Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 32

Seven years ago, I began doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Of course, back then it did not have a name…it was just what I was doing. At the same time, I began keeping a hand-written Parkinson’s Daily Journal. It is time to share my journal with all of you. Here is my October 29, 2009 journal entry, seven years ago today.

“10/29/09. OMG! The alarm went off at 4 and didn’t wake me until 4:01…I was really sleeping hard. Yahoo! I am so happy. Slow as always, but no back or trunk pain. Got to kitchen at 4:08.

Did Jin Shin Jyutsu jumper cabling and my tremors raged – I felt vibrations throughout my body. What an experience.

Okay, I have had it with the constipation – enough is enough. It is absolutely depressing to sit multiple times during the day for 20 or 25 minutes and maybe get results 50% of the time…and then have to vigorously push to get those results.

Today I learned something new…apparently, I have been walking and going up and down the stairs with my feet/legs in terrible positions. I imagine they have compensated for lack of balance. When walking, my left foot is approximately 60% left of center and my right foot is approximately 45% right of center.

I forced my feet to point forward and attempted to walk…this is the terrible part…I could barely walk, and walking came with lots of pain. I am back at square one learning how to walk again.

One day, I will write in this journal that I learned something new about my physical abilities and motor skills and that it is a good thing – that day is not today!”

Okay, having a little pity party. It happens to everybody, I would imagine.

Things I learned for constipation:
Click here for help with constipation.
Click here for more help with constipation.
Click here for even more help with constipation.
Click here for how I fixed the problem with my feet.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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4 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and where it all began, part 32

  1. judy pruitt says:

    Pity parties are lonely affairs.
    No one shows up but yourself!

  2. Dr. Karen Zilverberg says:

    Thanks, Howard. This is excellent!

    Sincerely yours,
    Karen and Don

  3. Cap says:

    Thank you Howard!

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