Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 29

Seven years ago, I began doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Of course, back then it did not have a name…it was just what I was doing. At the same time, I began keeping a hand-written Parkinson’s Daily Journal. It is time to share my journal with all of you. Here is my October 26, 2009 journal entry, seven years ago today.

“10/26/09. Up at 4. It is Monday and I wish it was the weekend. I am hoping for a good week, but quite frankly, I am physically and mentally exhausted.

Mary loaned us a book about Jin Shin Jyutsu and I started reading it yesterday. It appears to be an amazing Japanese art of energy balance that may add a new dimension to my road to health.

I wish I felt better mentally, and I will continue to work on that. It is harder than the physical part.

Sally and I went grocery shopping in the evening. It was good for me to be walking, but again, it felt like walking in the mud.”

As you can see here, early on in my recovery, I realized that the mental healing was more difficult than the physical healing. It is the part many people struggle with the most.

Also, this was my introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu. Ultimately, the Jin Shin Jyutsu jumper-cabling became a part of the Recipe.

As I have mentioned previously, I had read about a handwriting test where a sign of Parkinson’s would be a shrinking signature as one moved down the page. As it turns out, I gave myself this test on September 28, 2009, the day I started the Recipe, and then every week through December 21, 2009.

What I am doing here as part of this series is scanning and publishing for you my September 28, 2009 along side the weekly handwriting. Then you can look at the September 28, 2009 sample (the baseline) and the one that will correspond to the date of the post from 7 years earlier.

Click the link below to access the pdf of the September 28, 2009 and October 26, 2009 handwriting samples. The next sample set will be posted next week on November 2, 2016.


You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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40 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 29

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi to all Warriors and of course dear Howard. I’ve missed weeks as old parky brought me to my knees. Had an episode that left me flat on my back and helpless, was alone. No carer for 6 weeks has weakened me. My doctor wanted to hospitalise me as she concerned with my drastic weight loss. I truly feel broken. It feels like I’m selling out on my soul but I think I have to medicate. My doctor has requested an urgent appt with my neurologist. I’m truly devastated but in the past 4 weeks I have felt like I’m having a nervous breakdown. Frantic with fear, horrendous! My 83 year old dad, bless him has moved in to look after my dogs and ease my struggle a little.
    It warmed my heart catching up on all the blogs and the bravery stories, wow Rainer you absolutely Rock and Margit. I’m dreading the trip to the neurologist as it’s an hours drive and I wee so much and tremor so much when I’m nervous. I’m so bad the tremor has now gone into my head. I’m trying to embrace medication . Four and a half years since my diagnosis and I’m just so weak that I’ve no fight. I’ve even asked God to take me as its so hard. I feel like the defeated warrior. I just would love five minutes of easy. All my bloods were good, but I have never felt so unhealthy or broken, it’s like my spirit is gone which is heartbreaking. I daily say to God that I trust him and he’s never let me down, so maybe it’s part of my journey to medicate. I will always believe in The Recipe, I’m just not able to do it any more. I miss being a happy soul.
    I’m so proud of all of my buddies on here, may you go from strength to strength. 🙂
    Big big Love to you all and dear Howard.
    Karen xx

    • Howard says:

      Hi Karen,

      I am sorry for your situation. We all love you, respect you, and do not judge you in whatever decisions you decide to make for yourself. You have to do what is right for you. This goes for everybody. Do what is right for you.

      I will presume that when you say that you cannot do the Recipe, you are talking about the physical part. Please do your best to keep a good mental outlook and a good spiritual outlook, the other two parts of the Recipe. I found this to be very helpful for me in working through the physical misery of the Parkinson’s.

      Our hearts go out to you.

      Love and blessings,

    • judy pruitt says:

      Hey, Karen, I have missed seeing you on the blog and have wondered how you are doing and have been a little worried since you have become a regular part of this blog.
      From my personal perspective: please, do not condemn yourself. Your best is good enough! You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are loved!
      I had no intention of going on any meds until I woke up July 4, 2011, unable to move, frozen from the waist down. That resulted in 5 wks. in the hospital, including 4 wks of rehab and beginning the meds. I was completely at the mercy of my neurologist and caregivers. I never would have started the meds left to my own devices. But control was taken out of my hands and I remain on meds today, working to diminish, or completely eliminate them.
      I would not be able to do the physical part of the Recipe, or most of the rest, if not for the meds.
      So, I had to move from despising my meds and all forms of medical assistance to being ever grateful, every day, for everything.
      So, God be with you, my Irish friend. Brighter days are ahead! Do not despair. Rejoice! Love and take care of yourself.
      You are worth it!

