Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 20

Seven years ago, I began doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Of course, back then it did not have a name…it was just what I was doing. At the same time, I began keeping a hand-written Parkinson’s Daily Journal. It is time to share my journal with all of you. Here is my October 17, 2009 journal entry, seven years ago today.

“10/17/09. 4:00, here we go. Steven came home today for the weekend. Tomorrow we will tell the children about my Parkinson’s. Not really looking forward to that.

Sally made kettle corn and we had movie night. Great way to spend a Saturday evening with the family.”

So, here we were on Saturday evening. Steven came home from college for the weekend and we were having movie night at the Shifke house. Our children had no idea the news they would hear the next day.

As I was explaining in yesterday’s post, things keep changing…you think you are stuck in a spot or the symptoms only will get worse, and your mind drives you in the direction you are pointing. Point yourself in a joyful direction and accept that whatever happens between now and when you reach Recoveryville is something that is necessary in your life and your recovery.

With that acceptance you will be able to realize that it is you who gets to choose whether it will be a pleasant journey or an unpleasant journey. The more pleasant you choose for the journey to be, the more your faith will grow that your full recovery is happening. You are your own cure. The quality of your life is a choice.

Click here for a refresher about peace and joy being the quality of your life.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 20

  1. Susana L says:

    Peace and joy as you say. Headed right there. Creating my own way. And my own road. Thank you for the compass!!

  2. Susana L says:

    Sadhguru link is fantastic!

  3. Chuck R says:

    “Recoveryville” I like that word, it made my Heart Smile 😀

    It’s a beautiful Day! Love, Peace, recovery, and blessings to ALL

  4. Helen says:

    Yes quality is everything. A daily choice X

  5. Cap says:

    Thank you for your re-posting these journal entries. And after watching the Sadhguru video, I watched another of his. VERY interesting! We agree!

  6. Mårthen says:

    Hi all!
    I miss you “Karen in Ireland” your loving message is missed.
    How do you feel?

    Big Love!

  7. Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

    Thanks, Howard! This is amazing.

    I read your posts to my husband, Don. Both of us watched the video, “Your state of Peace & Joy is the Quality of your Life”. It was wonderful. Don said that it was very enlightening.

    Karen from Texas

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