Fighting Parkinson’s, and quieting your mind to know you will be cured

I already hear the question: How can I “know” I will be cured? Simple. Do you want to be cured? Then decide that you are going to get what you want and decide that you will put up with whatever you have to put up with in order to accept your cure.

Simple in theory. Difficult in practice. Why? Because Parkinson’s is a symptom of your life out of balance, and until you restore balance to your life, the symptom called Parkinson’s will remain with you as a reminder that you have more work to do.

So, you need to quiet your mind. And when your mind gets quiet, you open your heart and follow what you feel. The only thing telling you that what you are doing will not cure you, or your best is not good enough, or you are not worthy and deserving of being cured is your mind. Quiet your judgmental mind and be in your compassionate and loving heart, and you will KNOW you will be cured!

In the beginning of my journey, I knew I would be cured one day. Sally knew it, too. I have asked my children if they ever thought I was afraid I would not be cured or ever thought I was concerned that the increasing symptoms meant I was getting worse. They all had a similar response: that I was so confident in my recovery, never showing fear of Parkinson’s or concern over increasing symptoms, and as a result, they were completely confident in my recovery as well.

My fears were in two places: 1. That the known path my mother had followed resulted in her being crippled in a wheelchair with barely any voice to speak, and that the Alzheimer’s and Dementia from 20+ years on medications had rendered her mindless three years before she died; and 2. Life. Fear of not being perfect enough or having all of the right answers or making everybody else happy or being in control of everything….

As you can see, fear of Parkinson’s was a luxury I could not afford. So what choice did I have? Decide I would cure myself and chart my own course…fearlessly!

Was my life out of balance at that point in time? Absolutely yes! (They call it Parkinson’s).
Is your life out of balance at this current point in time? If you have Parkinson’s, then absolutely yes!

Lets take a look.

Physically out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you cannot stand up straight and walk like you did pre-Parkinson’s, then physically you are out of balance.
If you are suffering from tremors (shaking), rigidity (stiffness), Bradykinesia (slowness), and/or fatigue, then physically you are out of balance.
If you are suffering from constipation, urgent urination, and/or chronic indigestion, then physically you are out of balance.

Mentally out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you think that you need to be perfect in all things, then mentally you are out of balance.
If you think you have to control everything going on in life including, but not limited to, all the other people’s happiness and feelings in general, then mentally you are out of balance.
If you cannot accept something you do not like when it is happening in the moment and you respond to it with the emotions of anger, frustration, resentment, stress, anxiety, worry, and/or fear and you are consumed by those emotions, then mentally you are out of balance.

Spiritually out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you love God, but you think that God does not love you, then spiritually you are out of balance.
If pre-Parkinson’s and/or now you did/do things unconditionally for others, but even in your physically debilitated current Parkinson’s body you are unable to fully and open-heartedly accept others unconditionally doing things for you because you do not love yourself or find yourself worthy, then spiritually you are out of balance.
If, instead of being in the present moment of what is going on in your life, you are looking at the past with regret and guilt instead of acceptance, and you are looking at the future with fear instead of faith, then spiritually you are out of balance.

As you can see, Parkinson’s is a symptom, a manifestation, of all of these imbalances in your life. Why does it manifest in such harsh physical symptoms? I will be the first one to step up and answer (admit) this one: Because if Parkinson’s did not provide me physical symptoms that lasted until the day of my cure, I would not have fixed the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances in my life. I lacked the understanding and motivation to change.

I had become the old me. It is what worked in my life, so I thought. I had to admit to myself that I was out of balance in my life. Did I do it on purpose? Of course not. It happened while I was living life that way I thought life was supposed to be lived. There is no shame, no blame, no finger-pointing, no fault, no guilt in getting Parkinson’s.

I knew the way I thought and felt had to change because the way I was thinking and feeling had helped me get Parkinson’s. So, I decided to do what was the complete opposite of how I thought and felt…I decided with full faith and no fear that I would cure myself from an incurable disease and I would tolerate whatever it had in store for me along the way, and that I would do it day-by-day, moment-by-moment, in the present, here and now. For me, that was anti-Howard, the Howard I had become. I knew it would work.

And, how did I restore balance to my life? By doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® day-by-day, moment-by-moment, staying in the present.

And, how will you restore balance to your life? By doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® day-by-day, moment-by-moment, staying in the present.

And be patient. The journey you are on is life. When you cross the final finish line in your life, it is death. I haven’t heard one person say they are in a hurry to reach the final finish line in life. Slow down, and please be patient and enjoy the journey of life.

Feel your recovery in your zest to be alive, in the joy in your heart, in your compassion for yourself and others, in your love for yourself and others. And be grateful. It changed my life the day I became grateful for being alive, even in a Parkinson’s body. I cherished the breath of life and was grateful. I still am.

