Fighting Parkinson’s, and seven years symptom free

On June 12, 2017, I will be seven years with no Parkinson’s symptoms. Seven years with no Parkinson’s Disease. I am cured. I am joyful. I am grateful.

As I have been asked in the past, recently I have been asked a couple of questions to the effect of: “Will you be offering reduced-cost coaching again in celebration of being seven years symptom free? If so, can you offer it at the beginning of the month of June so I can sign up and get started right away at the the reduced cost?” My answer has been simple: “Yes. Yes.”

This leads me to the point of fear…and faith. There are people who are afraid to “jinx” themselves by doing the very thing I am doing here today. That is the epitome of fear. I am celebrating seven years of being cured from Parkinson’s eleven days in advance of the “official” day. That is faith!

Faith in my life. Faith in my Higher Power. Faith in my cure. For those of you who are new to this website and blog, I say cure because I did the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and became symptom free…and I stopped doing the Recipe. In the last seven years, the only time I have done the Recipe is to prepare for a workshop. No symptoms have returned, and they won’t. That is faith. That is cure.

I have been doing Parkinson’s Coaching full time for nearly seven years, and for the opportunity to work with those of you who have signed up for coaching, I am grateful.

In celebration of my being seven years cured from Parkinson’s, I have an offer for you to help make Parkinson’s Coaching more accessible. I offered this same offer last year and it went well for quite a few of you.

If you sign up by June 30, 2017 for my Parkinson’s Coaching Package, the cost of your first four conferences cycle of coaching will be $350. That is a 30% reduction from the regular cost of $500.

The Parkinson’s Coaching Package includes:
Four one-hour conferences with me, by phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person; and

Unlimited email communication with 24-hour or less response time.

With this first cycle of Parkinson’s Coaching $350 offer, you will receive the full Parkinson’s Coaching Package as if you had paid the regular full cost of $500.

Here is a little more information about my Parkinson’s Coaching. As you know, I have provided you with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® at no cost. Many of you have posted comments about how you are doing with the Recipe, and many of you have emailed me that you are working on it. That is great. What I have learned from many who I am coaching is that it is not the starting the Recipe that is the hard part, it is the sticking with it that is the hard part.

A large part of the inability to stick with it is not understanding fully what you are experiencing. With Parkinson’s Coaching, we are in continuous communication so you can better understand what is going on with your symptoms and your recovery. I can relate what is happening with you to my own experience and coaching experience, and can provide you with the explanations, comfort, and continuing support to keep you on your path to your recovery.

Click here to learn more about Parkinson’s Coaching, including how to sign up for the Parkinson’s Coaching Package with the special offer.

On June 12, 2017, I will be seven years with no Parkinson’s symptoms. Seven years with no Parkinson’s Disease. I am cured. I am joyful. I am grateful.

“I have the power to heal myself.” And I did.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Marie did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Pratima did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Betty did, and you are.
“You have the power to heal yourself.” Helen did, and you are.
“Together we have the power to heal the world.” When there are enough of us fully recovered as a result of the Recipe, we will have the power to heal the world from Parkinson’s.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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30 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and seven years symptom free

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Congratulations Howard, 7 years! Wonderful!
    Thank you for all the love and support you give to us all each week here in your blogs. We would be lost without you. Thank you also to Marie and Helen who still contribute and encourage us all from the side lines. I would love to see all the Warriors posting like we used to. Lots of new names which is lovely but I miss all the others (you know who you are 🙂
    Big Love to all. I’m doing ok. I’ve had the courage to stop one of my meds. In the process of eliminating the last two. The more fear I let go, the more my dopamine can flow….. My latest mantra….lol
    Karen xx

  2. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Howard

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog! We all are so happy that you are cured already 7 years, great. Congratulations, dear Howard, your example shows that it is possible and give us hope!!

    Dear Karen, congratulations too, I know it is very hard as I saw it with my dear Werni, but it’s worth reducing or eliminating the meds!! Great, Karen!!

    About coaching I really can recommend Howards coaching! He not only gives good advices, but too if you could cry or you feel very sad, Howard can bring you explanations which help immediately to be filled with hope and faith! We experienced it several times, as I think he can see deeper in your soul and feelings!! Don’t hesitate! Beside the recipe it’s very helpful and easier to go the path to the recovery-goal!!


    Tery and Werni

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Terry, can I ask you how long did it take Werni to completly eliminate meds? especially near the end? Fantastic that he’s off everything! xx

  3. Chuck R in Ky says:

    Congratulations Howard!

    Thank you for helping all of us.

