Fighting Parkinson’s, and genuinely relying on yourself

With Parkinson’s, many of you have gotten used to not relying on yourself. I was trying to think of a way to express my feelings on this issue, and I decided it was time to go back to Oz as the place to re-energize the “self-reliance for recovery” conversation.

When first you are confronted with Parkinson’s, you are scared and you feel lost, much like how Dorothy felt when she landed in Oz. Parkinson’s is a strange territory outside your comfort zone and you lose confidence in who you are and what you should do. So, what do you do?

Initially, you are not certain what to do, so, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you follow a path with the hope of finding the answers from somebody at the end of the path. Along the way, Dorothy asks a scarecrow with no brain what he thinks she should do, and Dorothy asks a tin man with no heart how she should feel, and Dorothy asks a lion with no courage how she should be brave on her journey.

Clearly, she has lost confidence in herself…truly she is lost. She is so lost that she is willing to take a ride from a complete stranger who is supposed to fly her back to twister-ridden Kansas using a hot air balloon.

Finally, Glinda tells Dorothy that she had the power to go home the entire time. Dorothy had the power to heal herself. My best guess is that if you go to the store and buy some ruby slippers, click your heels three times and say, “I don’t want Parkinson’s, I don’t want Parkinson’s, I don’t want Parkinson’s,” you still will have Parkinson’s.

However, what if you say to yourself, “I have the power to heal myself.” “I have the power to heal myself.” “I have the power to heal myself.” And then you do something about it…you genuinely rely on yourself with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. You pick your Recipe soul, mind, and body recovery path, you get on your path, and you do not leave your path until you have recovered from Parkinson’s Disease.

Along the way many people will have an opinion about what you should do, and they all mean well. However, as a person once said to me, “My naturopath recommended what I should do, my yoga instructor recommended what I should do, my Qigong instructor recommended what I should do, and none of the recommendations were the same. It occurred to me that at the end of the day, I was the only one of the four of us who was going home with Parkinson’s Disease, so I might as well rely on myself for what I should do.”

And while you are relying on yourself to make this decision to do the Recipe and head down your recovery path, know that you are supported. Yes, supported. You are part of a world-wide community of courageous warriors doing the Recipe.

Feel assured that when you are doing the physical part of the Recipe, somebody else is doing it with you. When you are meditating, somebody else is doing it with you. When you are doing spiritual work, you are being connected to your Higher Self, and through the Universal Energy, we are being connected to each other. Yes, being connected to each other in the soul, mind, and body recovery Recipe…being, just being…all together as one strong force of recovery.

Years ago I saw an ad for a motivational seminar, and the catch-phrase is applicable here. It said:

“There are three kinds of people in life:
Those who make things happen.
Those who watch things happen.
And those who say, ‘What just happened?’
Which one are you???”

All of you know which one you need to be if you want to recover from Parkinson’s…let’s MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? How about grabbing hold of the Recipe, taking a dose of confidence and self-reliance, and heading down your path to your full recovery. You deserve it! Don’t you agree?

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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13 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and genuinely relying on yourself

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard as you know I love the recipe and everything you stand for. God is my moment to moment strength. It is the one thing that I wonder about. If I keep saying I have the power to heal myself, am I not implying that I don’t need his help. I know God is within me, the piece of me that I call my soul. I trust that my healing will happen in God’s time. So me saying that I have the power feels like a lie because the power of my healing ultimately is in his hands. I am not disrespecting you in this, I would just like you to explain it to me as I know how connected you are to God. Big love as always Karen xx

    • Howard says:

      Hi Karen,

      Good question. To me, God is the POWER in “I have the power to heal myself.” When I say, “I,” I am referring to my soul. God is in my soul, and He is the POWER that brings forth the statement and the healing.

      Love and blessings,

  2. Margaret says:

    I think sometimes we over complicate things and I get the feeling Parkinson’s Recovery falls into this category of over complication, and doubt also creeps in. So let’s pick our courage and recipe and follow the Yellow Brick Road!!! Watch out, Here I come!!!!

