Fighting Parkinson’s, and your wonderful reality

Reality is here. Reality is what is happening right here, right now. How you perceive reality is a choice. As daunting as this may seem, I am asking you to face reality and make this choice: If you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, then choose to accept that you are doing great!

When somebody asks you, “How are you doing?” please do not run down a mental evaluation of your symptoms that day to determine how to answer the question and then give them a rundown of how badly your symptoms are that day. You are not your symptoms. This probably needs repeating: YOU ARE NOT YOUR SYMPTOMS!

Instead, if you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and you are asked, “How are you doing?” you should put a huge smile on your face and say, “I am doing great!” Make this your reality. If you choose this as your reality, it becomes your reality, right here, right now. Let’s do this together:

If you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® then you are curing yourself from Parkinson’s Disease no matter what your symptoms look like that day, so “I am doing great!” is a truthful answer. Get out of your mind and into your heart. For a refresher on that point, please click here.

Howard: “How are you doing?”
Each of you: “I am doing GREAT!!!

Think about it. Parkinson’s is considered a progressively degenerative disease from which there is no cure, and by doing the Recipe you are curing yourself no matter what the others think…the reality in this moment is that you are doing great!

You need to know this. If you judge yourself by your symptoms, and then tell others how bad you think your symptoms are, they will judge you by your symptoms, agree with how bad you are, and then tell you all of the things other than the Recipe that you should be doing to “improve the quality of your life.” Of course, this would take you completely off of the path to your recovery. Is this what you want? I didn’t think so.

Instead, know in your heart that since you are doing the Recipe, you are curing yourself. It is the truth, so choose it as your reality. That should give you something to smile about, and it literally changes the face of Parkinson’s, one smiling face at a time.

And with that big smile on your face, give them a resounding, “I am doing great!” At that point, people will not notice your symptoms because your face and your answer will speak 1000 words about your symptoms — your symptoms do not define who you are. Your symptoms are nothing more than a notification that you have more work to do to bring your soul, mind, and body back into balance and be cured. Click here to read more about bringing your life back into balance.

If you want people to stop bothering you to “do the things that you do not want to do” about your Parkinson’s, then you need to take the first giant leap of faith, choose your perception of your reality, and stop defining your life through your symptoms.

Put a smile on your face and know in your heart that you are curing yourself from Parkinson’s. That should make you feel great. And then, truthfully and fearlessly answer the question “How are you doing?” with a huge a smile and a resounding, “I am doing great!” The reality is, yes you are…you are doing great!!!

Okay, everybody, put big smiles on your faces and chant together so the whole world can hear.

“This is my reality, my wonderful reality, the reality I am choosing:
Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.
I am doing great!


All my best,


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20 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and your wonderful reality

  1. Chris Meyer says:

    I’ve certainly spent my life making ‘evidence’ based decisions as if this was the only way to go.

    But with my Parkinson’s, my paranoid mind has fiddled with the evidence and conspired to stack the deck against me. Now that’s a problem!

    So I’ll let my soul spring forth and joyfully proclaim, “I’m doing fantastic!” I guess it really couldn’t be simpler. Isn’t that wonderful!

    Thanks, Howard, for this enlightening and inspirational post. I feel better already!

    Love and blessings to my astonishing fellow bloggers,


    • Larry Simpson says:

      I certainly relate to your thoughts. Me Too!!!

      Thank you and Howard

      • Chris Meyer says:

        Our politicians have long since realized that the believability of a proposition is directly related to how often they repeat it. In the case of healing and mental health, not only the believability, but the actual outcomes improve. It’s high time to use this simple fact to leverage a healthier, happier reality for ourselves!
        I’m doing great – indeed I am!!



  2. Elaine J says:

    Awesome Howard!
    I AM doing great and I AM grateful!
    Thank you as always,
    Elaine J.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Howard!
    What a beautiful timing!

    Love to all the warriors and have a GREAT day.

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors !
    In spite of where I can and do go in my darkest hours I have to remember how fortunate I am to have you, the Recipe and this community. The phrase “Fake it until you make it” comes to mind and it does work. We are doing great! and I/We are worth it!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Jan - UK says:

    Thanks Howard – I’m doing great – still solo flying and drug free , and feeding my spirit and soul with the “recipe” – have a great life everyone , Jan UK

  6. Dustin Anderson says:

    I would say “ I am doing wonderfully spectacular “ because of this guest residing in my body. The spiritual growth has been profound.

    I volunteer at a thrift store and on my shift on Tuesday I saw a man with a tremor. He was in a his 70s and looked pretty timid and scared. I walked up to him and told him that I had one of those too It showed in the guest residing in my body. We talked briefly about the journey and about not doing the drugs and then I went into high gear of loving him and telling him he’s worthy and of course telling about Howard‘s book. This felt really good.

