Fighting Parkinson’s, and having a positive goal

“You have Parkinson’s Disease.” Those words evoke fear, loss of hope, depression and despair. Why? Because right after “You have Parkinson’s Disease” you hear, “It is a progressively degenerative neurological disorder for which we do not know the cause and for which there is no cure.” Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could adopt this way of thinking, “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover!”

Parkinson’s Disease is viewed as a progressively degenerative incurable neurological disease. The medications for the disease assist with the symptoms, but they do not stop one from getting worse and they do not cure the disease; also, they have many undesirable side effects. The herbal remedies, supplements, and Ayurvedic formulas assist with the symptoms, but they do not stop one from getting worse and they do not cure the disease; also, they have many undesirable side effects. If either the medications or these alternative remedies cured the disease, then the disease would not be designated as incurable.

This brings me to the point that if you want to recover, the place to start is to believe that “I have the power to heal myself.” Why? Because nobody who is treating you believes that you can recover or be cured. No offense to them, but they are approaching Parkinson’s treatment from the perspective of disease management. If you want to have a shot at recovery, you have to transcend the conventional wisdom of Parkinson’s Disease management and strive to get yourself better.

Since Parkinson’s symptoms are a little different in everybody, you know better than anybody how the disease is affecting you physically, mentally and spiritually. Have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. You understand the disease and how it impacts you, not just how it impacts the general public.

Do not miss this point: Who knows best how this disease is affecting you? You do. However, the better question is: Who knows best how your physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances are affecting you? The answer again is that you do.

Please say this affirmation with me: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover.” The Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® is the road map to assist you in getting your life back into balance.

Do not run away from Parkinson’s symptoms in fear. When you run away in fear, “I do not want tremors. I do not want stiffness. I do not want slowness,” the treatment to alleviate the symptoms will not get you better from the disease…nor will it alleviate your fear…nor will it bring your life back into balance.

Please say this affirmation with me again: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover.”

Now, set a positive goal. “I want to bring my life back into balance and have a full recovery.” How do you achieve this goal?

Here is the plan:
Faith. The Recipe helps bring you back into balance spitiually, and your dopamine flows.
Attitude. The Recipe helps bring you back into balance mentally, and the fear is relieved and the symptoms subside.
Action. The Recipe helps bring you back into balance physically, and your organs are healed and toxins are cleansed.
Progress. Your life completely back into balance means Parkinson’s ceases to exist in you. Full recovery. Cured.

Please say this affirmation with me one more time: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover.”

And what is your positive goal? “I want to bring my life back into balance and have a full recovery.” How do you achieve this goal? Grab onto the Recipe with a strong faith, a great attitude, and the required action, and you, too, can achieve this goal.

Your life did not get imbalanced overnight, nor will the imbalances go away overnight. However, in any moment when you are doing the Recipe, you can ask yourself, “Is what I am doing in this moment helping me achieve my goal of bringing my life back into balance and having a full recovery?” In response, you can smile at yourself and say, “Yes it is! I am recovery. I am worth it!”


All my best,


NOTE: We have started a picture gallery. So far, we have 41 pictures of people doing the Recipe or already fully recovered from Parkinson’s (plus some with their spouses or children). One thing you will see in this picture gallery is what I call the “New Faces of Parkinson’s;” people with big smiles filled with hope and faith about recovery. If you would like your picture included, please email it to me at

Click here to see the picture gallery. Also, the picture gallery is a permanent page on the website. On the computer view, it is under the blue picture at the top of each page, listed as “Picture Gallery.” On the mobile view, click the menu (near the top left of the mobile screen, there are three horizontal lines next to the “F” in Fighting). One of the menu choices says “Picture Gallery.”


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27 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and having a positive goal

  1. Chuck R in Ky says:

    Howard , great post.

    With God, I definitely have the power to heal myself, there’s no doubt in my mind.

    Dear PD warriors, I want to share the following with all. I’ve been doing the recipe for almost 3 years without any relief of symptoms. Then Monday, October 2nd when I woke up and said good morning to my beautiful wife Stacie, my voice was very strong and she felt something in her Spirit and asked me if I still had symptoms. My answer was yes, but I was better, my voice was strong, my mind was extremely clear, my walk was better and I had a vibration of joy and a smile, I had shifted from my ego mind to my heart and dopamine was flowing.

    This lasted for 2 1/2 days, then fear started creeping in, and I was back in my ego mind. But I’m not discouraged. I have more faith than ever that the recipe is working and I will fully recover.

    Love to all

  2. Tony says:

    Great post Howard, I’ve always believed that the body can heal itself with the recipe you created and following a vegan plant-based diet. I believe everyone can have their recovery. I know a lot of people do not want to change their diet but I believe that diet plays a big role. I don’t believe it’s the complete cause of the disease but I believe it benefits in the recovery because it strengthens the body as you know, and helps put everything back into balance. Love to you Howard and all the Warriors!

