Fighting Parkinson’s, and Marie is eight years symptom free!

WOW! Marie is eight years symptom free. How inspiring is that! Eight years ago, in the middle of my November to Remember, No Excuses November, 30-day Challenge 2011, a comment was posted on the blog that Marie would not be accepting the 30-day challenge because she was fully recovered. How inspiring is that!!!

Now, here we are, eight years later from my post entitled, “Fighting Parkinson’s, and Marie is symptom free.” For the last eight years, Marie has continued posting comments to inspire and encourage all of us.

I will begin with Marie’s comment announcing her recovery:

From my November 11, 2011 post, eight years ago, with what Marie had to say:

Marie says:
November 10, 2011 at 1:07 pm

“I accepted an internal 30-day challenge from myself when I discovered
fightingparkinsonsdrugfree almost a year ago. And that was just the beginning. I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever was necessary and change my life in whatever ways would support recovery, if it was really possible to have my condition improve rather than degenerate. As Howard so often says, ” What did I have to lose?” I trusted Howard as my guide, and the bearer of good news that penetrated the bleakness of my fear and despair . I put my faith in my power to heal myself. The Recipe for Recovery was my lifeline. AND it is why I can happily and gratefully report to you today that the reason I am not accepting this challenge now is that I am symptom free! YES! Symptom Free!!!
Cheering you all on as you courageously overcome the disease. I am a happy example of the success of the Recipe for Recovery.
With love to you all~ Marie”

Up until that time, I was the only one who had cured myself utilizing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, so Marie curing herself became proof of concept: Yes, the Recipe would work for others! This was big news as many people were greatly inspired to learn that the Recipe worked for Marie — it made them know it could work for them.

Here is an excerpt from a comment Marie wrote shortly after being cured of Parkinson’s:

Marie says:
November 19, 2011 at 10:35 pm

“I’ve just read both of the latest posts, and all of the comments. How exciting to feel all the faith, courage and support being shared here. We are a lucky bunch! It is wonderful to read the comments and see the shifts in awareness and the victories over the disease. I never took any meds and am in awe of each of you who is defying that medical model and choosing to take yourself off the drugs and fight Parkinson’s.
You are so brave, and from what I read in your posts, it is working. You are getting better.
Because it is such a powerful component in my own recovery, I offer this :
Fully acknowledge yourself and give yourself credit for what you are doing. Love yourself for how truly brave you are
and how dedicated you are to healing yourself. Thank yourself for this precious gift you are giving yourself. Sit in that feeling and give your brain a lovely dopamine bath.
Our gracious guide, Howard, always tells us that we are doing it for ourselves, and still, I think we tend to praise everyone else for the inspiration they are providing.
Be grateful to yourself, too, for having that opening that let the inspiration move you.

For me, this has been a good tool, and I hope it may be useful. I found it very hard to do ,at first. Kind of embarrassing. And actually, it is even a little hard to write about now.
“What? She sits around loving herself????”
I’ll tell you, I do, every chance I get.”

Over the last eight years, Marie has continued to support our recovery community with comments she has posted. Recently, she posted two separate comments to remind all of us about the importance of knowing that your best is good enough and to be grateful for what you “get to” do in your life. I hope these comments inspire all of you in this year’s November to Remember 30-day Challenge:

Marie says: August 9, 2109

When I was following the Recipe for Recovery I could not do it perfectly. When I was beginning, I worried sometimes that maybe it wouldn’t work for me because I could not do it “as well as Howard”. But I kept on, encouraged by his saying that my best was good enough. The shift into actually believing that if I did my best I would recover was huge for me. It put me on my own side, cheerleading, instead of criticizing myself.
My best was good enough. I recovered.
And my best is still good enough.


Marie says: September 6, 2109

What a beautiful post, Howard! Thank you!

I am really grateful that I got to read this today!

I was fortunate to receive the gift of the Recipe for Recovery™.
Because there was path to follow, I got to move from despair to hope.
I got to move from being profoundly fearful about what my life was going to become
To feeling confident that I would recover.
I got to follow the Recipe for Recovery™ to my own full recovery.
I got to practice Qigong for the first time in my life, and recognize the benefits.
I got to learn that seemingly miraculous results came from changing my own driven-to-perfection attitude.
I got to learn acceptance of my limitations.
Now, I get to live with no symptoms of Parkinson’s.
I get to be grateful for that everyday.
I get to do dishes, tend my garden, do the laundry,
Go for long walks, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet,
Practice qigong everyday.
sometimes, though, I forget that EVERYTHING I do, I get to do,
which is why I love this post so much. So yes,
I get to change the flat tire on my car, I get to trap the mice and rats
Who are taking over indoor spaces, I get to take loppers to the invasive trees that
I cut down and cut down and cut down, and I get to do
All the other things that I have allowed
To feel like a burden.
I get to do these things because I am alive.

