Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 7

Seven years ago, I began doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Of course, back then it did not have a name…it was just what I was doing. At the same time, I began keeping a hand-written Parkinson’s Daily Journal. It is time to share my journal with all of you. Here is my October 4, 2009 journal entry, seven years ago today.

“10/04/09. Up at 4. No difference in how I feel. Same Qigong routine. Then, lazy morning. Sally and I went grocery shopping. About ¾ of the way through the shopping, my legs felt as if I was pushing the cart through mud.

When we got home, Sally and I did the kidney and liver Qigong. This always energizes me…gives me 1-2 hours of feeling “on.” I knew I needed to do it because I wanted to cut the grass. While I was “on,” I cut the grass and only started to run out of steam towards the end.

Sally and I had wheat angel hair pasta with a homemade tomato sauce. What a great dinner. As the evening went on I was feeling very sluggish. We watched the movie “Earth” with Victoria, and then I started winding down.

My calves had been tight since the morning. Sally had done GV acupressure for me in the morning, and did it again before going to sleep.”

The rigidity in my legs was very bad. I remember distinctly pushing the shopping cart as it helped me with balance and I felt I was participating in the shopping. The episode mentioned here was a common occurrence. As we would stop and put more groceries in the cart, it became more difficult to get it started again. Sally often would give it a little pull from the front to initiate the wheels rolling, and then I could lean into it and keep going.

Regarding cutting the grass, we did not have a very big yard at our home in Tampa, and it felt good getting outside to cut the grass. Doing this was one of those things I was stubborn about not giving up because I had Parkinson’s. I would change into my work clothes, do Medical Qigong for the Liver, Medical Qigong Sound for Calming the Liver, Medical Qigong for the Kidneys (elevating and strengthening), and Medical Qigong Sound Kidney Health, and then I would have a boost of energy that would allow me to perform that task.

Parkinson’s gets in the way of doing things how you used to do them. Instead of getting angry, which feeds the Parkinson’s, find a way to accept your situation and make the most of it. “Your situation” is what is going on in your life in the moment. Embrace it, and do your best! Click here for a refresher that your best is good enough.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 7

  1. Tony says:

    Makes sense brother. You gotta keep on keeping on. I find when I stop doing things I’ve always loved to do or what I needed to do, the Parkinson’s wins. This reminds me of when a big company flew me out to south Africa to host a fitness infomercial. I was so nervous, jet lagged, and barely slept the whole time I was there. I was running on empty but I did what I had to do and it turned out great. This song was in my head the whole time!

  2. Chuck R says:

    Thank you so so much for sharing your Daily Journal!


  3. Debbie says:

    Thank you Howard, and thank you too, Tony. I will greet this day with a song and a smile. Have a great Tuesday everyone.
    Sending Love and Blessings

  4. Steve Alten says:

    Thank you, Howard. I was doing a book signing from noon – 2 PM at Costco on Saturday and and my dosage had not kicked in yet and I was sweating profusely and shacking in front of several fans. When the ON finally happens and the shaking stops… it’s like heaven.

    I wanted to ask why you chose these particular liver and kidney Qigong exercises versus others. There seem to be many different kinds.

  5. Lynn McIvor says:

    Since I was out of town when the blog post re humor was mentioned I want to share two brief happenings. A number of years ago I was helping Hailey, the 5 year old granddaughter of a friend, with a drawing she was doing in pencil. She was erasing part of it and since I was experiencing a lot of shaking of my hands at the time, I said “Here, give it to me I can do that easily”. She handed it over and all of a sudden her eyes widen and it’s a lightbulb moment. “I know, Lynn, you can get a job……………as an eraser!”

    Maddie, my 4 year old granddaughter asked me one evening “How come you’re walking like a penguin, Grandma?” Maddie loves penguins.

    You gotta love kids.

  6. Howard says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Lynn, thank you for your humorous stories, especially since you prompted the post that asked for comments with funny stories.

    Steve, in answer to your question, the Qigong in the Recipe is medical qigong. It heals the organs. I did a brocade of Qigong exercises for 10 years before I got Parkinson’s, so I knew I needed something more powerful. The liver focus is for cleaning toxins from the blood. The kidney focus is for bringing more energy to the brain.

    Love and blessings to you all,

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