundant health, love, joy, happiness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. The negative emotions do not exist in the present…they are judgments of the past and fears about the future…they do not exist right here, right now, in this moment. They are not real.

That is why the positive affirmations will get rid of years of negative thoughts in a rather short amount of time. Reality evaporates vapor every time. So, let’s all get together and stay in the moment, this moment, right here, right now, and feel what is real.


Okay! Everybody together so that we rock the world:


I am abundant health. I am allowed to be abundantly healthy.
I am joy. I am allowed to be joyful.
I am gratitude. I am allowed to be grateful.
I am happiness. I am allowed to be happy.
I am love. I am allowed to be loving.
I am forgiveness. I am allowed to be forgiving.
I am compassion. I am allowed to be compassionate.

Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.


All my best,



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49 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and feeling what is real

  1. Shawna Carol says:

    Awesome post, Howard! I have studied something called Option and my teacher, Barry Neil Kaufman, says the decision to be happy is actually the decision to stop being unhappy.

    This post is especially helpful as I am struggling with discouraging and negative thoughts because the symptoms are tormenting me. I have found myself thinking “I can’t stand this anymore” and then I stop and start reciting the affirmations.

    Look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.


  2. Kjell says:

    Thank you dear Howard
    Great reminders for me

  3. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and warriors, fabulous post Howard! Love the vapour analogy!
    Talking of disappearing , where is everyone? Loads of the old reliables not posting in a while. Miss you guys! Post, just to say hi! 🙂 We all riddled with symptoms but we strong in spirit. ” this too shall pass” We are so brave, so courageous, so powerful!
    We Rock warriors, we Rock!
    Big love to all.
    Karen xx

    • Cynthia (from England) says:

      Hi Karen, am still here! Bit like Shawna in that I’ve been struggling with the symptoms that can tend to overwhelm, and acceptance is difficult. But am in a better place again – the song ‘It is well’ posted by Tony has been uplifting. Howard, thank you for these posts which keep us warriors on track! X

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Cynthia, lovely to see you posting. Yes ” overwhelm ” is a witch! 🙂 best friend of ” frustration” lol. Thank God for Howard’s posts and each other! I think we are due a no.6 to Rock us on. 🙂
        I absolutely love Tony’s song, it touches my soul so much. The funny thing is my sister had sent me a spiritual CD the previous week and it is on there. Check out ” you make me brave” and ” come to me” by same label ( Bethel) amazing songs!
        Hang in there my friend. xx

    • Luke M in the Big D says:

      Karen, I’m here too …… rockin’ on!!
      just moved to Dallas to get treatment for my voice at Parkinson Voice Project! I can be heard again ……….. Wooooooo hoooooooo
      I hope you’re having a great Summer
      Big love to you and all our fellow warriors on this healing journey

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hey Luke, I’ve missed your woooooo hoooooooo’s. Delighted you finding your voice again my friend. xx

    • Christine says:

      Hi Karen
      I am still planning on joining that hopscotch tournament! When I cant practice
      physically I practice mentally.
      Love and hugs to each and every one of you wonderful warriors.

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Christine, lovely to hear from you. Yes yes yes, we shall play that game of hopscotch . I look forward to posting the pictures on here for all the Warriors! 🙂 I have my passport renewed from last year and a tin I save money in at the ready. I call it my flight tin . The first thing I want to do is fly to uk to catch up with my siblings who have been amazing support to me on this journey. I want them to be the first to witness my perfect health 🙂 xx

  4. Mårthen says:

    Thanks Howard, for the loving message.
    Thanks Karen for your big loving
    brave heart. You are allways so
    With love to you all

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Marthen, what a lovely name. Haven’t seen you here before, so welcome to the gang. 🙂 thank you for your kind words. I will let you into a little secret about me being positive…. I am very much like Marie once said ” fake it til you feel it” and that’s how I manage my friend 🙂 xx

  5. Lynn McIvor says:

    I wish to share the following, which I just received on a Facebook post:


  6. jimmy says:

    Hi Karen and all my dear fellow warriors , Karen ….. your comments are always great, always cheerful.
    hi Howard your incondiitional llove give us strenght

    Those who invoke their divine interior, will be answered by the manifest intention,
    When words are transformed into intention, the intention manifested reality.
    When you intend to give something, even if it is invisible, an energy is created. It is the catalyst for the balance. and everything is possible “without barriers”.
    What about: “I am healthy”? Slowly this statement creates
    an energy of change in our cellular structure. She creates intention and compassion.
     The cell structure is made of water. water is sensitive to the field of Human consciousness. therefore when we are aware or put our consciousness, in our divine spiritual essence, and our oneness with the universe and everything in it. This awareness will lead us to self-love and understanding we deserve to be healthy and happy .. and this is the purpose of parkinsoon