I get to be part of this community, which keeps me on my toes about
Ways that I sometimes slip back into old habits that have never served me well.

Thank you, Howard, for this great reminder!
With love to you and to everyone who is on the site.



Additionally, six years ago, we all were fortunate to have Marie attend my Santa Fe, New Mexico workshop. At the Santa Fe workshop, I got to meet Marie in person for the first time. I can assure you, she is the luminous soul all of you presumed she would be from reading the comments she continues to post on this blog to support and inspire all of us.

Here is a picture from the following day, when I got to spend time with Marie at her home. This picture was in one of her beautiful gardens:

Marie and Howard in Garden

Even though we had met in person for the first time the day before, I felt that special connection, the one that feels like you have known somebody for decades, not just a couple of days.

Finally, five years ago, Marie posted a comment to help all who were forging ahead in that year’s November to Remember 30-day Challenge 2014. Here is what she had to say:

Marie says:
November 5, 2014

“Dear Recovery Community,
It is so beautiful to read all of these posts. To those of you who have accepted the 30 Day Challenge, congratulations!! You are so fortunate to have found Howard and his amazing Recipe for Recovery! You are recovering from Parkinson’s!

Since I recovered , I don’t do the Recipe for Recovery anymore, but when I committed to following the Recipe, it totally changed my life. From the Recipe, I learned how to live a happier, less stressful life and learned the importance of savoring what is good in each day, and practicing, Gratitude.

Howard once told me that for some people who find the website….and I paraphrase here, since I do not remember the exact words….a block to recovery is thinking that Howard is so amazing ….so committed, so full of Faith…that, in some way he is “better” and that is why the Recipe worked for him. Maybe you do not believe that you could do the Recipe ”as well” as Howard did it. Maybe you don’t feel 100% faith in your recovery and you think that will keep you from recovering.

As he does for many of you, Howard holds a very special place in my heart, my mind and my spirit. I love and admire him. He is a truly rare and awesome being!!!!!

To each of you I want to say that you can most certainly do the Recipe for Recovery as well as I did, and I recovered. I committed myself to doing the Recipe, even when I was not sure that I believed it. The commitment was rock solid. Faith was a little more difficult. When I didn’t feel like doing the Recipe, I did it anyway. When I did not have Faith in my recovery, I did not let that derail me; seeing how easy it would be to let lack of faith get in my way , I “acted as if” I had faith, until my faith caught up with me again.

Whatever obstacles you find, you can also find your way to sidestep them. Don’t let ANYTHING stop you.

Love and best wishes, Marie”

So, my dear friend, Marie, here we are eight years after you becoming cured from Parkinson’s. Absolutely amazing! Absolutely inspiring! Absolutely loving! Your recovery…and you…absolutely amazing! and inspiring! and loving!

You could have given your gratitude and walked away. You could have said, “I am cured, good luck to the rest of you…and disappeared.” But no, here you are, still opening your heart to all of us, still being such an active part of our recovery community with your blog post comments.

I want everybody to know that I never have asked you to post a single comment since your recovery, but instead, that you have continued to give of yourself from your heart. I am grateful for you, Marie, my dear, dear friend. With gratitude, blessings, hugs, and love, Howard.


Who’s next? What are you waiting for?

Make the commitment to cure yourself from Parkinson’s!

Grab onto the Recipe and take action. Make this your November to Remember!

Okay, everybody, put big smiles on your faces and chant together so the whole world can hear:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.
I am doing great!


Yes you are. Each and every one of you is WORTH IT!!!

All my best,


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15 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and Marie is eight years symptom free!

  1. Sharon says:

    This is awesome encouragement to keep doing the Recipe, just doing our best.
    Thank you, Marie.
    Thank you, Howard.
    Love and blessings,
    Sharon in North Carolina

  2. Larry Simpson says:

    I believe !!!!
    I will recover !!!!!
    I am not alone !!!!!
    We are all together !!!!

  3. Christiane from Germany says:

    Great post. Marie is just a beautiful soul. Congratulation to her!!
    I’m so grateful to be part of this community.
    Thank you, dear Howard for always reminding us not to give up and just stay commited.
    I’m in for the November challenge and it feels great to intensify my QiGong practice.
    I choose to believe with firm conviction that I am already healed.