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Cheers Judy, thanks for your experience and encouragement . Bless you my friend.xx

        • jimmy says:

          hermosa Karen, tu eres una hermosa alma, eres pieza medular en nuestro grupo, Dios nos ha bendecido con tu presencia,


          beautiful Karen, you’re a beautiful soul, you are a core part in our group, God has blessed us with your presence,

    • Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

      Love you, Karen! My husband, Don, and I are with you and for you no matter what. We pray every night for all of us. God sees all of our struggles.


    • Melanie S says:

      Don’t worry Karen, you’ll be fine. Do what you have to do, go very slowly, remember less is more. One little step at a time. Try to think of lovely things happening to you. I thought I was at deaths door a while back but slowly very slowly have got strength and strength of spirit back.
      Much love

  2. wise to your lies says:

    why dont you stop giving people false hope!!!! you are in this to make money nothing more. people like you make me sick. prove you arent lying and prove the socalled others that have been healed where is there contact info where are they???????????????

    • Howard says:

      Hi to whomever you are.

      I understand your concern and have compassion for your words, so here are some things to help you understand that I, and my site, are everything we say we are.

      I started writing my blog when I still had Parkinson’s. I had no financial gain in that.

      I have continued to write my blog after my recovery. I have no financial gain in that.

      In total, I have been writing a free blog for 6.5 years. I had no financial gain for that.

      Subscribing to receive notification emails when I post new blog entries is free. I have no financial gain in that.

      I posted my Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery for free nearly 6 years ago, so anybody who wanted to do what I did to be cured of Parkinson’s could do it for free. It was such a blessing to be cured of Parkinson’s, I wanted to share my methodology with the world free. I have no financial gain for this.

      About five hundred people have attended my workshops and talks around the country and in Canada. I bring my medical records to all of my workshops and talks, and share them with the people so they can see my diagnosis, follow up visits, and my cure. Please take a look at the posts on the workshops. Click this link,, and under each workshop there is a link to the workshop with pictures of attendees. Read the comments below any of the posts and see what people are saying about me and the Recipe.

      Here is my testimonial page, The first 4 entries are about the others who have had their full recoveries doing the Recipe. These people also post comments on the blog from time to time.

      I charge a cost for my manuals, my workshops, and for one-on-one coaching. Subscription to receive notifications of blog updates is free. The entire informational content of the web site is free. Four other people have become cured doing my Recipe, and one of them attended the Santa Fe, NM workshop as I am certain you learned when you clicked the workshop links mentioned above. Hundreds of others are slowing, halting, and reversing their PD doing my Recipe, and they have been posting comments on the blog over the years.

      I am hopeful that this information has assisted you. Wishing you the best.



    • Karen in Ireland says:

      To the above person, Howard Shifke is one of the most genuine generous men I have ever had the pleasure to cross paths with in this life. In the past two and a half years he has been there for me each and every time I needed a life line. He has corresponded with me by email and Skype when I hit low and all without charge! I can understand how one would question as people like Howard are rare in life, giving of their time and efforts selflessly and doing so with unconditional love and generosity is exceptional and that is the gift of this man. For one who asks for personal details of people healed, it’s interesting that you hide behind a pseudo name. God bless you.

    • judy pruitt says:

      to “wise to your lies”, I know exactly how you feel. I, too, have been one to always look for the hidden agenda…and, I have yet to find it with Howard!
      Every piece of information I need to facilitate my own recovery is
      I became acquainted with Howard through the internet early 2013. He is free of this disease and has absolutely no obligation to be as deeply and as heavily involved with all of us as he personally is. We have exchanged numerous phone calls, e-mails, over the last 3 1/2 yrs. All free of charge, with prompt responses.
      I’ve attended one of his all day workshops a cpl yrs ago and met him and his sweet wife, Sally in person, as well as other Parkinson’s afflicted people just like me.
      Howard is the real deal. He is an extraordinarily gifted human being, and my life is richer, deeper, full of hope for having met him.
      “False hope”??? No, my friend. Nothing but hope.
      Btw, did I mention disappearing of many parkinson’s symptoms, and the return of my sense of smell after not having for about 15yrs? Everyone knows you don’t get back your sense of smell once it is gone!
      All the best to you, Friend. May your life journey be pleasant.

    • Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

      To Wise to Your Lies:

      You are seriously mislead. Howard has not made any money off of my husband and myself but I am thrilled to help out after all the assistance that Howard has freely given to us.

