Fighting Parkinson’s, and knowing you are worthy, part 2

Last week, I wrote, Fighting Parkinson’s, and knowing you are worthy. Today’s post is about the relentless repetition required to change old negative habits into new positive habits.

In the previous post, after a discussion of the positive emotions in you, I listed these affirmations:

I am abundant health. I am allowed to be abundantly healthy.
I am joy. I am allowed to be joyful.
I am gratitude. I am allowed to be grateful.
I am happiness. I am allowed to be happy.
I am love. I am allowed to be loving.
I am forgiveness. I am allowed to be forgiving.
I am compassion. I am allowed to be compassionate.

I then mentioned two very important things:

1. Repeat these relentlessly, particularly when your symptoms are acting up. The way to re-train the mind is to create new electrical impulses so that the new electrical impulses become your new habitual brain patterns. This requires relentless repetition.

2. Now, write them down, or type them, or dictate them into a text document. This will help you own them, claim them as yours, and to absolutely, undeniably KNOW that you are worthy! Do this every day!

The repetition and the writing, typing, or dictating is crucial to reprogramming your mind to accept these positive emotions. Even though the positive emotions are part of who you are, for decades, your mind has been telling you that you are not worthy of all of these wonderful things in your life. The affirmations are your heart and soul taking power back from your mind. This is the conversation:

Heart and soul: I am abundant health.
Mind: No you are not. You are not worthy of being abundantly healthy.
Heart and soul: Yes I am. I am allowed to be abundantly healthy.

Heart and soul: I am joy.
Mind: No you are not. You are not worthy of being joyful.
Heart and soul: Yes I am. I am allowed to be joyful.

You get the point. The mind part is the constant self-judging, self criticizing subconscious and unconscious mind. The only way to battle this invisible mind chatter is knowing it is there and combatting it relentlessly.

Take ownership of your recovery. Start living your life through your positive emotions. Take control of your life and your recovery with a smile on your face, and relentless repetition of the positive emotions. Eventually, they will become your new habits. When that occurs, the mind chatter quiets, and you face the world knowing that you are:

Abundant health

I know you can do this.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and knowing you are worthy, part 2

  1. Paul says:

    Ty Howard for the lovely positive post

  2. Christiane from Germany says:

    Wonderful post.
    I started a new habit a few weeks ago: Everytime I look into a mirror I smile at myself instead of looking grumpy. That helps immediately!

    Love Christiane

  3. Lohren Christie says:

    This definitely helps! I feel better when I intercept the mind chatter which will take over almost without our knowing it consciously. It takes being on guard.

    Good thoughts to all.

  4. Mari says:

    Thank you Howard for being relentless at telling us to be relentless
    … Forging new electrical patterns/Habits in our brains…
    … Replacing the old lies from decades of mind chatter.
    Thank you for your relentless support and encouragement that we CAN do this and recover fully!

  5. Veronica Urquhart says:

    Thank youHoward for your dedication to our wellbeing. I have a personal motto which is that Parkinson’s doesn’t define my life but it revoles around it. My life comes first and PD is in the background. I catch myself out with mind chatter now and then and realize PD has become front centre. It is a constant reminder how quickly we can loose focus. So I agree Howard repetition is the mother of learning. Thank you again dear friend.

    Love and blessings
    Veronica 🌱🌺

  6. Don and Karen in Texas says:

    Thank you for the most meaningful post.

  7. Jan Maw says:

    Hi here from Jan in the UK. I got diagnosed out of the blue nearly 6 years ago, when I was referred to neuro for foot dystonia and was told I had PD, it was incurable and progressive, and advised to go and join a local PD group It floored me, having won a battle with cancer 10 years ago and then going on to have a right hip replacement, this last medical declaration knocked me off my feet. When I had cancer I never doubted I would make a full recovery and declined chemo and radiotherapy after surgery as the benefits were only 1 – 2 % improvement and the side effects not good. Like Howard, I never doubted I would recover and had absolute faith in myself and the Divine powers. PD has been different, and until I found Howard’s web site and gracious wisdom, I was a lost soul sinking into depression and fearful anxiety. I have read the book and follow the manual, and little by little am seeing a bit more sunshine. So far I have kept off medication, and those I have tried only make me sick and dizzy. I “get to do” the recipe every day in one form or another .. some days easily and other days with a struggle, so I sit and do them that way. I have a long way to go and have so much to learn, but reading Howard’s inspirational words and knowing that there ARE people who have fought and won over their PD gives me the momentum to keep building my faith until the battle is won. Love and good Karma to all of my fellow travellers, you are all an inspiration. Blessings to Howard x ….. off for some meditation now!

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