Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2019

In five more days, 2019 will be upon us, and I am happy to see how many of you have communicated to me how much you are looking forward to 2019 as a year of continuing recovery all the way to being cured of Parkinson’s. How good will it feel when you say, “I used to have Parkinson’s” or “When I had Parkinson’s.” That’s the attitude needed to fight Parkinson’s. Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress. Cure. You are worth it!

In 2009, as I neared the end of the year, I did not view 2010 as something that was going to be as spectacular as it turned out…cured of Parkinson’s on June 12, 2010. I knew I would be cured some day in the future, and I knew I needed to do the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® every day, but I had anticipated that it would take two or three years to reach my cure. By not having an expectation of when I would reach my cure, I was able to focus on what I did each day in furtherance of being cured…December 31, 2009 was not a whole lot different than January 1, 2010…but I was okay with that.

I was not attached to the day-to-day review of physical symptoms. I was not attached to the day-to-day “am I feeling better or worse than yesterday” assessment. I was not attached to my Parkinson’s physical limitations. I accepted them as something that would be there as I was healing my soul, mind, and body from the inside. It was this understanding of recovery that allowed me to be in the moment of recovery, each moment, moment by moment.

My goal was to be cured of Parkinson’s, and I had a plan in place to achieve the goal. My goal each day was to do the soul, mind, and body parts of the Recipe. My goal each day was to do the Qigong exercises and eat healthy foods. My goal each day was to meditate and focus on my breathing. My goal each day was to spend time with my Higher Power expressing gratitude, opening my heart and finding joy and love.

So, as we near the end of 2018, think about this today and on each of the next four days:
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s symptoms, you are going to live your life.
What if you decide that instead of thinking about the Recipe, you are going to do the Recipe.
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s, you are going to live Parkinson’s recovery.
What if you decide that you are leaving a part of the “old Parkinson’s you” in 2018, so it will no longer be with you as you become the “new curing-yourself you” in 2019.
And, what if you decide that you will be looking at Parkinson’s with this new view: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and be cured of Parkinson’s!”

Let’s do this together. Starting today, and until the end of 2018, repeat:

“I have the power to heal myself. Parkinson’s is curable, and I have the power to cure myself. I am so much more than Parkinson’s symptoms. I am alive, and I am my own cure! Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and be cured of Parkinson’s. I refuse to allow appearances in my physical symptoms to make me fearful. Fear is a choice. Faith is a choice. I choose Faith. I am recovery. I am worth it!”


All my best,


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10 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2019

  1. Robert Fulton says:

    Thank you Howard for all that you do, you inspire me to keep up the fight!

  2. Paul says:

    Wonderful wonderful Howard. Your words are so helpful ty

  3. Beth of CA says:

    Onward we march to RECOVERY! Have a Blessed New Year 2019

  4. Lohren says:

    Thanks always Howard for your inspiration. I have learned so much from you on this journey. I would like to add that you can train your body to feel the emotion of being healed, like feeling joy to the fullest extent of what it would be like to be there. There is such a wonderful sense of great gratitude. I have recently discovered this and exercise my mind to do this each morning before anything else. It is a way to live in the “now” instead of the past.

    Much love and gratitude for your guidance!


    • Rita Detweiler says:

      Thank you, Lohren; this is really helpful. I’m going to start practicing this; the turning over of the year is the ideal time to begin.

      In gratitude,

  5. Erik says:

    Thank you Howard for your desire to help us all in reaching recovery. I only accepted the challenge this past November the 11th and remain committed. Your words are a welcome source of energy and faith. I also am grateful for the comments made by the members. They are inspiring. Have a great 2019 on your way to recovery.

  6. Johnny L Woodruff says:

    Thank you, Howard.

  7. Jan - UK says:

    Thank you Howard, you are so supportive and inspirational – you give us so much hope and love. Happy , healthy New Year to everyone, Jan.

  8. Tery and Werni says:

    Thank you again, dear Howard!! Wonderful post, great to end this year with hope, joy and faith…YOU are the ONE to support us and not to give up🙏🙏THANK YOU!!

  9. Lohren says:

    Always welcome!!

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