Fighting Parkinson’s, and being in the present moment RIGHT NOW!

Last month, I made a big push with my November to Remember, No Excuses November, 30-day challenge 2018 to do a modified version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® for 30 days. The 30 days ended yesterday, November 30, 2018. So, what’s next? Where do you go from here?

Yesterday was November 30, 2018 and today is December 1, 2018. We have a way of putting labels and limits on our lives based upon what somebody at some previous time decided was correct. Theoretically, if somebody’s decision had been different, today would be November 31, 2018. What I am trying to point out to you is that much of what we think is real is a script written by somebody else, and we have been following the script and its rules without question.

If you want to be cured of Parkinson’s, then today, you need to begin breaking the rules, clearing out the illusions, and writing your own script of where you want to go in your life and your recovery. It is time to choose to start truly being your cure and living your cure!

Faith says “I know I am going to be cured of Parkinson’s, and I will do the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® every day until I am cured!” That’s it! So, what are you doing in the moment RIGHT NOW?

Where is your mind? Is it looking back at November thinking good thoughts? Is it looking back at November thinking self-criticizing thoughts about how you did with the 30-day challenge? Is it looking forward with excitement? Is it looking forward with fear?

As you can see, the mind pulls you away from what is going on RIGHT NOW! What is going on right now is you are reading this post with your fellow travelers on this path to your cure…be in the moment, gather strength and perseverance from each other, connect to each other through the universal energy…draw energy from inside yourself, share it with the others, and draw their energy into you as you feel this moment, RIGHT NOW!

And smile. We all are in this life together. We are drawn here together for a reason. Being as we all are here together, why not make the most of it and help ourselves by helping each other.

Where is your mind? When you are sharing the universal energy with each other, bringing yourself into the moment RIGHT NOW, and feeling each other’s love and compassion, you cannot answer the question “where is your mind,” because your mind leaves, and your heart controls the moment.

Yes, when you are in the moment RIGHT NOW, you are in your heart, and for that flicker in the moment RIGHT NOW, your mind does not exist in the past or in the future…there is no judgment, no regret, no criticism, no fear…no deceptive, illusion-filled, Adrenaline-driven mind.

In the moment RIGHT NOW, as we gather together and feel each other’s presence, there is love, joy, compassion, contentment, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness, and simply being.

Where is my mind? I do not know. I am in my heart.

And, where is your mind? The more you are in your heart, in the moment RIGHT NOW, the more you will be able to answer the question “where is your mind?” with the answer “I do not know.”

Today is December 1, 2018. How about that. What are you doing in the moment RIGHT NOW?

How about letting go of your over-thinking mind in favor of your loving, compassionate heart. How about making the commitment to yourself to cure yourself from Parkinson’s, and then living your cure in all you do, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You can do this. I know you can!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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9 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and being in the present moment RIGHT NOW!

  1. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard,
    Right now we thank you for your great support you are giving us during the whole year. Right now it’s time too to thank you for your tireless effort, you know no end and we appreciate your work very, very much. What would we do without you? So right now you can be very proud of yourself what you Show us as a real example of your own cure, THANK YOU!!

  2. Jan - UK says:

    You are one special being Howard – inspirational – loving – gentle yet passionate …. are you sure you are not hiding “wings” ? whatever .. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  3. Gosh Howard…this is one heck of a life-giving post. I’m continually blown away by your wisdom and generosity in sharing and coaching…sending love and gratitude to you dear soul.

  4. Beth in CA says:

    Yesterday I took my last half pill of sinemet. I am drug free today ! I want to thank Howard for his caring words during our coaching sessions and all the people committed to recovering from Parkinson’s Disease. I am looking forward to a complete recovery and to continuing to spread the word that PD is a choice not a sentence.

  5. Gina says:

    That’s awesome Beth!!

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