Fighting Parkinson’s, and your personal vibration

What we feel, what we think, what we say, and how we act all send our personal vibration out into the Universe. In my recovery, I learned that more my personal vibration was a positive vibration, the more my dopamine released and flowed. Let’s get all of you there.

In my recovery journey, I realized that my habitual responses to life over the years had become fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, and resentment. Even when I was doing something calm or thought something was okay, I realized that I still had a vibration that emanated those feelings. 

As we have discussed in the past, through affirmations, mediations, and prayers, I started shifting my vibration from the judgments of my mind to the feelings in my heart. I started feeling love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, contentment, and gratitude. By sharing those feelings with myself and others, they grew. This created a positive ripple effect emanating from my being out to the Universe.

Here is how you take these feelings and other positive thoughts and make them your personal vibration, help them grow and grow, and release your dopamine as a result.

Suppose you are sitting on a small platform in the middle of a pond. It is a very calm day with no breeze and the water is still like glass. If you drop a single pebble in the pond, it will create a ripple that eventually will die down and the water will go back to looking like glass again.

If the pebble is a positive emotion such as love, the ripple eventually dies down. After it dies down, if the next pebble you drop is gratitude and you watch it, it eventually will die down as well.

Essentially, if you drop one pebble of positive thought and just wait, it looks like this: “I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,”. And then, it is gone and the pond is back to smooth-looking glass.

The problem is that your mind then bombards you with, “You are getting worse, ” “You do not have the power to heal yourself,” “Look how bad your symptoms are,” and the negative, self-judging, self-criticizing list goes on and on. It creates a negative ripple and a negative vibration into the Universe.

To change your personal vibration and send out continuous ripples of positive thoughts and feelings, you need to be dropping a pebble right behind the first pebble, and then another pebble and then another pebble and then another pebble, so the ripple effect that you create is big and strong, and it lasts a long time. It looks like this.

“I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am recovery,” “I am recovery,” “I am recovery,” “I am recovery,” “I am worth it,” “I am worth it,” “I am worth it,” “I am worth it.” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am recovery,” “I am worth it,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am recovery,” “I am worth it,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am recovery,” “I am worth it,” “I have the power to heal myself,” “I am my own Parkinson’s cure,” “I am grateful for my life,” “I am recovery,” “I am worth it.”

As you can see, the ripples continue to flow and they grow. Look how big these ripples got with just four positive thoughts. Imagine how big the ripples will get with a continuous flow of positive thoughts. The ripples of positive thinking and positive feelings create waves that keep going and going and going and keep growing and growing and growing.

Keep the positive thoughts and feelings flowing:

“The sun is shining on this beautiful day. This apple tastes so good. I have wonderful friends for which I am grateful. I just enjoyed a funny movie. I just smiled at myself in the mirror and it felt fantastic, etc.” Keep the flow positive!

Ultimately, this creates a beautifully insulated place for you in the middle — everything flowing out from you is positive and it keeps going and growing — and you are nicely insulated from the negative thoughts bombardment. The negative thoughts cannot get near you because your ripples are too large and too consistent. 

And there you are in the middle…loving, calm, peaceful, grateful, joyful you. All it took was consistent positive thinking and positive feeling to create a positive insulated barrier around you where negativity simply cannot get in.

As you continue to do this, your mind will realize that your heart is taking back the power over your emotions. Your mind will try to convince you that your recovery is not taking place because your mind is afraid to lose its seat of power over your emotions. Do not be fooled by your mind’s illusions. Trust your heart’s authenticity.

Each positive vibration and ripple releases your dopamine a little. If you want a consistent flow of dopamine, releasing your dopamine again and again and again is the way to get a dopamine flow that does not stop.

You spend your life sharing your positive vibration and positive ripple with yourself and others, approaching life with love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, contentment, and gratitude. And then, your dopamine never stops flowing at full capacity.

Let go of your mind. Have faith in your heart. Keep the positive thoughts and positive feelings ripple effect flowing.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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25 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and your personal vibration

  1. Tery and Werni says:

    As ever, Howard, wonderful!!
    It sounds so easy but is hard work, let‘s start👍

  2. Jan - UK says:

    Thank you Howard – I’m joining the ranks of the positive and got a pocket full of pebbles – here goes – love and happiness, Jan

  3. LYDIA RICAUD says:

    Thank you, Howard. It is quite clear with the image of the pond and the ripples, how my few positive thoughts along the day are exceeded with I don’t even know how many negative messages my mind is constantly producing, even without my awareness. Plus, there are situations when the toxic emotion pops out automatically and fear, anxiety or frustration just take over, without any chance to even think before reacting.
    So, I guess it is a matter of staying focussed and trust that in time mind and heart will be aligned with love, joy, compassion and gratitude.
    Have a nice week end!

  4. Karen Jeffers-Tracy says:

    I so needed this! Thank you so much! What astonished me — was “the heart is taking back the power over your emotions” as I realized how miserable my mind has been making me, as “the seat of power” over my emotions. Why does my mind go so easily and quickly to “fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment”? almost it seems, as a biological evolutionary adaptation, the mind thinks that is the way to stay alive, to stay safe, on guard, on high alert. I recently had the experience of being in terrible pain from an accident, and the pain got worse and worse throughout the day during work, then I went to my second job, teaching singing, which I love — and afterward, even though I had been on my injured leg all day, I was no longer tired and the pain had diminished by 70%! This showed me how much of pain and perception is also about love, enjoyment and attitude. Thank you Howard. You are an uplifter.

  5. mayank patel says:

    Hi, Howard,
    Thank you so so much for such an EXCELLENT post.
    It boosts up the spirit drastically. I take YOU as a gift of God to our community.

