Fighting Parkinson’s, and the blog is seven years old

Seven years ago today, I began this blog. Much has happened over these last seven years, and I thought it would be helpful to go back to the beginning as a point of reference for today’s post. Here is my first post, March 25, 2010.


I turned 49 years old two days ago. In November of 2009, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. My mother had Parkinson’s for 24 years before she died, and a couple of months before receiving my official diagnosis, I was pretty much certain I had it.

My mother was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s right away, and she had been put on drug treatments prior to her Parkinson’s diagnosis. She responded well to the initial Parkinson’s medications, and hence received her diagnosis. She fought a long and valiant fight, but in the end, it seemed like the drugs took their toll and played as much a part in her passing as did the disease itself.

I am fortunate to have learned from her experiences and her courage, and I am fortunate that her Parkinson’s specialist is located in my city — he is my Parkinson’s specialist now.

I am doing my best to fight this drug free. Admittedly, my movements are slow, my balance is not good, I have regular nagging pain, and I tire much more easily than before. However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective. I am interested in sharing my experiences to help others and I am interested in hearing others’ experiences to help me and anybody else who reads this blog.

All I can do is share what I am doing…what works and what does not. Everybody who suffers from Parkinson’s suffers in a different way. Obviously, if something I am doing looks like giving a try, let your doctor know what you are thinking about doing. I am not a doctor, and I am not advocating you do anything that you and your doctor have not discussed. My doctor is fantastic and has given me the green light to explore the approaches I will be describing in later posts.

I would not be able to fight this fight if it were not for the love of my wonderful wife and children, as well as my extended family and friends. I have many blessings in this life, and I feel that Parkinson’s is just a roadblock…not an immoveable object.

I look forward to a meaningful dialogue.”

So, here we are seven years later. The meaningful dialogue has been taking place. Statistically, there have been 6,567 comments posted by you. That’s right. I have posted 595 blog posts and you have commented 6,567 times…that, my friends, is a Parkinson’s recovery dialogue. I am grateful for all of you.

Please take a look at one of the things I wrote:

“I am doing my best to fight this drug free. Admittedly, my movements are slow, my balance is not good, I have regular nagging pain, and I tire much more easily than before. However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective.”

1. “I am doing my best.” You all are doing your best, and your best is good enough.
2. I had not experienced much symptom relief even six months into doing the Recipe. Many of you are facing this exact same situation.
3. “However, I have decided to listen to these messages my body is sending me and work toward a long-term solution from a holistic perspective.” My goal was not symptom relief. My goal was to be recovered. I knew it was a long-term solution and that I had to listen to the messages from the inside.
4. It worked. I was my own Parkinson’s cure.
5. You are your own Parkinson’s cure. Know it and be it.

Thank you for seven years of a wonderful dialogue.

You can do this!!!

Is Parkinson’s Curable? Yes!

They say incurable. We say, “YES, IN CURABLE!”
They say impossible. We say, “YES, I’M POSSIBLE!”

So, embrace the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and chant with me:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.


All my best,



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21 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and the blog is seven years old

  1. Kjell Nilsson says:

    Your blog is so much to me
    Thank you Howard and fellow travelers
    The reversing is happening every time I think it is
    Neuroplasticity at its best
    I love it and I am worth it❤

  2. Waseema from Birmingham UK says:

    Howard this blog is a constant source of inspiration and a lifeline that keeps my faith in recovery alive and kicking. Words cannot express what it means. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and blessings

  3. Cap says:

    Dear fellow Warriors,
    Often Howard graciously refers us to previous posts he’s written that pertain to his current post. He has also patiently referred me to his previous sage writings when I have emailed him about my difficulties with and questions about doing his Recipe to recover from PD. I have been truly amazed and astounded at how he can answer virtually any question about his Recipe with reference to his earlier writings. I became intrigued and intensely interested in what he had discovered, when, and how those discoveries came about. Experiencing these phenomena resulted in my wondering what else might be found in his earlier posts. Then I recalled other chronological studies I’d done, and how studying a subject in chronological order adds SO much to one’s understanding of that subject and one’s ability to apply it.
    So, about 3-1/2 months ago on December 9th, 2016 I decided that I would do that with Howard’s Recipe. I started my chronological study with reading Howard’s very first post of March 25th, 2010, and I read each post from that first one to my just now finishing this latest post of March 20th, 2017. THAT WAS 595 POSTS!!!!!
    WHAT A FANTASTIC ADVENTURE THIS WAS!!!!! I got SO many questions answered, and the Recipe means SO much more now. I better understand how and why I’m doing each part of the exercises, and have more certainty that ever that I am recovering from PD!
    Howard has worked SO HARD to help us, and a huge part of that is his organizing his writings so that we can all benefit from his having helped so many others before us.
    I sincerely recommend this action for all the reasons stated here and more, plus one gains even more understanding and appreciation of Howard’s tireless work to help others as he has helped himself.
    Thank you all, and THANK YOU HOWARD!!!!!

    Eternal lovin’ hugs….

  4. Karen in Ireland says:

    Good on you Cap, that is something I have promised myself I wud do. I can only get internet on my iPhone so I have to use my hand to slide blog from left to right to read it. Doing that over 595 would be a challenge in itself. I am going to borrow my sons laptop to read them all. Well done you and thanks for sharing.xx

    • Cap says:

      Dear Karen, Thank you! And, good for you planning on travelling the same adventure path. You will be so glad you did, and will benefit in deep understanding and much more. xxx

  5. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    This is and has been an incredible support and remedy. The remedy is now and on the horizon. All of the new life skills are wonderful.

