Fighting Parkinson’s, and being in the present moment, part 2

Where is your mind? For many with Parkinson’s, your mind is deeply rooted in fear. Being in the present moment takes you away from the fear. This was covered in the previous post, but it is such an important point, today we will cover it more in-depth to assist you further in being in the moment.

The words “You have Parkinson’s” evoke fear in almost everybody who hears those words. In large part, this is because what follows those words is a blur of words like “incurable,” “progressively degenerative,” “neurological disease,” “don’t know what causes it,” and “our treatment will not slow, halt or reverse the disease.” Fear, hopelessness, despair…those are the feelings on the way home from the neurologist’s office…and fear…all of those feelings are driven by fear. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. FAITH IS A CHOICE. CHOOSE FAITH, AND CHOOSE TO BE YOUR OWN CURE!!!

“You have Parkinson’s Disease.” (Now, let’s change it up a bit). Suppose your neurologist followed those words with this: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of your life out of balance, and you can repair the imbalances and be cured! There is a protocol called the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, and if you do the soul, mind, and body healing of the Recipe every day, you will be cured!”

Do you now have hope? Do you now have faith? Do you now work on your cure? And what if your neurologist added this, “Oh, yes, I need to let you know that along the way toward your cure, there will be times when it will appear that you are getting worse because your symptoms will be appearing worse, but please do not worry, it is part of the recovery process, and you have nothing to fear. Have faith, and you will be cured.” Do you choose fear when you face what appears to be a worsening condition, or do you have faith in your cure?

The reason I give you this example is to show you that the fear you have in your mind about what is going on with your Parkinson’s is a self-created fear…it is the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that I have spoken about in the past. In the paragraphs above, all I have done is taken what I have been telling you for the last 7 and 1/2 years since my full recovery and hypothetically put those words in your neurologist’s mouth. Suddenly, you have no fear. Why? Because you chose to have no fear.

Where is your mind? If it is deeply rooted in what you are doing in the moment RIGHT NOW, then fear ceases to exist. The fear and FEAR of Parkinson’s is more deeply rooted in “what will my future be.” Well, your future is a choice. If you choose to do the Recipe and work on bringing your life back into balance RIGHT NOW, then you do not have to worry about the future.

If you are doing the Recipe, and are listening when I explain in great detail why you need not have fear when symptoms appear worse, then in the moment Right NOW, fear does not exist.

If you decide to leave this moment RIGHT NOW and you jump to the future and look to the gloom and doom you received at the neurologist’s office or on the Internet, you are choosing to have fear. Yes, choosing to have fear. If you are doing the Recipe every day, then you are curing yourself every day no matter what your symptoms look like, no matter what you have been told, no matter what your family and friends think about how you look with your symptoms, and you need not be afraid of the future.

If you are choosing fear each time a symptom appears worse, then you are still engaged in the type of Adrenaline-Mode-fear-based-mind-chatter that helped you get Parkinson’s symptoms to the surface in the first place. Living in this fear prevents recovery. Fear tires out your kidneys, and your kidneys bring energy to your brain. This is why fear is debilitating. The more fear you have, the more you shake, the stiffer you become, the slower you move, the more fatigued you feel. Please realize that fear is a creation of your mind, and you are choosing fear.

Where is your mind? Bring it back into the moment RIGHT NOW!

Fear is the only Parkinson’s symptom that is a choice. That is why I talk about it so much. It is a choice in how you decide to look at your Parkinson’s, your symptoms, and your lives. It is so powerful of a symptom of this disease, that in the midst of improving from a disease the experts say there is no chance of improvement, one “bad” day, one extra pain, one extra stiffness, one increase in tremors…one unfavorable change in any symptom causes people to stop their improvement dead in its tracks and say, “I guess I am getting worse just like the doctors said I would.”

Where is your mind? Bring it back into the moment RIGHT NOW!

That interpretation is a choice, and the choice is fear. That choice leads to FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). And that leads you down the path that causes your own fears and FEARs to come true.



Where is your mind? Bring it back into the moment RIGHT NOW! How do you do this? Keep reading…

How about if you choose to interpret the events like this: “I am doing the Recipe. I trust myself in knowing that what I am doing is the correct thing. I trust myself that I correctly have interpreted all of my improvements. I am willing to surrender control of having to fully understand every nuance or every energetic change taking place inside my body, and I am empowering myself to look at everything I am doing as long-term progress in my being cured from Parkinson’s without being fearful of the day-to-day changes that I do not fully understand. I have faith, and my faith defeats my fear.”