    This has been a beautiful path of opening my heart.

  7. Rita Detweiler says:

    I love it, Howard! Russ always says he is doing great when someone asks him, and I, on the other hand, do not know how to answer that question. My logical mind goes right to the details, and I don’t want to dwell on those. So this is a great reminder to respond differently.

    Yesterday Russ and I were walking through the grass in the park together. I forgot he was slower and walked at my normal pace. He had his hand on my shoulder for balance, and he was keeping up with me!

    When we realized that, we laughed together. I reminded him of John Pepper. There is a Youtube of him with a PD acquaintance that he takes by the hand and hustles along on his usual fast walk around the room at one of the PD support meetings. The man was totally surprised, not realizing that he could walk that fast.

    So much begins and ends in the mind, right?

    Thanks to this wonderful community and you, Howard, for your continued practice of a different, positive way to see PD! We are all learning from each other 😍.

  8. Anne says:

    Thanks Howard and everyone else,
    What a wonderful reminder that I am not my symptoms. In fact, I don’t even have to pay attention to them. All I need to pay attention to is this amazing recipe and how my life is changing in surprising and seemingly magical ways.

    It is such a pleasure to answer truthfully I AM GREAT.

    Love to all, Anne

  9. Pamela says:

    Thank you,Howard for the reminder. I would often say “I’m doing great and then run the list of symptoms through my head and sabotage the hope and joy I was feeling. I thought I was in denial or trying to create a scenario that was not true. Go figure, I was actually following the recipe. Now I know, it is true. I’m doing great!

    • Anne says:

      Yes, I do that too. Glad to know I’m not alone. Thanks for your reset of the old way of thinking that is not true. Hope I interpreted it as intended.

  10. Tery and Werni says:

    Thanks Howard. This answer is unique … I am doing great … simple but effective🙏🙏!! Wonderful advice!!

  11. Henrik from Sweden says:

    I am doing great. After 2,5 months doing the Recipe some symptoms are gone, others are coming and going. Still medicine-free. I am doing great!

  12. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and all my fellow warriors. I can so relate to what Rita was saying. My fabulous son can take me by my right hand ( main side that parky is worse) and he swings my right arm forewords and back and I take off with him and can walk fast and perfectly. It’s an amazing feeling.
    Although I am on medication, I can only move as I call it, like the wedding walk. Well recently I have committed to meditation twice a day and the results are wonderful.
    Not only am I starting to walk properly but can get up and down off my chairs. I have barely left the house since my return from 3 months in hospital because of my reaction to levodopa. But yesterday the door bell went and I got up out of my chair, went downstairs and opened the front door which I haven’t done in years. My greatest joy was walking by myself up my garden. The drug I am on I have been on before and it didn’t do much but they put me back on it as there are so little drugs that don’t contain levodopa. I digress, I feel the spiritual part of the recipe, going within to the soul is so powerful as you tap into the power within.
    Yesterday despite the cold, it was raining and I went outside and stood in it with my face up to sky, because I could. I still have a way to go, but I AM doing great!
    Big love to you all. Joyous Karen xx

    • Margaret says:

      I just read this and it made my day, I’m so delighted for you and encouraged for all of us. The power of the mind is just phenomenal. One day at a time !
      I’ve been listening to Louise Hay and find her messages powerful
      Best of continued luck to you!

      • Karen In Ireland says:

        Bless your heart Margaret, thank you. I love Louise Hay too. I also love love love Wayne Dyer. I cried when he died on 30th August 2015, Louise died on the same date but a different year which I loved as they were both into signs from the Universe.
        Affirmations are so powerful in quieting the mind. I hope you are doing well yourself Margaret, delighted my post made your day.
        Big love my friend.xx

  13. Karen Wise says:

    Thanks to all of you for the great support. I so wish we could all meet for a “Kumbaya”!

    Howard, I do not know how you do it, but your weekly bogs are always so perfectly timed and appropriate! Thank you for keeping us on task!

    Love from beautiful Wisconsin!


  14. Jimmy says:




    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Jimmy, I remember at one stage here, that you and I were just two of the few that were NOT taking medication. I was so gutted when I had to start back in December 2016, but I had managed four years without them since my diagnosis in 2012. It was Howard who consoled me and told me there is no shame in medication and we all have to do what is best for us at every turn. It’s just part of our journey. I have come full circle. Ironically I had a massive reaction to levodopa and the side effects of the other drugs can be nasty but the side effects will stop when I stop them. I am grateful for them as I can do the physical part of the recipe again. Remember Jimmy, with God within each of us, ALL things are possible and we WILL get off these drugs and align with the essence of who we truly are, at the right time and space. In the meantime, every day spend time being still and going within to connect to that loving soul, who will reconnect you and end the separation between you and your true self. Big love to you old friend. Karen xx

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