    Love to all of you,


  4. Jan - UK says:

    Such an inspirational and awesome blog.
    I have immense gratitude for finding this harbour of hope for recovery.
    Thank you Howard, Thank you Marie.
    Jan UK

  5. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Marie, you have always been my favourite of Howard’s success people as you have always been so real. I say it every year but your “fake it til you feel it” advice is pure gold.
    Thank you for still cheering from the sidelines to all of us.
    You are a beautiful soul.
    Big love to you and Howard and all my fellow warriors. We all Rock! Karen xx

    • Marie says:

      Thank you, Karen.
      I always love reading your posts too, and
      Am happy that “fake it til you feel it” has been helpful.
      I hope you are doing well and that your own full recovery is not far off

      Love, Marie

  6. Franca Lane says:

    Well done Marie, so inspirational to hear about your recovery.

    We can all do so much to heal ourselves and thank you Howard for leading the way.


  7. Tery and Werni says:

    Wonderful post, dear Howard and Marie!! What would we do without you?! Werni has his 5th anniversary without drugs, the head clearer and motivated with the help and support of our unique Howard as well as the infos of dear Marie!!!
    Thank you very, very much!!!

    • Chris Meyer says:

      Tery and Werni –

      It warms my heart to hear about Werni’s 5th anniversary drug free and how his head is clearer! My father had Parkinson’s too, and at the time there was no one to give us a heads up about how unnecessary and harmful the medications can be. We helplessly watched my father slip off into the fog. So I’m dedicating my recovery to my dad – his name was Vernon, nickname Verni.

      Warmest regards,

      Chris in Wisconsin

  8. Marie says:

    The day of my recovery anniversary is always such a special one for me.
    A day of gratitude and celebration!

    Dear Howard, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    We have always had a special connection, a soul affinity. I love you as a brother.
    And I love you as a guide to regions of healing that were unknown to me.
    One image I like is to see in my mind is of you with a machete, hacking your way through
    The bewildering jungle underbrush of Parkinson’s, clearing the path. All I had to do is trust and follow.
    It is important for me to acknowledge each year with a open heart and gratitude
    And humility that I know I could not have cleared
    The path myself. I was so afraid. I had no tools.
    But there you were! In all my life, finding you on the internet is the moment
    That seems most imbued with grace…. remarkable and stunning good fortune.
    It still amazes me.
    thank you, my friend. Thank you.
    thank for for continuing to shine the light on the reality of recovery for everyone
    Who is fortunate enough to find you.

    Thank you to this community.
    I am well and happy and thriving. Through the Recipe for Recovery I learned things that
    Continue to serve me well.
    I hope each of you will give yourself an extra big hug from me today. Acknowledge your OWN beautiful soul,
    Your strength and your courage. Give yourself an extra dose of love today.
    Your best is good enough!

    Sending love and very best wishes to each of you.
    In gratitude,

  9. Roberta Crooks says:

    I am so grateful to Marie and Howard for clearing the path for my and everybody else’s recovery. Parkinson’s is curable!!! I do believe that it is curable, because I have already reversed the progression of my Parkinson’s. About two and a half years ago when I started Rock Steady Boxing, I improved my symptom’s greatly, and was able to even become a coach for Rock Steady Boxing. Knowing this and how much my body was able to improve and sustain, I know with Howard’s Recipe it can also be cured.

    Thanks to everyone in these blogs for their encouragement to keep doing the Recipe.

    We are WORTH IT!!!


  10. Rosa says:

    Very inspiring, Marie.
    Thank you so much.

  11. Rosa says:

    Many thanks go out especially to you, Howard.
    Without the foresight and determination you had to never give up and the heartfelt compassion for others suffering from this brutal condition, none of this would be happening. Modern medicine doesn’t offer any hope.
    My husband was diagnosed in May, 2019 and has been doing the recipe since September. He already feels a much better sense of General wellbeing. It gives him the motivation to be persistent. He actually enjoys doing the recipe because he says he has been feeling more refreshed after doing it than he has ever felt even before being diagnosed.
    Please don’t give up!

    Much Love

  12. Margaret says:

    Congratulations Marie !!!!! Yayyy!!!!
    Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I love hearing about your experiences during your recovery it propels me forward and really motivates me and I’m sure many others. Godbless you and of course Howard for this phenomenal work

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