Fighting Parkinson’s, and a primer on the basics

Many new people have been coming to the website and blog in recent months. I have been finding myself going over some basics of the recovery that I feel everybody would benefit from reviewing again. So, today, you are receiving a primer on the basics.

This is a soul, mind, and body recovery, and most of you are familiar with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Here are some reminders about the extra things that will assist you in your recovery that are not specifically spelled out in the Recipe.

Drinking enough water to take care of urinary urgency and constipation:

Practicing deep breathing:

Feeling worse while getting better:

Thoughts on medications:

Scientific study says your dopamine is not depleted:

Assistance with symptoms and side effects:

And here are some additional things to help you understand how your recovery is taking place.

Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress:

Being the tortoise:

Faith over fear:

Bringing your life back into balance:

Being your real self:

As you take your time and read through these posts, fully appreciate yourself for the courageous person you are. In a world of quick-fixes, you have come to realize that it takes time, patience, and dedication to have a Parkinson’s recovery. Each and every one of you has this recovery deep inside you. We each are born with a body fully capable of healing itself.

However, this Parkinson’s recovery can be challenging. Please do not make it any harder than it needs to be. Each day, to the best of your ability, do as much of the Recipe as you can. If you are having a difficult time with energy and movement, then spend your downtime working on the mind and soul healing aspects of the recovery. You will find that when you calm your mind and open your heart, your dopamine will flow better and suddenly you will have the energy and movement to do the physical part of the Recipe.

It is a matter of staying in balance…physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can do this.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


NOTE: We have started a picture gallery. So far, we have 45 pictures of people doing the Recipe or already fully recovered from Parkinson’s (plus some with their spouses or children). One thing you will see in this picture gallery is what I call the “New Faces of Parkinson’s;” people with big smiles filled with hope and faith about recovery. If you would like your picture included, please email it to me at

Click here to see the picture gallery. Also, the picture gallery is a permanent page on the website. On the computer view, it is under the blue picture at the top of each page, listed as “Picture Gallery.” On the mobile view, click the menu (near the top left of the mobile screen, there are three horizontal lines next to the “F” in Fighting). One of the menu choices says “Picture Gallery.”


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17 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and a primer on the basics

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and all my fabulous warrior buddies. All those links will keep us all busy for the week :-). Having you all in my thoughts and vision really helps me on a day to day basis and that empowers me to keep going. I see each of you as God sees you and that is in perfect health. All the pain and tremors are just residual symptoms of fear that we have now let go of. Our souls know we are perfect and all that is left is our minds to catch up with the same knowing of our souls. So when symptoms are on full throttle know that it’s just the body letting go. We ROCK we really really do. :-)
    Big Love,
    Karen xx

  2. hans says:

    The pictures are so nice, all those names become real people!

  3. Dave M says:

    Thanks Howard. It’s a great summary. I have it bookmarked for future reference.

  4. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Thank you for being so thoughtful, Howard! Having a review and reminder is wonderful and a lovely strengthening tool. I will be busy for a while taking the refresher. :-)

    The picture album is amazing.

    All of God’s love, healing, and blessings be upon every one of us.

  5. Karen in Ireland says:

    Waseema great to see your joyous smile! Chuck great to see you and your lovely wife Stacie. All the warriors have such lovely faces! Looking forward to seeing so many more of the Warriors! Btw where are you all???? Very quiet this weekend! I must be the only Saddo who checks in daily lol. :-) xx

    • Christine says:

      Hi Karen
      I also check in daily but am not very talkative. But I so love hearing from you all and love the picture gallery. I will add my picture as soon as I can get someone to take one.

    • Waseema says:

      Karen thanks for the compliment. I’m finding it difficult to contribute much because of my hand issues but I do check-in regularly and love reading your comments and the other Warriors.
      Love and blessings to you all.

  6. judy says:

    Your last paragraph is pure gold, Howard, as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you Howard a lot of great advice and inspiration. . Hi to all 😊

  8. Gina Dunneback says:

    I’m new here. Turning 50 in January and just diagnosed with Parkinson’s three weeks ago. Howard’s blog is the first website I went to after googling “holistic solutions for parkinsons”. I am afraid but encouraged. I am looking to connect with anyone that would like to keep in touch for encouragement. There are not many people that I can talk to that are dealing with this holistically. I am looking forward to my coaching from you Howard! Thank you for sharing this recipe with the world!

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Welcome Gina, you are in very safe hands with Howard, not to mention all the Warriors of this blog who comment here. Welcome to the family. :-)
      Big love, Karen xx

    • Chuck R in Ky says:

      Hi Gina and welcome! Howard is a wonderful coach and will teach you not to be afraid 😀
      We are all on our way to full recovery and you are too!

      Blessings to you

    • Waseema says:

      Welcome Gina.
      You’re very fortunate that you found this website so early on in your journey. Absolutely fantastic! Everyone here is on the same journey with Howard’s wonderful guidance. We’re all making progress and you will too.
      love and blessings to everyone

  9. jimmy says:

    Welcome Gina

  10. Gina Dunneback says:

    Thank you!!

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