Fighting Parkinson’s, and your fear, your faith…your choice

Fear is a choice. It leads to being afraid of the future, a future created in your mind by somebody else’s viewpoint of Parkinson’s. Faith is a choice. It leads to not being afraid of the future because it keeps you in your heart in the moment and you feel a happy ending coming one day. Given the choice of fear of the future or faith in my recovery, I chose faith, and I took action to be my own cure. What about you?

Let’s begin with fear. Your fear is not real. That’s right…your fear is not real. Your fear is in your mind and you need to face it and choose to let go of it. Fear and FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) seem to be issues that keep popping up even for those doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, so, here is another go at it: Get out of your mind and into your heart, choose faith over fear, and fearlessly be your own cure for Parkinson’s!

In the past, I posted a trailer for a movie called After Earth because it looked like a good movie. I really like Will Smith, and it had an important message about fear. The movie did not get good reviews, but when I have watched it (multiple times), I have loved the movie each time — I tend to think the critics were looking for a Will Smith high-action sci-fi thriller, so they were disappointed. I was looking for a deep discussion of fear, and I was elated.

I need to provide you a small background and promise to not ruin the movie. Imagine a future where humans leave Earth because everything has evolved to kill humans. One creature in particular is the deadliest of them all, and the only sense perception it has is the smell of humans’ fear. Essentially, if you exhibit fear, it can track you and kill you. When Will Smith’s son in the movie, son Jaden in real life, asks Will Smith what happened the day he learned to not fear the creature, after an explanation of the events, here is what he tells Jaden about fear:

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed.”

So, in their world, fear or FEAR becomes a matter of life and death when confronted by the creature that smells fear. The creature leaves the remains of previous kills in the open so a human who sees it becomes afraid and then the creature can track that human by the smell of his fear. Fear becomes the choice of your life: If you choose fear, the creature smells your fear and kills you. If you choose faith (that by letting go of fear you learn there was nothing to be afraid of), then you become invisible to the creature and you live. You can kill the creature and it does not even know you are there.

In our world, let’s call the creature Parkinson’s. The Parkinson’s can smell your fear. It gives you a bigger tremor, or a bit more stiffness, or some extra slowness or fatigue, and you experience fear, or FEAR. But it all is in your mind. You become fearful of becoming completely debilitated — this is fear of things that do not at present exist and may not ever exist. And then the Parkinson’s eats you alive. It is not a quick kill like in the movie. No, it is a slow kill filled with a lifetime of fear.

If you live and die by what your symptoms are doing, then you fall into lifetime of fear. It is a vicious cycle of FEAR. Although the false evidence appears real, it is only in your mind. You are telling yourself a story, and that story will kill you because it jumps from one fear to the next to the next. You forget to live because you are living and dying your Parkinson’s symptoms, completely forgetting to live your life.

And, the fear primarily comes from the current medical viewpoint of Parkinson’s, which does not include doing the Recipe. Can’t you see that the current medical viewpoint of Parkinson’s has created a creature in your mind, a creature you feel you must fear — progressively degenerative neurological disease of which they do not know the cause and for which they have no cure. If you stay in your mind and choose fear, their creature provides you a lifetime of misery toward a slow uncomfortable death. This is one choice.

However, there is a different choice. Be in you heart. Choose Faith.

If you choose faith, there is no fear and you slay the creature Parkinson’s. And you live…really live! Fearlessly!!!

Faith says that the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® is a cure for Parkinson’s.

Faith says that you are your own cure because you are taking action and doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®.

Faith says that if you are afraid because you currently are not taking action and doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, then you can get started today and no longer be afraid.

Faith says that no matter what your symptoms look like, you have nothing to be afraid of if you are doing the Recipe.

Faith says, “Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed.”

Faith says, “I have been afraid every time a symptom has changed where I have not liked the change. I realize now that if I am doing the Recipe, I am only getting better, never worse, no matter what my symptoms are doing. I am letting go of my fear of the future and living in the moment. I am refusing to tell myself a story of fear that I am getting worse.

Today, my story changes! Today, I choose faith!!!

Today, I choose faith and know: “Everything will be all right in the end…if it’s not all right, then it’s not yet the end.” (from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…apparently, today is movie quote day).

Today, I am embracing the Recipe and knowing:
Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.”


All my best,



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14 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and your fear, your faith…your choice

  1. Mark says:

    Like water renews a plant, you’ve renewed the faith of one still working towards INEVITABLE recovery…:o)

  2. Mike says:

    Good Timing Howard. I needed that!

  3. Kjell Nilsson says:

    I love your blog Howard! Thank you
    The last couple of months I feel like I don’t have to do part of the receipe and instead a gratefulness
    that I get to do it has emerged.
    The resting in the moment has gotten fuller.

  4. Zeljko says:

    One must choose to live fearlessly. Thank you Howard

    • Zeljko says:

      1) FEAR – Forget Everything And Run
      2) FEAR – Face Everything And Rise
      Choice is always only ours.

    • Karen and Don in Texas says:

      Thank you, Zeljko! Unless you tell me otherwise, I am going to take your wonderful quote on Fear, turn it into a meme attributing it to you, and post it in various places.

      • Zeljko says:

        Glad you like it Karen…use it freely. I also found it on some page…It is good one for sure.

  5. Smita says:

    That sounds really exciting. .. I wonder how it would feel like without fear. . As there is nothing to loose choosing faith… I will try faith .. let me feel the faithful feeling all the time… as you said our soul doesn’t have pd… I will try being happy soul… practice practice practice. .. 😊😊😊😊😊… peaceful mind would be the happiest feeling of all. ..

    Big hug to you my friend Howard..
    And to all you dear souls …😊

  6. Christiane from Germany says:

    Every time I feel weak or shaky I tell myself: “I have the power to heal myself!! It just takes the time it takes….!” I often say it out loud as if to convince myself and make this voice louder than the voice of doubt.
    That’s faith, isn’t it!
    Thank you, Howard for your perseverance.

    Lots of love,

  7. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Howard

    Thanks, that’s the most important part, but not easy to practise it all the time!!! Great your reminder, it helps a lot!! Thank you!!!

  8. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Thanks, Howard! You poured God’s beautiful blessings upon all of us!

  9. corazonsalvador says:

    Hi Howard I look forward to reading your post. It is very GODLY, humane and
    benefits us all. Thank you very much.

  10. Veronica Urquhart says:

    It is said that we invite to ourselves what we fear. Or what we focus on increases. I find this to be so true because as soon as a fearful thought comes the symptoms increase. It is only through my constant awareness can I overcome such occasions. Another thing we need to watch is latching on to other people’s negativity which is a plenty.
    Thank you Howard for the constant reminders.

    Love and blessings
    Veronica 🌱🌺

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