  6. Donna says:

    Wow! A picture is worth a thousand words. You gave us the words and the picture. There are never enough ways to say “thank you” to someone as special as you. But…..thanks a million for being an amazing support to each of us!!

  7. Steve Alten says:


    Another great post by our angel of healing. For me it’s been 3 years since I did my first recipe movement, 8 months since I got serious, 3 months since I got super-committed and went vegan, 2 months since I started pooping the largest, most foul-smelling elephant poops, continuing the detoxification of my clogged overworked organs, and 2 months since I began coming off sinemet. Down to half a pill of this double-edged sword/poison, will tomorrow be zero day? Sunday? The old me of last week would have said YES! The me of today says, “Let go, let God decide.”


    • Melanie S says:

      I love this post Howard thank you.
      Wow Steve thank you for sharing your recovery journey it sounds like you’re doing really well.
      I’m looking forward to following in your footsteps really soon.
      My relationships are getting better and my reaction to other people when they do things I do not like is also getting better.
      Good wishes to all warriors.

    • Mary says:

      Hello Steve

      What did you do differently to become serious? Did you start with the exercises. Its great to hear about them because I’m hoping im doing things right. Thank you

  8. Lohren says:

    One researcher says we have 70,000 thoughts a day!! That’s a lotta thoughts! Learning to curb them takes a lot of energy, but fortunately, it gets easier as we practice.

    Thanks Howard. Staying in the feeling of joy, and feeling that we are already been healed, forgiveness of ourselves and others all add to our recovery!

    Love to all, Lohren

  9. Lisa says:

    Indeed…I concur. 🙂

  10. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi warriors, I’m back! Spent 3 weeks in hospital before Christmas to get me on right meds.. Fell out with neurologist as I knew I was not ok and despite my body performing as “normal” the spasms in my stomach and lower back were horrendous. I ended up needing an ambulance at 5am as I put my back out in the process. It turns out I have what is called “secondary Dystonia ON” which means my body can’t tolerate levodopa.! How ironic! Ha ha! It’s taken me a further 3 months in hospital to sort my back out and sort a new neurologist. I’ve learned so much about surrender and how precious life is. I missed you Howard, and my fellow warriors, as no internet there, but I knew being there was part of my journey. In the last few weeks there, I met a lovely Physio assistant, who was into mindfulness and she taught me much in the few weeks I was with her. I’m on a very low dose of a drug which does not contain levodopa but has its own side effects but I am so grateful to being back in control of my Parkinson’s again.
    I just got so overwhelmed with the struggle that I wanted easy, but by God did that come at a price . So soooooooo happy being the tortoise again and feeling my body healing again.
    Big love to you Howard and all my old pals and new warriors. So many posts to read!
    Karen in Ireland back to make her ripple. 🙂 xx

  11. Meredith Kawaguchi says:

    Dear Howard,

    thank you so much for this post—it’s just what I needed when I needed it most!



  12. Barry T. says:

    Dear Karen,
    I’m so glad you’re back. I always feel a lot of love for you whenever I read your posts. I can’t help it, it just happens. I just finished listening to an uplifting commencement speech by Mister Rogers at Dartmouth – I think you’ll like it too:

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Barry THANK YOU for such a beautiful link, it made me cry with joy in places and with gratitude in my remembering those who have got me through life and various chapters so far. I would have to include Howard and you and all the warriors here who lifted my soul with there words of understanding, compassion and encouragement. Thank you again for the link and for your lovely message to me. Bless your beautiful heart. xx

  13. Dustin Anderson says:

    Awesome work Howard.

    Just what I needed as well.

    Love Dustin

  14. Beth of CA says:

    Hi Karen,

    I will be 5 months off meds at the end of this month. My body’s rigidity, tremors and arm pain have increased over the first three months and now they have stabilized (not getting worse). I am trying to stay focused and positive about recovery.


  15. Howard says:

    Hi All,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments, some from regulars, some from new people, and a welcome back to Karen from Ireland…we are all happy to hear to that you are finding a place of peace and balance.

    Okay everybody, keep dropping your positive pebbles, or as Lydia so aptly put, “So, I guess it is a matter of staying focussed and trust that in time mind and heart will be aligned with love, joy, compassion and gratitude.”

    Yes, yes, yes!!! The more you stay in the positive, the less the negative can get in, and the more your dopamine flows.

    With love, blessings, and gratitude,

  16. Karen in Ireland says:

    Helen and Christine, thank you both for your lovely words. xx
    Beth I am so thrilled for you! Wow! What a FANTASTIC achievement!
    You ROCK my friend, you really do.
    Big love to all. xx

  17. Chris Meyer says:

    I recall reading about a spiritual teaching center in the east. Everyone spent their days working on their appointed tasks, but at random intervals a bell would ring and everyone would stop to ‘remember.’

    I always wondered what they were supposed to remember…


    This is a crucial part for me. So much relies on simply remembering to do this simple, self-sustaining practice throughout the day.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Howard.

    Best wishes to all,

    Chris in Wisconsin

  18. Rosemary Cortez says:

    Howard thanku for a excellent post Very up lifting. Today I will start my 30day challenge. Does anyone else want to join me. You all can do it. Blessings Rosemary

  19. Karol Klim says:

    Thank you Howard! Yes, staying in a positive place takes being present and being diligent! Finding time for my healing around all the noise and commotion that is around us during a given day requires discipline. Your post reminds me that I am responsible for how I spend my day and what are my priorities. Yes, dopamine flow, let it flow! Karol

  20. Lisa Murphey says:

    Thank you, Howard for this much needed reminder! I use to have these phrases typed up and decorated on my wall before moving and I think it’s time to make a reprint so I have this reminder of positive affirmations to look at daily.

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