Fighting Parkinson’s, and fearlessly facing increasing symptoms

Occasionally, I am asked, “On the days when your symptoms were worse and you were scared, how did you overcome the fear?” My response consistently is the same, “On the days when my symptoms were worse, I was not scared.” I then get asked, “How is that possible?” My response is the basis of today’s post.

If you look at the physical part of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, there are two main elements. The liver Medical Qigong exercises are designed to heal the liver and clean toxins from the body. This results in increased energy in the body. The kidney Medical Qigong exercises, Brain Vibration Chanting, Near Hand Far Hand, etc. are designed to increase energy and elevate it to the brain for distribution to the body.

The physical part of the Recipe is designed to increase energy in the body. When energy is increased and it is able to break through blockages in the energy flows, tremors and other symptoms decrease. When energy is increased and it is not strong enough to break through blockages in the energy flows at that time, but instead is hitting the blockages repeatedly in its attempt to break them open, tremors and other symptoms increase.

So, for me, whether the symptoms were decreasing or increasing, it meant the same thing…I was being successful in generating more energy in my body for my recovery.

Everything in the Recipe is designed for recovery of the soul, mind, and body. If you are doing the Recipe, you are recovering from Parkinson’s no matter how your symptoms appear.

How you progress in your recovery when faced with worse looking symptoms largely is dependent on the attitude you take when looking at symptoms. If you are determining good days and bad days by what your symptoms are doing, you are not understanding this recovery…if you are doing the Recipe, they all are good days.

You are alive, you are working on your recovery, you are overcoming the negative thoughts associated with what your symptoms are doing, and you are opening your heart with love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and gratitude. All of your days are good days!

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Please determine how you are doing in your life and in your recovery by how you are feeling about yourself and your life in your recovery. Accept yourself for the beautiful, courageous person that you are. You are saying to yourself and the world, “I have the power to heal myself…AND I AM HAVING MY FULL RECOVERY!!!”

Yes you are.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and fearlessly facing increasing symptoms

  1. Jan - UK says:

    Thank you Howard – a timely reminder – have a great weekend, Jan uk x

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks again for this reminder. It must be my mind that makes me forget this simple principle. I love hearing it over and over. All my days are good days because I am doing the recipe and am so grateful for all I am learning. Anne, Portland, Or USA

  3. Penny Wassman says:

    Hi dear Howard

    I continue to be so grateful for your ongoing support with these blogs and your gentle reminders to open our hearts “with love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and gratitude”. You reminded me too, during our last coaching call, of the support that can be accessed through “acceptance, surrender (I interpret this as being fully with…rather than giving up) and gratitude”. Thank you dear soul.

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard

    Great post again!! Your steady reminders are outstanding and helpful👍😂! Thank you dear Howard🙏

  5. Larry Simpson says:

    The words you say come to me at the most needed times and are very effective and helpful to me and everyone. Thank you for your sharing of your experiences and wisdom!!!

  6. Gina says:

    Nice reminder! 💗

  7. Dustin Anderson says:

    Perfect timing
    I am so stiff
    So slow
    So shaky
    So productive
    So happy
    So grateful

    A very rich life experience
    Nanaimo BC

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