Fighting Parkinson’s, and being fearless

Recently, there has been a lot of conversation about fear getting in the way of recovery. I have written about faith over fear many times. Today, I present new look at being fearless!


Be FEARLESS, and have a nice weekend.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


NOTE: We have started a picture gallery. So far, we have 42 pictures of people doing the Recipe or already fully recovered from Parkinson’s (plus some with their spouses or children). One thing you will see in this picture gallery is what I call the “New Faces of Parkinson’s;” people with big smiles filled with hope and faith about recovery. If you would like your picture included, please email it to me at

Click here to see the picture gallery. Also, the picture gallery is a permanent page on the website. On the computer view, it is under the blue picture at the top of each page, listed as “Picture Gallery.” On the mobile view, click the menu (near the top left of the mobile screen, there are three horizontal lines next to the “F” in Fighting). One of the menu choices says “Picture Gallery.”


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4 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and being fearless

  1. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Thanks, Howard! Your words are extremely accurate! Sometimes, it really is difficult to live for the higher purpose given to us by our Supreme Creator God when the cares of the world are before our eyes and pulling on us, draining us. Overcoming the drawing of the moment is the task. Today, I choose to cling to my Higher Purpose and to turn my back on the world.

    All God’s blessings be upon you and every person here.

  2. Melanie S says:

    Lovely Howard. Thank-you. To all of you new to the blog I’d like to say this is a patient process of changing the negative wiring in the brain to positive wiring. It is a slow process which requires continuous persistence and really works.
    No matter how bad you may feel there is a way to change as I have discovered. Thank you for all your wonderful help and advice Howard.

  3. corazon salvador says:

    Hi, Howard I am grateful for the words of encouragement to be fearless. Our GOD says in HIS word, Fear not for IAM with you And he said that I will never leave you
    nor forsake you. Be Blessed Howard and you family,We will continue to fight fearlessly

  4. judy says:

    Fear is a big one for me. Seems it’s in me even when I don’t recognize it. It’s a tough one and I find that conquering it makes one stronger! I have to purpose in my heart that I will not permit it to win!
    If someone told you it was gonna be easy, they lied to you!

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