    I can also recommend Howard’s coaching. It’s great to have someone to talk to about PD symptoms and how to recover.

    Hey Karen, great job! Proud of you!

    Blessings to all

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Thanks Chuck, I’ve only managed to ditch one lot, the last two are low dose but can’t seem to manage a day without them! xx

  4. jimmy says:




    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Jimmy, lovely to hear from you. Not easy coming off the meds. Got off the latest one which I was on for 12 weeks, side effects were awful. Tried to stop the last two I’m on, but was all over the place after 24 hours. I just can’t go back to being as weak as I was last November when I started meds. The dose is the minimum in both tablets so very disappointed that I couldn’t get past one day!
      So happy for you Jimmy that you are managing without them. I think you were diagnosed in same year as me and found Howard in 2014, same as me. You’re amazing! xx

      • jimmy says: actitud es muy importante en el proceso de recuperacion…no puedo ponerme a llorar ni hacer drama ,,soy muy positivo y con espiritu muy fuerte ,,se perfectamente k voy a estar bien ..Desde el principio, he tenido la creencia de que voy a recuperar mi salud. nunca he creido lo contrario…todo problema tiene una solucion .,Experimentar esta condición de salud ha sido, sin duda, el mayor desafío de mi vida. También ha sido la mayor experiencia de aprendizaje de mi vida! Me ha enseñado mucho acerca de mi cuerpo y sobre la vida misma! .Sabiendo que lo que estoy experimentando tiene un propósito, Todo lo desagradable que nosotros experimentamos, tanto individual como colectivamente, tiene el propósito de guiarnos al amor propio. El miedo, la ira, la crisis de salud, crisis financiera, relación de ruptura, todos sirven para este propósito. Ha cambiado toda mi manera de vivir e interactuar con otros. Ahora sé que la bondad es la cosa más importante que podemos ofrecer, me he transformado en una ser humano mas sensible,, mas amoroso ,que perdona y por sobre todas las cosas ,el ser agradecido con todo….GRACIAS


        ..the attitude is very important in the recovery process … I can not get to cry or make drama, I am very positive and with very strong spirit, I will perfectly, I will be well .. From the beginning, I have had the belief that I will regain my health. I have never believed otherwise … every problem has a solution. Experiencing this health condition has undoubtedly been the greatest challenge of my life. It has also been the greatest learning experience of my life! It has taught me a lot about my body and about life itself! Knowing that what I am experiencing has a purpose, everything disagreeable that we experience, both individually and collectively, is intended to guide us to self-love. Fear, anger, health crisis, financial crisis, rupture relationship, all serve this purpose. It has changed my whole way of living and interacting with others. Now I know that kindness is the most important thing we can offer, I have transformed myself into a more sensitive, loving, forgiving and above all things human being, to be grateful for everything … THANK YOU

  5. ken says:

    Congratulations Howard on beating Parkinson’s for 7 years and for good.
    I am happy that you learned enough through the recipe to not revert back
    to what caused it. Congratulations again and I’m proud of you!

  6. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Thank you, Howard! I deeply appreciate this newsletter and all that you do and say.

    Love and hugs to all

  7. Karen in Ireland says:

    Ps. Dear Warriors, lately every time I try to post comment the screen says “safari cannot connect to server” so I click the back arrow at bottom left of page and hit send again, and it sends. Just incase any of you having the same problems 🙂 xx

  8. Dear Howard and all travelers on this blog site
    I took advantage of Howard’s generous offer of reduced fees 6 years ago…he has been my beloved coach ever since. The longest I have been on conventional PD medication is 1 week…my body rejected them (I vomited). I am currently being overseen by a medical doctor who is also a professor of anesthesiology, pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of British Columbia in Canada. During my most recent appointment in February this doctor told me that I was doing better than anyone he knew who has PD for as long as I have…what an affirmation of Howard’s service, don’t you think?
    So thank you, dear Howard…you have supported me when I’m down, provided me with information that has enlivened and encouraged my body as needed at the time, and given me fresh outlook for the caring of my soul. I am so very grateful.

  9. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Karen

    I did not see your question until today, sorry!
    I’m not sure but Howard helped us during the whole process. Werni took 3 pills a day during 3 years from 2012 to 2015, then we tried by a half less during several weeks. I think it took him about 9 months, the last one was the easiest at 6 of November 2015!👍 It wasn’t easy but with the support of Howard we made it!! Good luck, you can do it too, but ask Howard, it’s important to reduce very slowly!!! We wish you all the best, you are worth it, dear Karen!!
    Love and hugs

    Tery and Werni

    • Tery thank you so much for your reply to me and I see you gave Melanie a detailed reply too, which is really kind of you. Bless you, I hope Werni reaches the finish line soon.
      Big love to you both.xx

  10. Melanie S says:

    Congratulations Howard you must be so proud of your work and having helped those cured and healing. Privileged to know you.
    I wonder those who’ve reduced meds did you manage to maintain your mobility too?
    I’m Generally doing so well in so many ways but still very weak outside of meds hours.