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hey Jimmy, I love your posts my friend, always deep and thought provoking!
      Hope you in good spirit and the finish line is in sight. 🙂 xx

  7. Kathy says:

    Thank you Howard for your unfaltering and steadfast belief in our inner power to heal ourselves. And thank you for reminding us, repeatedly, that we are worthy. The real me is untouched by Parkinsin’s. I am everything you say, abundantly healthy, joyful, grateful, happy, loving, grateful, compassionate. And curable! ❤️😊

  8. corazon salvador says:

    So grateful that you care for us and want us to be free of this illness thank you

  9. Tony says:

    To Howard and my brother and sister Warriors out there. A positive thought is 100 times stronger than a negative thought. So we just keep thinking positive and not negative we will beat this Beast!!! why? Because it is well in our soul.

  10. Veronica Urquhart says:

    I would like to share with my fellow warriors a couple of affirmations to add to Howard’s.
    “I am blessed”
    “I am well”
    The operative words being “I am”
    The following verse is one of unknown origin which inspires me.
    Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened interiors powers is to be able to condition your life in exact accord with what you would have it.
    Therefore it is important we do not talk of sickness and disease as this does us harm. We need to talk on those things that make others better for having listened to us. We can never gain health while we contemplate disease. It is positive never to speak on anything we do not wish to be true for our life. Therefore do not dwell on your ailments and know that we are complete masters of our life. According to our faith so it is with our life. As Howard said his faith was the key to his recovery. This is worthiness after all.


    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Verinica, I keep meaning to say hi and welcome. I am loving your posts and your share, full of love and wisdom like our lovely Jimmy! 🙂 xx

  11. jimmy says:

    Despite all the physical deficiencies that can experience your
    body, exists in the mind of God a scheme of perfection for him.
    If it were not for that, this would never have been created, nor
    maintained or renewed. Your life belongs to God. Your health is
    Expression of the Perfection of the Spirit who dwells within you. To the
    recognize that there is a River of Life in you, which flows from the eternal
    Source of Life, you can not avoid open your mind and accept all
    influence of his creative energy of life

  12. Helen says:

    Thank you Howard. Yes we are all extraordinary.

  13. Shawna Carol says:

    Thank you all for this profound conversation.

  14. Luke M in the Big D says:


  15. Saying “hi” dear people…and expressing gratitude for your collective wisdom, fortitude, and companionship on this amazing journey… PD is often not much fun but it offers incredible learning opportunities! I notice symptoms flaring up when I’m in my head (often, I do confess), though increasingly (and with dear Howard’s support and generosity of spirit) noticing how easily I shift to presence when I choose to breathe…and just be. The being place is full of gratitude…for living, for life’s beauty and even for this puzzling journey with PD. Love to all….

  16. Veronica Urquhart says:

    Thank you Karen for your warm welcome. I value all the posts very much and to know we don’t stand alone. A couple of thoughts to say thank you :
    “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.”
    “Fall seven times, get up eight” ( Japanese proverb). God bless everyone.
    Veronica 🌺🌺

  17. catherina says:

    Hi Karen am still here. You got us all talking again thanks! Brilliant blog as usual Howard. Mind over matter! We’ve got to let go and HAVE TOTAL TOTAL BELIEF and FAITH……no dithering ONWARDS and UPWARDS

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Catherina, I love when we all chat. Keeps the Warrior energy alive and Rocking. Each of us has so much to give in our share, whether it’s that we are having a good week or a bad week, it makes a huge difference knowing we are not alone. I’ve always said, you guys say I’m always positive but I’m equally the biggest whinger warrior when I tell it like it is when I get overwhelmed . I just feel I am getting better these days at disciplining my thoughts. The affirmations really help too. 🙂 I’m a living affirmation recital at the moment while parky rages on. Nice to hear from you friend. xx

  18. Tom says:

    Thanks, Karen, for the encouraging invitation to rock on this blog. High point of my day.
    “I am-ing” my way through down times; simple, yet powerful.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Tom, happy happy ” I am-ing” my friend. You’re in good company! 🙂 xx

  19. Waseema from Birmingham UK says:

    Thanks Howard for the amazing post as usual. Thank you Karen for reminding me of the importance of sharing and participating. I had become quite insular but just needed a nudge to remind me that we’re all connected and we all need each other.

    I’ve been struggling with doing the recipe regularly which then turns into a put-me-down for not being perfect. So I’m still on the learning journey of self love. I think the day I master that will be the day I will be shouting about my recovery.

