Fighting Parkinson’s, and fighting for yourself

In my previous post, Fighting Parkinson’s and creating conflict, I pointed out that you fight for others, but you do not fight for yourself. When you start to fight for yourself, good things happen. Today, I will explain why.

In my previous post, I encouraged you to fight for yourself by fighting your negative-thinking, self-criticizing mind. I am hopeful that for the last week, you have been telling your mind, “No, you are wrong. I am getting better!!!” If you have, then you have seen good results from your body. If you have not, then it is never too late to start.

Here is what is happening. You are doing the soul, mind, and body healing in the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Your body is very happy about this and begins providing you with a healing.

Unfortunately, sometimes the healing energy makes you shake more, or become stiffer, or have some pain. This is when your mind says, “Oh no, you are getting worse. Let’s be afraid of the future” This is when you now are responding by saying, “No, you are wrong. I am getting better!!!” And you are saying this relentlessly.

In response, your body says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am working so hard to provide you a recovery, but every time your mind does not like what your recovery feels like physically while you are healing, it convinces you to be afraid and/or to change something positive that you are doing. Keep telling your mind that it is wrong and that you are getting better, and I can keep providing you the physical healing.”

You probably did not know that your body was so vocal. Well, it is! Here is what this looks like in real life.

In the last few months, two different people on two separate coaching calls informed me of virtually the same thing: that they would be losing their driver’s license that day. Upon inquiry, I learned that both needed to get a form signed by their general practitioner that would approve them for driving. In each situation, the person was facing very worse symptoms that morning, which had been brought on by the fear of going to the doctor’s office and potentially losing driving privileges. This then caused the fear that if they went to the doctor with the way their symptoms were exhibiting that morning, certainly they would be losing their licenses. You know this vicious cycle.

After some discussion, both people realized that they needed to go into the doctor’s office with confidence and to fight for themselves. To begin, each needed to understand that the worsening symptoms was nothing more than the fear of the situation and that they needed to inform their minds, “No, you are wrong. I am getting better!!!”

As all of you know, and as was discussed in the previous post, for a person with Parkinson’s, fighting for yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. However, faced with being the Parkinson’s victim and losing their licenses or fighting for themselves and retaining driving privileges, each went in with confidence, fought for herself, and retained driving privileges. This was an enormous success in both situations!

It is important to understand that the only thing that changed for each of these people between the morning’s certainty of losing driving privileges that day and the afternoon’s success of retaining driving privileges after the doctor’s visit was one simple thing: Telling their minds, “No you are wrong. I am getting better!!! AND, I am retaining my driving privileges!”

When you do this, your symptoms diminish as your body thanks you. Everything shifts in your favor.

Fighting Parkinson’s, and fighting for yourself! It is time!!!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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9 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and fighting for yourself

  1. Bernadette says:

    Thanks Howard. Very apt!


  2. Kjell Nilsson says:

    Powerful reminders for me
    Thank you Howard😊

  3. Tony Catanzaro says:

    Very True! If we lose the fear we will lose the Parkinson’s!

    Its all based on fear… this is what I’ve learned from my journey.
    Thank you Howard!

  4. corazonsalvador says:

    Good blog again Howard, thank you so much for your effort in helping us.

  5. sue from sfbayarea says:

    Thanks. Always so timely. Don’t know what I’d do without you.

  6. Chuck R in Ky says:

    Thank you very much for helping us

  7. Tom says:

    encouraged to renew my driver’s license.
    minimal tremor during standing exercise.
    sometimes I skip meds.
    “things are getting better, getting better every day.”
    Anyone know Jeffer”s book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway?

    • Melanie S says:

      Thank you Howard. I’m getting it! Have had plenty of ups and downs in symptoms recently but with no fear as I know how hard my body is working on clearing toxins. I can feel the areas full of toxins and know I have plenty more work to do. Also momentary bursts of lesser symptoms, feels like a miracle. My neurologist was amazed how good I looked from six months ago on a recent visit. I said I’m working hard!

      Tom, another book by Susan Jeffers,
      End the struggle and dance with life has given me, a breakthrough on spirit acceptance and gratitude.
      Much love to all

  8. Zeljko says:

    To fight for ourselves we need to fight against – ourselves. Step in the Parkinson’s ring and fight the only true enemy there is in this fight – our mind. That is my task as well as yours. God bless.

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