  11. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Melanie

    It’s of course difficult at first for the body without the meds, so it’s really important to reduce very, very slowly. We got used that the movement are less at first BUT the appetite grows, (Werni was so slim that he took the smallest trousers we got, but now it’s close to normal😊), the sleep is wonderful, the head is clear again…AND without a headache and the dizzy feeling he had, it’s a big change!! He has now a CLEAR thinking. It’s worth doing it. As I told it’s a hard way we decide to do but without any other solution we HAVE to follow this path with the Recipe. Of course without Howard we wouldn’t be able as there still are times we are crying. This doesn’t really help, so the advices of Howard to have faith, to love ourselves etc. are very important facts to get through difficult times!! Luckily we have found Howard and Sally 👍Good luck, dear!!

    Tery and Werni

    • Melanie S says:

      Thank-you tery for your kind and helpful comments. I’ve had symptoms for 8 ,years and only taken meds just over a year. Though I want to come off them, like Karen, cannot operate without them at present though on very minimal dose just to get by: but less dosage than a year ago and doing loads more physically,much stronger. I just wondered if the meds in themselves cause weakness.
      My neurologist was amazed at how well I was doing on a recent visit and said I looked like a completely different person from last visit 6 months ago.
      Hi Jimmy, karen.. penny and all. 🤗🤗

      • Hi old friend, hang in there, we will be drug free before we know it. I think the weakness is more our fear than anything! The minute we try stop a drug the mind goes into fear frantically just because we are letting go of the safety net! I’ve told no -one close to me that I’m trying to get off them. My carer is the only one that knows( and all my warrior friends around the world 🙂 lol )
        Big love to you old friend xx

      • jimmy says:




        • Melanie S says:

          Hi Jimmy
          Thank-you 😚 for your encouragement. Yes maybe I need to try to do more of the recipe. One little step at a time.🤗

  12. Veronica Urquhart says:

    Dear Howard…..congratulations on your journey. You never cease to amaze me with your knowledge, empathy and commitment to us. I am forever grateful and it is a privilege to have you in our lives. I am the better for your guidance. It is said that the longest journey starts with the first step. Thank you for taking the steps with us.

    Love and blessings
    Veronica 🌱🌺

  13. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Karen

    You are welcome.
    We wish you the same as you deserve it too!!

    Love and blessings back

    Tery and Werni

  14. Waseema says:

    Dearest Karen,
    So glad to hear from you. Just the fact you’re poking and prodding th rest of us tells me you’ve got the fighting spirit to break free of the meds. Hang in there warrior!

    Love and blessings


    • Hi Waseema, lovely to hear from you. Yes my fighting spirit back THANK GOD. Pity party for one, was becoming the norm. I found coming of the most recently prescribed meds very empowering. Yes movement back to being a challenge but I feel I’m back on track as if these recent meds didn’t work, the neuro fighting to get me on dopamine replacement drugs next. Me stopping the last drug is me saying I want to get past the fear and get strong without the drugs. The drug I’m still on works with any dopamine I’m producing to utilise it better. The half tablet I take with it is just for tremors, but it wrecks your short term memory and I get the odd palpitation so that’s the one I want to get off the most. I chose to believe that my dopamine facet can still switch on. It’s fabulous to feel the connection with my soul getting stronger as the meds wear off by the afternoon and that’s when I do Howard’s exercises, which are making me stronger. Since stopping the last meds, I now sometimes in the evening get a few minutes of normal movement which very thrilling. I just might be No.6 lol. When I struggle, I keep saying over and over ” the POWER of God is within me” it really helps. It’s like he takes over! Hope you doing well my friend xx

  15. Tery Brun says:

    Dear Melanie

    Great news of the neurologist! That’s YOUR work you’ve done and be proud of it!! Now take it step by step, it needs time to change. We wish you all the best!!

    • Melanie S says:

      Hi Tery and Karen
      Thanks for your comments. Good to hear from you. Hope you’re doing great 😚😚🤗🤗

  16. Marie says:

    Congratulations, Howard! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us, and inspiring us all to our own full recoveries!

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