Fighting Parkinson’s, and being radiant

In my last post, I explained that each and every one of you is special simply because you exist. There is a part of all of you that will resist this notion, but you have to realize that it is this resistance that exacerbates many of the imbalances in the symptom known as Parkinson’s.

I have discussed in the past that there is nothing wrong with you in your soul, your spirit, your essence. However, I have been asked how does one have Parkinson’s symptoms and not care about them. One of the main ways to do this is to know that you are not your symptoms.

We are raised and marketed that what is important is on the outside…how we appear to the others. We strive to have accomplishments so that the others can objectively judge us as successful, and we never wish to look anything but perfect on the outside.

This is one of the main things that causes us to lose our way. We stray from our spirit when our mind tells us that our physical appearance is what matters most. This is just another lie our mind tells us.

What matters most is who were are in our soul, our spirit, our essence. Our outside appearance will constantly be changing in our life. Parkinson’s brings this issue to a head…we are provided an outward appearance that makes us feel unacceptable.

The issue is, though, that something inside us felt unacceptable already. The PD just put a spotlight on it. So, even though the issue appears to be how to have PD symptoms and not care about them, the real issue is how to be less than perfect and still be able to present ourselves in public.

You have to decide, as presented in my last blog post, that you are special simply because you exist. And, if anybody does not accept you based upon who you are instead of how you look, then the problem is their problem, not your problem.

And, part of why you are struggling is because you still are having a hard time forgiving others who have wronged you and forgiving yourself for being less than perfect.

This is a very hard issue, forgiveness. If you were a helium balloon and wanted to experience your full potential, but you were tied by a cord to a pole, what would you do? Detach from the pole…cut the cord of attachment to the past and set yourself free to soar just as you are…a beautiful, healthy soul…the genuine, authentic, real-self you.

Okay everybody, let’s chant this together as there is more strength in numbers:

“I am doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and I am curing myself from Parkinson’s.
I am forgiving unconditionally all those who warrant my forgiveness, including myself, and I am detaching from the burdens I have been carrying in my life.
I am looking inside myself and learning that I am special simply because I exist.
I am radiant in my soul, my essence, my real self.
Like a helium ballon tethered to the post, I am cutting the cord and soaring so that I may experience my true potential and healing.
I am my Parkinson’s cure. I am worth it!”

Yes, yes, yes, you are radiant!!!

And, you are worth it!

All my best,


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9 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and being radiant

  1. Bailey says:

    I am a red balloon, no strings attached! What a great view!

  2. Jan - UK says:

    I am a multi coloured water bubble – soaring to the sky – like the views! xx

  3. Chris Meyer says:

    Good gracious, Howard! How do you keep coming up with such excellent material?

    The good news for me is: Howard really wasn’t kidding when he said we’re all special just because we exist.

    Small confession – I still have a weakness in the world of appearances: I feel all warm and fuzzy when my basketball swishes through the bottom of the net…

    Harboring warm and radiant feelings for all my special cohorts on the blog,

    Chris in Wisconsin

  4. Paul says:

    I love this very much and I am a sun colour balloon

  5. Margaret says:

    So true, freeing and beautiful!
    I AM WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Howard!

  6. Caroline says:

    Thank you for this post Howard, this is exactly what I’m doing today.

    Trying to shrug off symptoms and say “Okay, so there are a lot of tremors today. It’s all part of my recovery.” It’s not always an easy thing to do so your encouragement and coaching is very much appreciated. The disease seems to fight me back sometimes.

    Now to cut the string of that helium balloon!
    Love to all
    Caroline x

  7. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard

    Thanks!! You always make us happy with your
    encouraging examples to follow this safe path!!
    Love and thanks!!

  8. Lohren says:

    Amen! Great post, thanks Howard!

  9. Penny Wassman says:

    Dear Howard

    I haven’t commented in several months, lost in the business of my life and my work. And yet, everything I need to know is summarized in the above post…the need to accept myself just as I am, “the genuine, authentic, real-self” me. When I focus there, life is infinitely easier.

    So thank you for your generosity in offering all of us such life-enhancing posts…your entire recipe for recovery all free and valued by so many people around the world.

    I treasure you also for being my coach…your one-on-one coaching provides such clarity and direction of focus…I am so very grateful.

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