Quiet your mind. Know in your heart you will be cured. Do the Recipe. Make it happen. Be your own cure!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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13 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and quieting your mind to know you will be cured

  1. Mike says:

    Love and best wishes to you and Sally. Don’t tend to comment but follow the blog religiously and I have tremendous respect for your commitment to continuing to help others in the Parkinson’s fight.

  2. Sushil Kapila says:

    Dear Mr Howard, Greetings of the season!
    It’s quite sometime that I have made communication on my pd symptom.
    Well let me say with honesty that your blog on PD has served a purpose for patients.
    Even your current communique is impactful besides earlier ones. Your recipe is ultimate in recovery of Parkinsons manifestation.
    Spiritually I am confident for complete cure. Physically I am out of balance as aptly described in your recent blog.
    Only thing required at my end is sincerely and honesty towards thyself for which me and only me responsible.
    With your permission I would like to add that breathing exercises are of great help, for example inhale from left nostril and exhale by right nostril, then inhale from right and exhale by left, and do this starting with two minutes up-to 15 minutes later on.
    Meditation is of immense usefulness for more release of dopamine asper my internal happiness day and night.
    More next time.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sushil Kapila

  3. Paul says:

    Ooh this is great 👍
    Howard Shifke Tyty so much for all the amazing care that you give to us.
    I’m am so grateful that I have found hope and your wonderful reminders are a true blessing.

  4. Chris Meyer says:


    LOL. Brings to mind how you once told me that Parkinsons is God, beating me with a stick saying, “LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE YOURSELF!”

    I find it a lively and light hearted bit of imagery. It always puts a smile on my face to think of it.

    Thanks for the comprehensive blog entry. I’ll have to really soak in this one to pull all the good stuff out of it.

    Best wishes to everyone,


    • Chris Meyer says:

      Oops, sorry, left out the best part!

      Not only does this wonderfully intelligent universe provide the stick (motivation), it also gives us with people like Howard and countless other teachers throughout the ages who supply us with all the tools we need to regain our balance.

      There may be suffering,
      There may be a reason for suffering,
      But there’s also an END to suffering,
      And a WAY to get there!

      Love and best wishes to all,

      Chris Meyer

  5. steve alten says:

    Thanks, Coach! These entries give me a thicker shield to guard my mind against the negative thoughts. I also added this:

    I LOSE the right to be ANGRY.
    I CHOOSE to be grateful.

    I LOSE the right to be NEGATIVE.

    I LOSE the right to be CONTROLLING.
    I CHOOSE to let go and LET GOD.


  6. Tery and Werni Brun says:

    Dear Howard

    It’s outstanding, dear Howard, how you can explain complicated facts in a simple way, thanks!!
    Chris, your wise words are great!

    Love Tery and Werni

  7. Jan - UK says:

    Have been re-adjusting and focusing more on your guidance Howard – I now don’t feel too guilty if I don’t do a perfect excercise move – but rather rejoice that I have done the best I can “for the moment” and grab hold of the small but significant moments of peace. I also realised that I was allowing my life to shrink into “only safe” activities – silly things like not wearing jeans because they were a struggle to cope with in the bathroom – and wearing soft, pull on slippers instead of walking shoes. But thanks to your wonderful guidance I am learning to take back control – love to all fellow travellers and to my wonderful husband Alex whose support and encouragement is so amazing, Jan x

    • Berni says:

      I, like you, have a wonderful husband – 35 years of wedded blitz haha!

      As I have got slower in the bathroom ‘activities’ when I have to use public toilets he stands outside mobile phone on so that if I have a problem I can calĺ him and he will come in and get me! Thankfully this hasn’t been necessary so far. Ì am concerned however that he will get arrested for lurking outside the Ladies 😁😁😁

      Thank you to Alex for his affirmation recording. I use it regularly to keep me focused.

      Wishìng all a lovely weekend

      Berni x

  8. Lohren says:

    Hi Howard and fellow devotees!

    This message is amazing. Thank you so much.


  9. Beth of Ca says:

    Hi Howard,
    Thank you for providing us the tools we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks to my husband for his undying support as I travel this path of PD recovery.

    Beth of CA

  10. Sue SFBay Area says:

    Thanks so much Howard. Your posts are always so timely and so much appreciated. When I count my blessings and am thankful, you are a big part of that list. My life is still a bit out of balance but there are also positive changes to celebrate every day.
    Thank you. I choose faith, I am recovering.
    Blessings and hugs – Sue

  11. Bailey says:

    Wonderful post Howard and great comments fellow healers! What better way to learn balance than by experiencing, identifying and correcting imbalance. Let’s do this! :-)

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