      Here is my story: I am the wife of Don who is the one with Parkinson’s disease. I have cried many tears, many days, and I have called out to our Creator many days in fear of losing my husband and watching this horrible disease take my husband to his demise. July 2014 I drove Don for a very expensive treatment in Mexico which was over 3,000-miles round trip over mountains and I was barely able to drive 28-miles per hour over the steep mountains between Imperial county and San Diego county. That treatment helped some for a few months. At that time, I was holding Don onto the toilet and doing my best to do his shaving and other personal chores. He could barely walk a few steps and most people could not understand one word he said. He looked so old that people refered to him as my dad when he is only 8-months older than me. The Parkinson’s was so advanced. Additionally, we recently found out that Don also has multiple sclerosis (MS). We did know that he had mini strokes (TIA) at some unknown point. Don had been joining me in doing holistic things at home already because I had two primary cancers in 2002 with zero expectation to live which you see I am quite alive. Nothing helped Don very much for long. Then, one of the neighbors told us about a Traditional Chinese practitioner which is a 500-mile round trip. We still go there at least once a month. It helped quite a bit but it still was not enough. Mainstream medicine has been of very little help. Don is just now getting some physical therapy after we have done all the holistic work first and brought him to improved health. There has been zero other help from them. Don is still learning how to do the “recipe” so he isn’t as adept as most people in this group. His speech and tremors have improved. The speech exercises are making a very nice difference. Don’s tremors had been so bad that I was unable to cuddle up to him in bed. Don seldom slept a full hour. Night after night I would wake up and find Don out of bed trying to find comfort from the never ending tremors. Basically, I was sleeping alone. Now, with the acupressure for the spine, his tremors can be calmed and Don can now sleep the whole night, cuddled up to me, and wake up feeling rested. This is all thanks to Howard who has not received one red cent in compensation for this callosal miracle from our Creator that Howard has been sharing freely with all of us. My husband, Don, concurs with all the statements that I have written.


    • Margriet says:

      Dear human being out there,

      I am sorry that you are angry and maybe struggling yourself with Parkinson’s disease.

      I have been in contact with Howard for five years already. I started his recipe in 2011 and that plus his unconditional support in emails and in person has given me strength, inspiration and faith to continue this journey to live and deal with Parkinson’s so far. I have no doubt that without his support and this blog I would have been in a worse position. In fact, it is wonderful to live in hope with the example that he and others who overcame the disease, give to this community. There have been photos on this blog of at least two people who became free from the disease (Marie and Pratima). Moreover, Howard is a genuine good person and a generous man. I visited him from The Netherlands in Florida in 2013, where he spent time with me every day during my 3-day stay. At no cost! I also met his lovely wife Sally. Howard is on a mission, he wants to help and ease the suffering of anybody with Parkinson’s. It seems hard to believe, but believe me it is true. If you need more convincing, I would say, go and meet him yourself. I am sure he would welcome you (even if you might think that is unlikely after your comments) with an open mind.

      As he has taught us: you are worth it!

      Kind regards,

  3. Stevie a says:

    Karen, I was at almost five years after diagnosis before I had no choice but to medicate.
    I could barely move or talk, horrible anxiety, pain, depression.
    I felt so pitiful that I wasn’t up to the challenge of getting my health back.
    It took a couple months of getting to the right dose but now I am back to doing things I thought I’d never do again.
    I’m not happy that life has led me to this experience but I have to admit that the meds have given me the opportunity to feel tremendous gratitude for things I once took for granted.
    I still believe that I will find a way off the meds but for now I am savoring every precious moment free of the symptoms I was having.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Stevie, I’m so pleased you wrote to me as I remember you wrote a comment recently about medicating after 5 years and I thought that will be me soon. I think you said you are now weaning yourself back off them. It scares the hell out of me it really does but I have no quality of life at all at moment and I so want to live again not have to spend most days lying down or in the chair if my pelvis and lower back allow. I still will continue with the recipe just be nice to be able to do the physical bit aswell. Cheers friend.
      Karen xx

  4. Beth in CA says:

    Karen, I was off meds a year ago for almost 6 months. I could hardly move or talk and have to give up driving for fear of getting into an accident. It took a month for the right dosage to normalize my movements. I am eternally grateful to this experience as I learn to appreciate people – how they go out of their way to help me, to experience the love of my husband and daughters in caring for me, and most of all my reliance on God to provide for all my needs.
    Matthew 11:28 Come to me all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
    May God shower you with his mercy and love.