    All God’s blessings be upon everyone!

  6. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Howard, it’s really extraordinary what you do for all of us!! Not only these wonderful blog advices but also every personal problem you solve very professional! About your deep-thinking manner we always are astonished!!! These are life-lessons we appreciate very much! It helps to trust that recovery is possible, yeahh !!!
    Love and thanks!! 🌻

  7. Chuck says:

    Howard, I’m soooooooooooo thankful , and grateful for you and your blog !

    Life is Great !

    Love and richest blessings to all ❤️

  8. ken says:

    Like Howard says the objective isn’t symptom relief but his goal was
    to be recovered. It’s easy to FEAR how your symptoms are and not
    stay focused on Parkinson’s eradication through the recipe.

  9. Hi Howard

    I believe my journey with you as my coach started almost 6 years ago in the summer of 2011. Your support since that beginning has been selfless, consistent and heart based. I continue to marvel at the volume of information and care in addition to your coaching that you provide in both your blog posts and the recipe…free to anyone who cares to read it.

    My energy fluctuates and is proportionate to the effort I personally make to care for my diet, Qigong and exercise and soul work (gratitude, acceptance and meditation…nature part of this too….so glad to see the changes the seasons bring). I noticed that when I had a cold virus my energies sagged but now I’m back to my nature walks and really celebrate my returning stamina.

    I also celebrate the posts offered from around the world and the inspiring and beloved PD community we are building together…sending love and gratitude to all…

  10. Trish in Colorado says:

    Dear Howard,
    I can’t express how much you have changed my life from one of despair to hope! I always look forward to your posts. Bless you and keep you!!!!!

  11. corazon salvador says:

    Howard thank you for the very good post. You have your heart in the right place so
    caring, loving towards us GOD’S blessing be upon you.

  12. Tony Catanzaro says:

    Howard thank you for telling us all the truth about Parkinson’s and helping us heal body mind and soul. Also, happy belated birthday. Love always, your brother Tony

  13. Veronica Urquhart says:

    I too like Cap, read through Howard’s story. It became clear to me it would be like reading the end of a book without knowing the story of the characters within it. It shows me that God holds the plan and we need to focus on our journey however difficult it might seem. Howards journey is given to us as a gift from which we can draw strength and hope. I am eternally grateful for your gift. If we pay attention others will come into our lives and for whatever reason our paths cross there is an underlying purpose. Thank you Howard for giving me a reason.
    Veronica….love and blessings 🌱🌺

  14. Melanie S says:

    💜so grateful and blessed to have found you and be guided and share my journey with you Howard. Yes I’m a slow learner and need and appreciate all your enlightened help I can get, truly thankful.
    It also so warms my heart to read all the comments posted. This is a thriving learning wellness supporting community and a lifeline. When are you coming to Europe Howard? Xxx

  15. Smita says:

    So many fellow warriors. I am touched to see the courage, faith, patience among all of you. 😊 it gives me the strength to fight fearlessly.

    Howard I was reading your statement “you didn’t see much symptom relief even after six months into recipe” again and again. As it’s just been a month i am doing half of the recipe. It gives me a faith I too will recover with your guidance. Learning to enjoy this phase of life with stars in eyes..

    Thank you thank you thank you for being a part of our life… we all are walking on the path of recovery with the fact we found you. 😊😊

    Big hug
    Smita 😊

  16. Jim R says:

    Thank you so much Howard for tirelessly reminding us that PD is curable.

  17. Smita says:

    Good afternoon Howard.. 🤗
    I want to share something. . On your birthday i had a homeopathic doctor appointment so i could not do the qigong exe that day as it takes almost half of day travelling and waiting there. .
    From next day onwards my med effect started to wear of very fast that my liver qigong sets dropped down to 3-4 sets that too without rotations…
    After four days of disappointment today i imagined your soul entering into my body to move through the qigong exe.. n I did all 10 sets of liver qiong without loosing med effect. . Miracle. .
    Thank you thank you thank you. .. your pure soul is helping selflessly… I am grateful to God that he bought you in my life… 🤗😘🙏🏻

    Dear all beautiful souls we all have the power to heal ourselves and we can do it.. Howard I am deeply grateful for your kindness… big hug 😊😙

  18. Zeljko says:

    Congratulations on your seven year old blog dear Howard.

  19. Melanie S says:

    One important thing I find is the power of the mind over your movement. Today I started to struggle towards the end of my afternoon walk perhaps because I’m slightly off colour with a bad stomach.
    I halted my negative thoughts of how would I make it home and instead decided to smile to myself and be grateful for my lovely surroundings and ability to walk. My walking was immediately easier and I made it home fine, no stick
    For those of you new I’d say be very patient with yourself. We all have different length paths to follow depending on how much we have to learn and need to heal. Be kind to yourself. I’ve been doing the recipe a few years, slowly changing learning new ways getting gradually better mind body and spirit. Xxx 💜

  20. Christine says:

    Thank you Howard for this blog. I appreciate that you never give up on us and I love hearing from all the warriors. xxx

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