Fighting Parkinson’s, and there is nothing wrong with you, part 3

As discussed in parts 1 and 2 in my previous posts, there is nothing wrong with you in your essence. Today, we take a huge step to explore how you take the full recovery within you and help it grow to enhance the physical realization of your full recovery.

To grasp today’s post, we need to start with some important understandings: 1. Pre-Parkinson’s, our thinking minds never moved our bodies; 2. Pre-Parkinson’s, our bodies just moved, essentially following our spirit or our soul…we felt like moving and we moved, just like that.

In doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, first you heal the soul, and the mind and the body will follow. The soul does not have Parkinson’s, but it is covered up by the toxicity of the body and the mind. The soul healing is finding self love, feeling worthy and deserving, forgiving yourself, and feeling gratitude for this life.

Okay. Here we go. Just as healing was inside already in order for the body to heal the broken arm (previous post, part 2), your full recovery is inside you already. When I announced that I was going to have a full recovery, I knew it was in me.

Then, I had to find the way to ignite it to fruition. The physical part of the Recipe brought my organ healing to fruition. The mental part of the Recipe helped me rid myself of negative emotions and ego as well as calming my mind and cleaning out the illusions of life. The soul part of the Recipe helped me find self love and acceptance as well as an overwhelming abundance of gratitude for my soul being in a human being.

As you can see, nothing from the outside was added. The Recipe helps heal from the inside. Therefore, in order for me to have had my full recovery, it must have been inside me already, prior to getting the disease and prior starting the Recipe.

Let’s ignite the full recovery in all of you! For the last week, I have been discussing the following with people I am coaching and it has resonated with them, so I am sharing it with all of you now.

Here is an affirmation accepting that the full recovery already is inside you, and thanking God, the Universe, the Higher Power, for the full recovery before it materializes in removal of the symptoms of the body. Only the mind is blocking your recovery now. This is to help fill the mind with gratitude and joy so that it cannot block igniting your full recovery any more.

“Dear God, thank You for the full recovery You have provided to me. My soul does not have Parkinson’s and my body is fully healed from Parkinson’s. I am grateful. I will continue to quiet my mind and ego so that I may accept the full recovery You have provided me and so that once again my body may flow with my spirit.”

Please take the idea quoted above and make it your own so it resonates with you. If this resonates with you as is, then use it as is. Give this praise all day. Start feeling good about being better already. Recite it when doing chores, etc…make the “being spiritual” part of who you are. We are spiritual beings, so please do your best to accept your radiance.

Once you take the above-quoted idea and make it your own, then make it the full-length definition for something easier to repeat all the time, such as “Thank you, God. I am grateful.” If you use the short-hand version, but establish for yourself the longer definition, it works just as well as if reciting the longer version every time. It is like when I said, “Okay.” Okay had a huge definition, but all I needed to say was okay.

Gratitude is the expression of joy. Joy lights up your dopamine for release to your body. If you live in gratitude for this life, and gratitude becomes a way of being for you, then your dopamine faucet keeps opening up and the dopamine flow keeps growing.

Western Medicine says that Parkinson’s is incurable.

It should be absolutely clear to all of you by now that we, the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® community, know for certain that:

Parkinson’s is IN CURABLE!

The cure already is inside you. Grab onto the Recipe, recite the affirmation relentlessly, and ignite the full recovery inside you so that your soul, mind, and body come back into balance for the complete realization of your full recovery.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and there is nothing wrong with you, part 3

  1. Jeroen says:

    Thank you Howard, that is just what I need. Still find myself too many times being rude, too critical and demanding to myself, and fullfilling anybodies wishes or needs, instead of fullfilling my own wishes and needs in the first place. And then, tending to blame myself about that …
    I am fully aware of the nessecity to start healing my soul, and this part seems the biggest effort. Although I know I am worth to be my full recovery and to live my life the way I choose.
    Its great to read your weekly encouraging posts, that help me on the way and make me believe and trust my recovery. Thank you very much!

  2. SueSF bay area says:

    Wow! Just what I needed to hear. I’ve been doing the “Abundantly Healthy” afirmation and will add this to it. Thanks so much your posts are always so timely
    God bless you Howard

  3. Jan - UK says:

    Blessings and gratitude to you Howard, you are so “worth it”!
    Leader and healer, thank you,
    Jan -UK

  4. Lohren says:

    Thank you Howard. I think that when we try to change the rhetoric that we are used to thinking that we get uncomfortable because it is unfamiliar to us. Repetition of the positive and ignoring the negative along with feeling an elevated emotion is, as I understand it, key to rewiring our brain . Sometimes it’s a struggle, but well worth it and your post is right on for me!

    Much love,

  5. Mayank says:

    Hi Howard.
    Thank you so so much for such great post as its every word is FULL OF POTENT, leading to full recovery. As I said in the e-mail, you are REALLY POWERHOUSE, we need to connect to IT.

  6. Melanie S says:

    I love myself
    I am worthy
    I am deserving
    I forgive myself
    I am grateful for my beautiful life
    Thank you for this beautiful post Howard

  7. Chris Meyer says:

    Howard –

    Thanks for all the great work you do on the blog and in your coaching practice. We really appreciate it!

    Being a bit of a joker, I find that laughter helps blow my negativity right out my ears. Then I quickly backfil the void between my ears with this wonderful gratitude practice you describe. That way, as you’ve pointed out many times, the bad stuff has no place to squeeze back in.

    Sharing good news: my neurologist said recently that I’m one of the top two of his patients in fighting PD. Neither one of us take medication. I don’t know what the other guy does, but my secret weapon is Howard and this wonderful online community!

    Thanks and bless you all.

    Giggling in Wisconsin,

    Chris Meyer

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