    • Smita Shinde says:

      Thank you Tony for sharing your take on diet for recovery. .. Gratitude and love 😊

    • Cathy Dixon-Owens says:

      I agree totally Tony. I have been a vegan for two years now and I strongly believe my diet along with the recipe is the reason I’m not on any medications. I am considering switching to a raw vegan diet but haven’t decided yet.

  3. jimmy says:

    Our mind, in addition to having magnetic properties, follows a pattern of cyclical behavior. However, in order to be in resonance with the universe and therefore to return to health, we must break with the negative thought-based cyclical patterns of fear and anxiety, and cultivate cyclical patterns of thoughts based on love, faith, and gratitude. This is achieved through the recipe.

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard

    Thanks for your very special advices we appreciate very much!

    Chuck, that sounds great!!! Werni had similar experiences twice and felt back again, but we believe in recovery, even if it’s not an easy way, but filled with hope! Thanks Chuck for sharing your news and feelings, good luck, yes, you can!!

  5. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Howard! It is exactly what I needed to hear.

    May our Supreme Creator God bless all of our bodies, minds, and souls.

  6. Smita Shinde says:

    Howard, you have always been great support and motivation for me and for everyone suffering from PD.

    I thank you from the bottom of heart for being there for all of us… lots of love to you and to your wife Sally who stood throughout your recovery.. and inspired so many of us…

    Today’s post is right on time for me … just before reading your blog I was crying bitterly .. so much thighs and feet muscle pain, extreme tightness, feet cramps.. to add to this my balance has become so poor that I cannot walk without assistance… I was telling God to pick me up to him because the symptoms have been unbearable these days…

    I am happy to know about Chuck’s experience. .

    I have seen the pictures of photo gallery. . Karen in Ireland looks much younger than I thought 😊
    She is so much of positive energy. .

    Veronica your eyes and smile are so vibrant. I felt strong connection for you. .😊

    Tony I salute your hard work for your muscular body at 46 😊

    I have not interacted with many other warriors.. all of you are helping me to keep giving my best…so courageous, loving… God bless you all… tight hug to you all my dear warriors.

    • Awwww Smita sorry to hear you are in so much discomfort . Parky is such a cruel teacher. I swear a lot at it and like yourself am brought to tears often with the overwhelm of it all. It is a comfort to read other warriors struggle as well as victories like Chuck, shows we are not alone.
      I laughed at you saying I looked younger than you thought ha ha. I am 53, God bless make-up and hair colour! I could not believe when I saw your picture, Smita you ARE so young. I thought she is beautiful and so young to be suffering from this condition. How old are you? Lovely to read a chatty post from you to a few of the Warriors. Hang in there my friend. We will beat this -astard! 🙂 xx

      • Smita Shinde says:

        Karen, it’s your skin, eyes and smile and of course your hair too, made me feel you are younger. 😊 and of course your jolly and positive and compassionate nature makes you much younger dear friend 😊
        Yes you are right, I am the youngest of all as informed by Howard. I am 33. It’s been 8 months I have been doing the recipe. ..
        I agree with you, it is a comfort to read from other warriors about their experiences.. I strongly feel sharing experience brings confidence, positivity, and good information to bring changes in our journey to recovery. ..
        I will keep sharing my journey with you all.. and I hope to read from you too dear karen.. 😊 love to you 😙

        • Lovely to hear from you again Smita. I think the Gallery has brought us all even closer as it makes us very real, not just a name and a place. I’ve had a tough weekend of pain and I just kept saying Karen Smita is having it tough too and as janet just beautifully said we have to just settle in for the fight. It really helps knowing we are all shovelling the same -hit. 🙂 xx

          • Smita Shinde says:

            Yes Karen, the Gallery has brought us closer. . I am there with you my friend holding your hand and feeling the same pain… this will pass… let’s believe in our recovery and it’s happening 😊
            God bless you Karen.

    • Janet in NY says:

      Smita I know how you feel….I am there too…..wnen things are really bad I read the inspiring comments and settle in for the fight once again. Knowing we are not alone helps beyond expectations. Hangin there…..

      With warm hugs

  7. sue from sfbayarea says:

    Thank you again Howard for your words and wisdom. I am always hopeful after I read them. And thanks Chuck, hooray -way to go.
    I have added everyone doing the Recipe to my prayer list so we all recover and make an impact on Western Medicine to give others hope.
    God bless you all for your posts.


  8. Waseema says:

    Hey Warriors.
    Thanks so much for all the sharing. It makes a huge difference. I would like to share more but I struggle with typing so I’m having to dictate and which I’m still trying to get my head around properly with punctuation and so on. I’ll also get around to putting my photo up soon. I’m finding it very difficult these days and I keep dipping in and out of Fear and sadness but reading the blog keeps me going so God bless you all and you’re all in my prayers.
    Love and blessings to you all..

  9. Debbie says:

    This article gives so much inspiration and hope, thanks for posting it. I’d like to share what I read also, and that is this: “I Am” are two of the most powerful words you will ever use. I use them in my battle with Parkinson’s. I say: I Am well, I Am healthy, I Am strong. Also, every day in every way I Am better and better, stronger and healthier.

    I believe it’s working, and that’s crucial and important to wellness and recovery. You must believe it works.

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