  5. Brun Tery says:

    To the unnamed person: we too, like Karen, have never met such a generous, kind, helpful, genuine as well as generous person like our wonderful friend HOWARD!! He takes always the time when you are in difficulties and NEVER asks for money!!!!!! He is really very busy but he NEVER claims that he works hard. He always is friendly, gives VERY professional advices and helps enormous. My husband has PD now for 8 years and we regret not to have met our wonderful Howard before. 2015 in May I read about him in the internet, I wrote to him and got every time an answer without asking for money!!! My husband took 3 to 4 pills a day, now this year on the 6 of November it’s a year since he is completely free of medication, without the enormous help and support of Howard with the sometimes very hard up and downs my husband had, this would have never been possible.
    So we wish you all the best and hope, if you have PD on yourself, you find the help you need. God bless you and all the best,

    Tery and Werni

  6. Margit says:

    Karen, I so very much understand where you are coming from. I too have wondered about your silence. Recently the tremors have made their presence felt in my jaw, which is rather unpleasant to say the least. I have frequently wanted “out” and thought of ways of doing it. However, I must be a coward, as I am also frightened as to “how”. I am on meds, but so far have not had any relief from them and have not had any quality of life for at least 2 yrs. My day is spent at home, mostly without human contact and finding the days sooooo long. The pain is so severe, that at times I think I’ll lose my mind. I wish that I could put my arms around you Karen, just thinking of you, brings tears to my eyes. I know how hard it is, as I’ve given up everything that I previously enjoyed. Do work on your mind, it’s a powerful tool. I know, easier said than done, but it does help. Some days I fail and negativity takes over once again, but then I pick myself up again. I often wish I had someone living with me to support and believe in me, as deep down I know I am strong, but………..
    For some reason, my body doesn’t want to exercise, yet I am on the go all day, as I find it very difficult to slow down as sitting and laying down is much more painful. The neurologist is of no help. Tried to get a skype appt. with her in desperation, but the earliest I could get is 6 weeks away. Great. Anxiety is often through the roof, but the medical establishment just wants me to be on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. I took it for a time, but stopped them, as they are not the answer. But “they” don’t understand. I used to enjoy going for a walk, but my right leg no longer wants to co-operate and wants to give way. Very discouraging.
    Karen, hang in there. I send loving and healing thoughts to you and wish you strength to go on.
    Thanks Howard, as it is through you we can stay in contact and support each other.
    Margit xx

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Margit thank you for your empathy and understanding, we are like two peas in a pod 🙂 The mind is a constant battle. Isn’t it the way of the peaceful warrior that Howard quotes that says we need to LOSE our minds to come to our senses ! Thee and me must now have a LOT of sense 🙂 . Being alone I thought was good not having to upset another but I think we need others at times to ease our struggle. Old parky I think chooses very special people with GREAT hearts! So much love and support to be found here. I’m a coward too, in my dark hours I ask God just to take me so I’ve nothing to do 🙂 he gave me life, he has the power to take it. Then me and him start fighting cos I know he has the power to heal me and he says ” Karen I gave you free will, not use it and get out of that mind, I’m not withholding your cure, I’m here waiting at the finish line” 🙂
      I think Veronica’s advise of one day at a time is on the ball. I keep doing the mind/ spiritual part of the Recipe and that’s when I know we all ROCK. Even the poor angry soul who lashed out at the gentle Howard yesterday, is going through their own pain. We will all get to feel joy again, eh God? 🙂
      Big love to you soul sister. Thanks for your love, right back at ya Margit.xx

  7. tu says:

    To the unnamed person, As everybody feel, I too am so happy and hopeful to have found Howard. I was very depressed and felt like I was facing a death sentence when I was diagnosed with PD. Howard is very generous to share with us his experience and time to help us get through toward recovery. I feel much hopeful and much less fear. I feel I can live a “normal” life after I found him, otherwise still miserable. I know that it’s rare to find people like Howard nowaday that’s why you have doubt about him.

    To Karen, although my symptoms are not as bad as yours, but I can feel how much pain and trouble you are going through. I pray that you get better soon. Please know that we all think of you and pray for yours and our recovery.

