Fighting Parkinson’s, and exploring the possibilities

I began the year with the post, “Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2018…the year of possibilities!” In that post, I explained that for each and every one of you, this is a new year, a new breath of fresh air, and a new outlook: 2018…the year of possibilities!

After a week and a half of discussing with people the possibilities of 2018, I realized that there are some blockages that are an impediment to truly exploring the possibilities of life and recovery. Today, we will work to remove those blockages.

I would like to begin with a reminder from “Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2018…the year of possibilities!”

To give yourself a fair opportunity to look at all of the possibilities the Universe is offering you, first you must trust your view of what is possible over anybody else’s view of what is impossible. Here is some assistance:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Audrey Hepburn

Let’s all soak that in together and repeat it: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

When you say, “I’m possible,” you begin to remove the limitations and shackles that others have placed upon you and that you have placed upon yourself. You are saying, “The possibilities of my life are boundless. If I set my soul, mind, and body toward what I want, then the possibility exists that I will get what I want. I’m possible.”

What has been a recurring blockage to exploring the possibilities of life and recovery is the issue of how people are viewing themselves. When your self-view is one of self-judgment and self-criticism, bringing out the list of would haves, should haves, and could haves, then the largest impediment to you seeing a bright 2018 filled with possibilities is you.

I was the same way. However, in my recovery, I was able to remove the self-criticizing blockages and truly see all the possibilities life was offering. To assist all of you, here is an excerpt from my book “Fighting Parkinson’s…and Winning:”

I understood in my heart and soul that I was uniquely me. It was not my accomplishments that made me special. It was not straight A’s that made me special. It was not hitting the home runs or scoring the most points or getting the lead in the play or the solo in band that made me special. It was not the great job that made me special, or the promotions or the raises, or the leadership positions I held that made me special. It was not the schools I attended or the degrees I obtained that made me special.

My thinking for almost all of my life had been that these were the things that made me special. However, that type of thinking was nothing more than the illusions I had created in my mind. I felt that I needed to be an over-achieving perfectionist in order to be special…in order to be accepted and liked and loved.

I had gotten the impression that acceptance, being liked, and being loved was based upon performance and achievement. This was because no matter how hard I tried and no matter what were my achievements, it never seemed to be good enough.

In my recovery, I understood that my achievements had been more than enough. However, I gleaned that the people from whom I was seeking approval, being liked, and being loved had been incapable of expressing these things to me as a result of their own life issues.

Ultimately, this brought me to a place of not approving of myself as well as not liking or loving myself. I felt that my best was not good enough. The people who had given me this impression had moved on in life. However, I was the one who had gotten stuck internalizing unhealthy feelings about myself.

Then, I broke free and became liberated. I understood that I was special simply because I existed.

Each and every one of you is special simply because you exist. When you can let go of the shackles you have placed upon yourself filled with self-judgment and self-criticism, then you liberate yourself and you can fully express:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

See yourself for the beautiful, radiant soul that you are and you can fully express:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

When you can open up your heart to knowing that you are special simply because you exist, and you can open up your heart to knowing that you are possible, then you can truly explore all of the possibilities of life and recovery.

I know you can do this. Every one of you is special and every one of you is possible!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


NOTE: Thank you to all of you who have ordered my book Fighting Parkinson’s…and Winning. As a reminder, Amazon ranks books based upon purchases and reviews. Once you have read the book, I would ask that you go to the Amazon page that contains my book, rate the book and give it a review. Also, this will assist others in deciding whether or not they wish to order a book. Click here to go to the Amazon book page, where you can read the wonderful reviews that already have been posted as well as posting a review yourself. I am grateful for those who have posted reviews, and please remember, the more reviews, the more opportunity we have to change the current view of Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s recovery. Together, let’s change the world’s view of Parkinson’s and spread the message of hope.


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9 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and exploring the possibilities

  1. Thank you dear Howard for your support, and playful wisdom in guiding us to the abundant possibilities that lie behind our self judgments and tendencies toward perfectionism…I treasure your generosity in your outreach … your coaching is invaluable for me. Huge gratitude dear soul…and yes, of course I’m possible…I just need to open my heart

  2. Lori Christian says:

    Hi Howard and the whole group! First time writing in on the blog to let you all know my husband Rick has been working on his recovery from Parkinson’s since August 18, 2011. We knew western medicine was not the road we would be taking and have only used alternative modalities such as body work, diet, supplements to support his body in healing. We have followed Howard on the blog for a couple of years. Honestly, Rick could not wrap his head around the Qigong Recipe for Recovery, but loved all the learning from the support through the blogs. I have studied from the day he woke up with a low backache, fatigue, and weak voice that hit, and I share all the info with Rick. It took about 2 years into it for the symptoms to show and recognize Parkinson’s. We never went to the doctor for a diagnosis, we could clearly see what his body was expressing and knew in our hearts that the body could balance itself from this imbalance. So we went down many roads for supporting the body and made some improvements with things such as removing dental fillings and old crowns, which can be very helpful. I’m sure our efforts were very beneficial for supporting his healing. Fast forward to this past Christmas 2017 week and Rick dealt with anxiety that he decided he wanted to review Howard’s site again for what the recipe was all about. It then resonated with him, and it just took that time over the last couple of years for him to see that he was ready for doing the recipe and working with Howard through consultation! This had to come from Rick to accept the recipe so that his body will accept his work in doing the recipe. I support him and encourage him on this journey as we have worked through this imbalance together from day 1. We have both always believed in the body’s ability to heal and never once felt the need for western medicines diagnosis or opinion. So it is a wonderful start to 2018 and be on this journey and starting the Recovery Recipe with Howard’s guidance and all the support you all give through your writings in the blog! If anyone else is reading the blog and for whatever reason the recipe has not yet quite resonated with you, no worries, you are doing your best right now! There are many very caring practitioners that have been very supportive and helpful on this journey, but we can tell from the first 3 sessions of talking with Howard, it does make a complete difference working with a coach that has had Parkinson’s! So Blessings to all where ever you are in your journey of healing and keep doing your own personal best in 2018!! Lori Christian, Sonora CA

    • Helen Gill says:

      Thank you Lori and Rick. Every piece of clarity and inspiration go a long way. Life is ours to live and enjoy. Howard’s influence comes from knowing. Love to all, Helen

  3. Zeljko says:

    “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” Lou Holtz

  4. Karen and Don in Texas says:

    Not letting me drive me plus not letting another perfectionist drive me is my current challenge. Two in the same household…whew!

    Thanks for sticking with us, Howard! I truly appreciate every bit of your effort. Also, I am enjoying your book! :-)

    Love, blessings, and hugs to everyone!

  5. Tery and Werni says:

    What Lori Christian writes about Howard’s coaching we agree! He not only gives advices but can help when we are down and without faith, that after coaching we say bye to Howard with a big smile and believe, that recovery is possible! Thanks too again dear Howard for this wonderful blog!!!

  6. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you Howard 😊💖

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Howard for this important message! I am special, simply because I exist, I will continue to repeat it until I believe it!!

  8. judy says:

    What a great message!
    Thank-you dear Howard and Sally.
    What would we do without you?
    Fear seems to be my most prominent enemy and
    I’m always trying to fight him off.
    Howard, being a constant inspiration in the struggle,
    is a priceless tool.
    Thank-you, Friend and fellow Soldier.
    Don’t know what I would do or where I would turn
    without you and your caring, loving,
    understanding presence.

    Love and blessings eternal to you
    and your family,

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