Fighting Parkinson’s, and following your heart to your cure

How you proceed forward in your life has a lot to do with how you proceed forward in your recovery. Since this is the case, why not choose a joyful life and follow your heart to your cure!

Suppose every thought you had sent a vibration out to the Universe, like a ripple in the pond when you drop a stone. Then suppose that the Universe did not interpret whether you liked or disliked your thought vibrations, but instead merely viewed them as: “Whatever this person is thinking about the most, he or she must want, so I will give him or her more.” Then, all of the thoughts of symptoms would bring you more symptoms, even if you were thinking how much you did not like your symptoms.

In my recovery, whatever misery I was facing, I looked at it and accepted it as necessary for my recovery. Using the same analogy, the Universe said, “Whatever Howard is thinking about the most, he must want, so I will give him more.” Since the symptoms always were there and always were changing, I constantly was thinking and saying “this is necessary for my recovery,” “this is part of my recovery,” and “this is my recovery happening,” and I knew this to be true. Changes in the symptoms (often in them looking worse) was nothing more than changes in my internal vibrations or internal changes in my electrical flow.

I was on my way to my recovery, so everything that was happening was necessary for my recovery, plain and simple. And, the Universe delivered recovery, recovery, recovery. If you are consumed with your symptoms, then chances are the Universe is delivering to you symptoms, symptoms, symptoms.

When you get angry or frustrated or fearful that your symptoms are getting worse, does it make them get better? NO! They get even worse, which kind of proves the point that focusing on your symptoms with negative emotions and fear does nothing more than bring about even worse symptoms.

It is hard for some people to understand that the more you let go of your attachment to your symptoms, the more you accept what is going on in your recovery, and the more you surrender that anybody owes you an explanation as to why your symptoms seem exacerbated that day, the better you get and the better things go for you in life.

It is the release of the ego, the drama, the lack of trust in yourself, and the self-criticisms that sets you free. It is getting out of your mind and into your heart that calms your symptoms and releases your dopamine.

Choosing to follow your heart to your cure includes choosing a joyful life and not letting your mind talk you out of your recovery. This is quite beautiful, and it works. I know many of you who are doing this already, and I am seeing it work for you, too. When you choose to view your life from a joyful heart, you feel your recovery in your life and you feel your Parkinson’s recovery in everything you say and everything you do.

When you follow your heart in choosing how to view your life, you become consumed with faith, hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, happiness, joyfulness, contentment, and gratitude. These positive, heart-felt emotions send a beam of healing light from your heart to your head and open the dopamine faucet so you can, as our cured-from-Parkinson’s friend Marie suggests, “give your brain a lovely dopamine bath!”

Take a moment and sit with that: “give your brain a lovely dopamine bath!” Aaaahhhh….

Follow your heart to your cure…it knows the way!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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11 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and following your heart to your cure

  1. Sadhana says:

    Wow..grt .. Howard sir for your inspirational message. It will help us in our recovery..we must smile away our symptoms and take a step forward to our recovery…

  2. Margaret says:

    Beautiful Howard!
    I tend to complicate and over-think things when all I need to do is let it all go, relax and enjoy!!!! Thank you for the simple blue-print!
    I’m off to enjoy life!

  3. Larry Simpson says:

    Thank you Howard,
    You have again hit another home run!!

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Yes, dear Howard. The explanation is very clear and it seems easy… but we have to start with it👍Thanks again for your steady support!!

  5. Melanie S says:

    Beautiful, thank you friend.

  6. Anne says:

    Really lovely post. This week I took a risk and decided not to attend a workshop that I thought I should attend but couldn’t tell I wanted to. So I am taking baby steps to learn to follow my heart. It’s also a relief to know that any doubts about my recovery are just my negative mind talking. And I don’t have to pay attention anymore.
    Anne, Portland, Oregon USA

  7. Mona India says:

    Respected Howard sir,
    I wait for Friday to read your blog eagerly. It is so inspiring and elevating my determination for recovery of Parkinson’s disease. Let me follow your theory of sending positive thoughts in Universe, to receive them back. Thanks a lot for being there and guiding me.
    Regards Mona

  8. Jan - UK says:

    Another Oasis in an otherwise bleak landscape – thankyou – Jan UK

  9. Chuck in Ky says:

    Awesome post! Howard I appreciate you! I never say to people / Drs that I have Parkinson’s disease. I always say I am RECOVERING from Parkinson’s disease. Yep, Sometimes I get questions and funny looks. I always speak the way I want to see things, and I believe I’m sending this to the universe, and the universe is sending me recovery, recovery, recovery, recovery.
    Love and blessings to all

  10. Jeremie Reb says:

    Thank you Howard, you are amazing!

  11. Venkateswara Reddy says:

    Great post Howard.
    What you said can be paraphrased:
    Everything happening is for good and right reason. There is a benefit in it.

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