  8. Leontina says:

    draga HOWARD imi dau seama ca va sunt contestate sfaturille ce le-am primit de la tine in acestti ani si nu sunt de acord pentru ca mi-ai facut mult bine trebuia dupa neurolog sa iau un sac de medicamente in acesti zece ani iar acum eram zombi cu demeta Am luat 2Pastile pe zi si am simptome foarte putine VA RUGAM RAMANETI CU NOI VA IUBIM LEO


    Dear HOWARD I realize that you are giving advice that we have received from you in these years. I do not agree with this person because I’ve done much better than how I had done after neurologist said to take a bag of drugs in these ten years and to end up like zombies with Dementia. Instead, I took two pills a day, doing the Recipe, and I have very few symptoms. PLEASE STAY WITH US ALL. LOVE LEO

  9. Barbara says:

    First – I want to say that Howard is the ‘real’ thing. He has been there every time I have asked for help – and there is no money involved. He just cares!
    I went for several years without medicine – in the end I had to take it to gain independence. I plan to get off of the meds as soon as possible. Thank God there is medication that can help us while we are working on our issues that led us into these symptoms.
    Blessings to all,

  10. Veronica Urquhart says:

    Dear Karen….missed you dear friend and thought of you often in recent weeks. Please do not be too hard on yourself. It is no sign of weakness that you have to take some medications. It can give you time and space to recharge your batteries. Maybe you are thinking too far ahead. I try to focus on the one day I get out of bed and deal with that day. It is too daunting to think too far ahead. Today Karen just focus on what is right in your life. One day you will see the sunshine. Love ❤️ to you.

    As for the unknown critic above…..there for the grace of God go you. God bless Howard.

    Veronica 🎋🌺

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Veronica I love your wise young head. Yes trying to now just take one day at a time hour by hour. So much love to be felt from here, which is so valuable to those of us walking this path alone. We are never alone as long as we have Howard and each other. Love you my friend. If I won the lottery I would try and organise so that we could all meet up in Oregan with Howard. What a joyous day that would be. 🙂 xx

  11. Chuck R in Ky says:

    To the unnamed person. Hi hope you’re doing well 😊
    Here’s some proof that the recipe works:
    Howard’s blog/coaching has helped me in so many ways, I now love myself, forgave my dad, and now see my dad as my HERO.
    My smell came back , my arm swings better when I walk. Howard’s not about money, he has a passion to help people. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true . When I first started the recipe I was looking for an accountability partner so I would do the recipe every day Howard offered me his phone number to text him , how crazy is that? he did not even know me I was a complete stranger at that time.

    Karen, I’ve missed your beautiful posting. Remember your best is good enough and you will be okay

  12. Cap says:

    To: “wise to your lies”. Why don’t you try the Recipe or honestly recommend it to whomever you know might have PD? “If you don’t take a chance, you don’t have a chance!” May we all be blessed with improvement, joy and recovery.

  13. Dawn says:

    Yes fellow warriors I do agree on the good comments of our dear Howard though I am a new comer. He is real and so also his recipe. God bless you Howard!

  14. Tony says:

    Hi Karen, I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through. You are not a defeated warrior for a true warrior fights till the end. Get your mind on happy thoughts only get your dopamine flowing!! As for Howard being a fake only interested in money, that is about as true as the government offering free hookers to male Parkinson patients! lol

    The bottom line is this: you gotta unblock the dopamine!!! Worry, anger, resentment self pity just shuts it down even more! Howard has taught us all how to do this so lets do it!
    PS: If my wife Tina reads this, please don’t aggravate me about the hooker comment…

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Cheers Tony thanks for your wisdom. Love your humour. I’m sure Tina won’t mind your hooker comment,,she would probably petition that the Parkinson’s ladies received equal male amusement of some description lol 🙂 xx

  15. Waseema from Birmingham UK says:

    Dearest Karen,
    So lovely to hear from you again. I was wondering where you’ve been. I still harbour thoughts about hopscotch and am waiting for that day. Typing has become difficult so I’ll keep it short.

    Our biggest obstacle is fear because that’s what feeds the symptoms. If we can challenge the fears and break the cycle we will recover. We can create new ways of thinking that can empower us. The evergrowing body of research into neuroplasticity proves that the brain knows how to heal. It is literally all in the mind. Our thoughts create our emotions which in turn create a physiological response in the body. WE are in charge of our thoughts.

    So my friend don’t ever give up. We’re all here for each other courtesy of our amazing and generous friend Howard.

    Love and blessings to all


  16. Anne-Marie says:

    Dear Karen,
    I too have missed you. You are not alone, as You can see… Thank you for sharing your situation and feelings . You gave me support when I was in despair. How wonderful that we have each other , thanks to Howard! Breath in the love from us all. “Do it ten times ….
    Lots of love

  17. corazonsalvador says:

    Howard, Be Blessed in what you have done for us We are truly grateful to a man like you.

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