    I was listening to a talk earlier today which resonated with me in relation to being regular with the recipe so I thought I’d share what I got from it. It was a talk by Marisa Peer, a hypnotherapist, where she identifies traits of successful people.

    1. They do jobs/activities they don’t enjoy in order to achieve a goal. For me that translates into doing the recipe on a daily basis.
    2. They don’t take no for an answer. I refuse to believe that Parkinson’s is incurable.
    3. They take action every day towards their goals. The recipe!

    So with The support of Howard and the rest of the warriors, I’m aiming for success.
    Love and blessings to you all

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Brilliant Waseema, brilliant. Great to hear from you again. I have days, sometimes weeks where I am simply not able to do the physical part of the recipe, my legs are too shakey to hold me up, or my head is feeling funny so I just want to lie down all the time. I have learned on those days to just accept, lie down or just rest for the day, play uplifting music or simply close my eyes and go within to find peace and strength not to get overwhelmed. I spend so much time in my chair and lying down. I try as Howard says to surrender to it being necessary for my recovery. It’s yet another challenge, patience! ” this too shall pass ” Your best is good enough my friend. Bless you for your share. xx

      • Waseema from Birmingham UK says:

        Karen you are an amazing and powerful woman who is sharing her love around the world. You’re in action my friend and you’re making a difference. I’d love to meet you when you’re in the UK.

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Waseema, we shall meet. It is one of my promises to myself is to meet as many warriors as I can when I am able. So fabulous this week to have us all chatting again. United we stand, divided we fall. 🙂 xx

      • Cynthia (from England) says:

        ‘Even when my eyes don’t see, the mountain that’s in front of me shall fall into the midst of the sea’
        Bless you Karen xx

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Cynthia that line gives me goosebumps every day I listen to it. 🙂 xx

          • Cynthia (from England) says:

            Me too Karen – I listen to it at every opportunity, often in the night. I just love it xx

  20. jimmy says:

    dear Karen is wonderful to read your messages full of strength ………. is contagious and inspiring your spiritual energy, I can simply say that I am honored to belong to this group of positive people, knowing that we are not alone in this journey , that together and holding our hands, metaphorically speaking, instead of being victims we have chosen to be winners, we have in mind only our recovery, something that is impossible for many, however I return to the words of Waseema I refuse to believe that Parkinson’s is incurable. thanks to all friends, know that your messages are our “energy medicine”

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Jimmy your words inspire me. I copied your posting this week into the notes on my phone. I am healthy! 🙂 xx

  21. Anita in England says:

    I’d like to thank Marie for the comment she posted on 25th June. In writing about her recovery she said, “for me, there was somehow an act of will involved in claiming my recovery, actively claiming it and opening to the grace and wonder. It wasn’t like one day I just realized “oh, I don’t have symptoms anymore” . More like one day, I stepped away, and left the symptoms behind. ”
    I’ve been finding this really helpful – when I’m walking I imagine myself actively walking away from my symptoms and it feels very liberating.

    Thanks, also, Karen, for getting this conversation going…
    And, of course, thank you Howard for this post – always challenging, always inspiring.


    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Anita I’m smiling as I was thinking yesterday, not like Anita not to post and here you are. 🙂 I too got so much that week from Marie’s post. She’s amazing and I love that she is always in the wings championing us on. 🙂 xx

  22. Lynn (USA) says:

    I had been searching for a year for help with tremors and the other symptoms. Much to my surprise and gratitude I came upon your site for the first time this morning. When I read about the adrenals it all made sense! When I read it was an electrical problem, I took notice. When I read the dopamine was not depleted, I was elated! Thank you for this wonderful website! I look forward to learning more from this empowering information.

    • Anita in England says:

      Welcome Lynn! It’s pretty much exactly a year since I found this site and it’s made a huge difference to my life. The combination of Howard’s guidance and support and the camaraderie of the gang all over the world is very powerful.
      All the very best to you.

  23. Veronica Urquhart says:

    It is said we come into this world on an ‘in breath’ and leave on an ‘out breath’. Our life in between is a succession of breaths . When we go to bed at night we don’t know if we will wake up next morning. I guess it is something we take for granted. Who or What breathes for us while we sleep? Surely the same source must breathe through our daytime. There has to be some Divine Source that sustains us in both cases. I find when I am anxious or under stress my breath is affected. It is like my energy is sapped in those times. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that being peaceful is the most important aspect to our recovery. I am a slow learner and know if I meditate on being peaceful through the tough times, healing is possible. So I know I have to become one with the Source to realise this. God bless everyone.