  3. Tery and Werni says:

    That‘s comforting to know that we are in a big community and our great supporter Howard is tireless to help everywhere, thanks🙏

  4. Lohren says:

    Great post, Howard, and wonderful answer to Karen. I like to feel joy and gratitude knowing that sometime and somewhere, (and to my surprise) my healing has already occurred. It’s fun for me to think in those terms!

    Wishing everyone laughter, joy and gratitude! You ARE worth it!!!

    Much love, Lohren ❤❤

  5. Rita Detweiler says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My husband, Russ, has Parkinson’s. We found Howard in April, 2018, and I believe Russ is making noticeable progress as he seems to have lost his jaw tremor about 99%. At first he wasn’t as committed to doing the Recipe because he has always been so totally focused on serving others that he neglects to take care of his own needs [in my opinion (smile)]. While this endears him greatly to others, it does not provide him with the self-nourishment he needs. Perhaps this is somewhat of a common trait with PWP (People with Parkinson’s).

    After reading this blog post just now, Russ agreed to take advantage of the Father’s Day offer of reduced price for Howard’s coaching. If anyone is determined to accomplishing anything, they find the best coach or trainer they can afford. As we all know, Howard is the best – the ONLY one in my opinion!

    On another related subject, my sister, Sonja, has a brain tumor and has just entered a nursing facility. She has been really committed to following the conventional route with chemo and radiation. Now that she is realizing that those treatments aren’t working, she is making an 180 degree turn to all that I suggest for natural healing to start healing her–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    As Howard’s methods and beliefs are applicable to anyone with any serious issue that they don’t know how to deal with (Dorothy and the Oz analogy, I am going to recommend that she read his weekly blogs. I will take her the book as I am leaving California tomorrow to go visit her in Ohio.

    The Internet is filled with hundreds of individuals who have healed themselves of cancer in countless ways. The common denominator is that they did it from the cellular level up as well as emotionally and spiritually just like Howard’s Recipe does. I am holding the picture of her alive and well, planting flowers in her garden as she loves to do!

    Thank you to Howard and all of you courageous warriors, including my dear husband, Russ, who are fighting every day to bring about your own healing. I bow in gratitude to you all and your inspiration to all of us who don’t have Parkinson’s but who nevertheless have our own challenges.


  6. Jan - UK says:

    Today the dystonia in my left foot is driving me crazy – but I’ve been pushing the step machine , static cycle and walking ! my fight or flight mind tells me its a sign of getting worse – ah ah – NOT SO – my frontal lobe tells me its a sign I, getting better – I will keep clicking the red heels and keep on the path to recovery – thank you Howard – and love and courage and HAPPINESS to all my fellow warriors, Jan x

  7. Gina says:

    Great analogy Howard! Beautiful post!

  8. Chris Meyer says:

    So – forge ahead with confidence. What a novel idea. I think I’ll try it.

    Thanks Howard.

    Best regards and support to all,

    Chris in Wisconsin

  9. Veronica Urquhart says:

    It is awhile since I put pen to paper but I am back to listen to Howard again. As I was telling him the other day I was talking to a man who has PD and he asked me what stage I was at. Well I didn’t know as I wasn’t aware there were stages!! I have never thought of it. But often I find those who join groups tend to put themselves into boxes comparing each other. I find this self defeating. It is better to walk alone then to walk with others going in another direction. Howard supported me in this and for that I am grateful. We may not always have the answer but I still think we need to follow our own intuition. And Howard’s analogy of OZ is right for me.
    Love and blessings
    Veronica 🌱🌺

  10. June says:

    Thank you Howard and everyone writing here, it is so good to know that under the leader of Howard, there is a worldwide community, I am not alone! This blog keeping encourage us and cares everyone, it is the home for us to fight and to win. When I feel discouraged, I come back this home blog to get my power again.

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