Where is your mind? It is creeping back into the moment RIGHT NOW!

That interpretation is a choice, and the choice is faith. Faith leads to staying with the Recipe on your path toward your cure. Faith leads you down the path that causes your cure to come true.

Choose faith over fear and visualize yourself cured.

Where is your mind? Yes, I feel it in the moment RIGHT NOW! Nice to have you back.

Say this affirmation with me: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and be cured. I refuse to allow changes in my physical symptoms to make me fearful. Fear is a choice. Faith is a choice. I choose Faith. I choose cured. I am worth it!”

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


NOTE: Thank you to all of you who have ordered my book Fighting Parkinson’s…and Winning. As a reminder, Amazon ranks books based upon purchases and reviews. Once you have read the book, I would ask that you go to the Amazon page that contains my book, rate the book and give it a review. Also, this will assist others in deciding whether or not they wish to order a book. Click here to go to the Amazon book page, where you can read the wonderful reviews that already have been posted as well as posting a review yourself. I am grateful for those who have posted reviews, and please remember, the more reviews, the more opportunity we have to change the current view of Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s recovery. Together, let’s change the world’s view of Parkinson’s and spread the message of hope.


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14 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and being in the present moment, part 2

  1. Brun Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard

    Again and again you tell about faith, and every time it’s really very important, this reminder!! How fast we can change to good or bad, thanks again!!

    PS: My sister and I read the wonderful book of Howard, we recommend it best!
    Today we had a problem and due to this book we solved it immediately by saying OK!!

  2. ken says:

    I have to say I’m guilty of letting fear run my life a lot of the time.
    When symptoms are less I dream of what life is going to be like
    without Parkinson’s but when symptoms are bad I let fear take
    hold. I find faith harder to keep when times are not good but I
    will continue to work on it with hope and God’s mercy.

  3. Mary says:

    I do not know what it is like to have PD. My path is and will be different from many of you. I do know Howard and Sally Shifke and am a long-time friend. My perspective is one of friend, first, but also one of personal observation of Howard during his time with PD and during and following his recovery. I’m the Mary mentioned in Howard’s book and, for anyone interested, I wanted to share what I wrote to Howard today…
    “Howard, I finished your book early this morning. I loved every word. It was clear, personal, sooo candid, inspiring and I could go on and on, forever. Thank you for your mention, throughout, of us. Heart-warming and memory and smile provoking. Jerry and I have learned a lot from you. We cherish our family-dom with you, Sally and your children. We are truly blessed. Also blessed are the PD folks who find you and your book, your Recipe for Recovery and decide they are worth it. I thank you for the hard work it took to create this tome that is changing and will change lives. You are, indeed and in deed, a peaceful warrior.”

    • Bailey says:

      Thank you for chiming in Mary! And for being such a loyal and supportive friend to our dear Howard.

    • Pat in FL says:

      Thank you for adding your perspective to this blog, Mary, and for the many ways you and Jerry contributed to Howard’s life and recovery! God bless you.

  4. Pippa says:

    Such a good post Howard, thankyou

  5. Fred Schröder says:

    Hi Howard, hi everyone who’s reading this!

    Yes, we Always have a choice. Every day can be a nice, powerful, wonderful positive day filled with a lot of emotional moments which let us feel alive and let forget the PD. Each minute you can claim with the help from Howard’s Recipe will be saved as a nice part of your life. Don’t let the PD get the control of your life. You are responsible for yourself. Start now and keep it. Every day.

    Thank you Howard. We need more reminders to Change the way of thinking. Because this will change doing.

    Wish you all Out there a wonderful “NOW”


  6. Trish in Colorado says:

    About being in the moment…do any of you have cats? Need I say more?! They keep us (Tom, Jessica and me) laughing at their antics. I’m pretty sure that the dopamine is flowing here today.

    Today also the PD symptoms are worse than normal. There is pain, stiffness, dizziness, tremors, but the moment overlooks the symptoms. Dear Howard has taught us to say, “okay”. This is just a bump in the road, toxins leaving my body. It’s a positive thing. But I must confess I am far from being brave.

    Warriors, please share where you are in the fight.

  7. Dave M says:

    “Fear is the only Parkinson’s symptom that is a choice.“

    Thanks Howard. I’m putting that on the fridge door as a summary of the whole posting.

  8. Beryl and Bruce Dwyer says:

    Thanks Howard. With your guidance history is being made.


  9. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    The symptoms are reducing…! :-)

    Love and hugs to everyone!!!!!!

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