    Veronica 🌺🌺

  24. Veronica Urquhart says:

    I was reading that Scientists from the Smithsonian Institute report that 98 percent of the atoms of the body will have replaced themselves by the end of one year. Therefore from my viewpoint is there any reason why the brain cells cannot replace themselves?. If so, it seems to me that Parkinson disease must be curable. Have any of my PD warrior friends have an opinion on this?

    Veronica 🌺🌺

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Veronica, I totally agree with you, we are ever generating new cells. I have come to understand through Howard, that with us, our energy in our brain is not functioning to full capacity, that’s where the brain chanting exercises help in The Recipe. We didn’t just get PD the day we were diagnosed , so our organs and meridians have not been operating efficiently for a very long time. It will differ for each individual. So although it may take a year to repair an entire organ with new cells, we also have emotional hurts and blockages to heal from , not to mention new electrical circuits to generate based on our daily thought process. Finally when we are detoxed mentally, physically and emotionally , the last gift is self love and acceptance, and experiencing joy and gratitude for ourselves and others will we finally switch on the dopamine flow again. That’s my understanding Veronica, hope that helps friend. 🙂 xx

  25. jimmy says:

    perfectly well explained dear Karen, you’re a great teacher.
    I studied Biology and I am familiar with living systems and regarding this ,, i can tell you that everything in the universe is energy, everything in the cosmos moves with energy and living beings also conform to this universal law.
    This energy called “Chi or Qi” according to ancient Chinese wisdom, reaches the body and is mainly distributed THROUGH 12 energy channels distributed throughout the body, called meridians, which are more sensitive to changes and faster than the nervous system, this energy transported to the body at the cellular level is used to perform all the chemical functions of the body, when there is a disruption of this energy in any of the 3 levels of our being(physical , mental spiritual) or when the information is not consistent between 3, comes a imbalance, called “the disease”.

    To better understand this, it is important to explore the relationship between body, mind and spirit
    It is important to know that the body does not have the capacity to experience by it self .. All body sensations to be experienced in something greater, that is the mind. Surprising as it may seem, the mind can not experience itself. the mind is experienced due to the energy field of consciousness itself.
    The principle is that everything is experienced from a field of energy that is less restrictive and less limited; each is always experienced in something that is larger. Because consciousness, we know what is happening in the mind. Because the mind, we know that we receive the body sensations. Therefore, we can see that what we really are is removed from the body in several levels, which makes it quite clear that we are not only the body. We are aware that it is in the infinite field of consciousness.

    A basic principle of the recovery is that we are subject to what we keep in mind. Thought patterns of the mind are belief systems, so all negative feelings then contribute to the disease, including pride, anger, desire, fear, suffering, apathy, and guilt indicate something which it is harmful to life. When I think about this one word comes to my mind “TOXINS” these are “MENTAL POISON” that materialize, invading the body and sickening.
    The mechanics of negativity shock acupuncture system and the autonomic nervous system. This in turn alters and impairs electrical sensitivity and chemical processes occurring in the cells, resulting in pathological changes in anatomy and dysfunction of your body.

    We found then we have to stop criticizing, thoughts of `attack ‘, critical thoughts and the thoughts of judgment. We need to stop ourselves in the position to be right and make the others are wrong. A thought of love cure, and a negative thought generates disease. The choice to become a loving person leads to the release of endorphins in the brain, which have a profound effect on the health and happiness of the body.

    by the other side For years, the pervading premise was that genes determined our well-being and long-term health. If our family had a history of diabetes, that was our expected fate. If our mother’s side of the family had a history of breast cancer, we worried ourselves sick, waiting for that dreaded diagnosis.
    science and the medical world were dictating our future. “It’s genetic” was a common response when faced with a medical challenge. We felt like sitting ducks, not able to change the outcome of a trend of family illnesses.

    However, Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the renowned book “The Biology of Belief” sheds light on the new found understanding: we are not a victim of our genes, but a product of our environment. What does that mean for the human body? Where once we thought that genetics would completely determine our future health or illnesses, now it has been proven that only 1% of illness is due to our genetics: whereas 99% of our health is determined by our environment.
    internal environment disrupters can include where you live (old home full of mold, new home made with toxic materials) and what kinds of chemical or environmental toxicity to which you were exposed from conception to the present. It also includes diet, many of which are specific to your family history: diets rich in sugars, gluten, dairy, or soda, candy and canned or fast food.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Jimmy that’s really informative! Howard will probably post a new blog tomorrow , it’s a pity you didn’t save it for that, but I know you were answering Veronica’s question. I love Bruce Lipton, know his work too. Great post friend. Chat you on next blog. xx

  26. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    This is fabulous, Howard! I deeply thank you.

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