Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2020…the year of gratitude!

Happy New Year, 2020!!! As we wound down 2019 chanting our affirmations together, the sun began to rise and awaken us to 2020 and the wonderment of all of the possibilities that lie ahead. For each and every one of you, this is a new year, a new breath of fresh air, and a new outlook: 2020…the year of gratitude!

As you know, the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® is a soul, mind, and body recovery protocol. I do not feel that the soul is touched by Parkinson’s. However, I feel that the soul is negatively impacted by how people feel about themselves and their situation. The soul is covered up by the toxicity of Parkinson’s in how it impacts the mind and the body.

Gratitude helps you open your heart, soothe your soul, and release your dopamine. That is right…gratitude helps you open your heart, soothe your soul, and release your dopamine. First you heal your soul, and your mind and body will follow.

Okay! Are you ready to kick off 2020 with gratitude? Are you ready to defeat Parkinson’s and open your hearts and soothe your souls to your cure? Okay! I thought so. Let’s do things differently and start off 2020 turning this whole thing on its head by being grateful for Parkinson’s.

What????? Has Howard lost his mind????? Yes, I lost my over-thinking, Adrenaline-driven mind nine and half years ago as I opened my heart and soothed my soul with gratitude. I then received my cure. So, jump in with me and let’s do this together.

If you want a different result with your Parkinson’s cure than you have seen in the past, then you need to think and feel differently about what is occurring as you are doing the Recipe.

Here is one of the most frequent questions I am asked: “How am I supposed to not worry about the future when these Parkinson’s symptoms are in the forefront of my life all the time and sometimes they are increased symptoms?”

Have you ever considered giving gratitude to the Parkinson’s? If you are going to be thinking about Parkinson’s all day long, why not change the conversation with gratitude and use the Parkinson’s against itself to release your dopamine.

When your tremors increase, instead of fearing that this means something bad in the future, say, “Thank you Parkinson’s for teaching me that increased tremors means that I am increasing my internal energy as I move closer to my recovery.”
When your stiffness increases, instead of having frustration or fear, say, “Thank you Parkinson’s for forcing me to learn that sometimes when my energy shifts in my body, I will have increased stiffness.”
When you get stuck walking, instead of fearing the worst, say, “Thank you Parkinson’s for showing me that if I am calm and encouraging to myself, I can ease into taking another step.”
When you are feeling more pain, instead of being upset, anxious or fearful, say, “Thank you Parkinson’s for showing me that my brain is talking to my nerve endings because if it was not connected well, I would not be experiencing pain.”

This is a list that continues to grow as each of you is an individual who is having Parkinson’s symptoms exhibit themselves to you in a way that is personal to you. The idea is that if you are giving gratitude to Parkinson’s each time a symptoms increases, it opens your heart, soothes your soul, and releases your dopamine, and you calm your mind so you are not engaged in worry and fear of the future.

Here are some additional general gratitude statements for your Parkinson’s:

Thank you Parkinson’s for slowing me down so I can have a chance to get out of adrenaline mode.
I am grateful to you Parkinson’s for teaching me that I needed to eat healthier foods.
I am grateful to you Parkinson’s for helping me get my priorities in life back in order.
Thank you Parkinson’s for forcing me to learn Medical Qigong and the Recipe exercises so I can heal my organs.
Thank you Parkinson’s for showing that I needed to learn how to meditate to calm my over-thinking mind.
I am grateful to you Parkinson’s for making me so physically miserable that you have forced me to spend more time talking to my Higher Power.
Thank you Parkinson’s for teaching me how out of balance I had become, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Thank you Parkinson’s for forcing me to learn acceptance and surrender.
Thank you Parkinson’s for teaching me to be grateful for the assistance others are providing me.
I am grateful to you Parkinson’s for showing me that I needed to give up my old rights of to be angry, frustrated, resentful, worrisome, fearful, stressful, anxious, unforgiving, critical, and self-critical.
I am grateful to you Parkinson’s for teaching me that I was entitled to have my new rights of joy, happiness, fearlessness, compassion, contentment, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude.
Thank you Parkinson’s for leading me down the path least traveled where I have the opportunity to learn to love myself, accept myself for the special person who I am, and to cure myself from a disease most others incorrectly think is incurable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To each and every one of you, thank you. I am grateful you are here on this blog and that we all are traveling down the path to your cures together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, tears in our eyes, and smiles on our faces. Let’s be grateful for our lives together.


2020…the year of gratitude!

I am grateful for all of you!

Happy New Year 2020!

All my best,


Note: I usually post new blog posts on Friday. This first post of the year is so important that I want you to read it and feel it again and again. I will post my next bog post on Friday, January 10, 2020.

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14 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2020…the year of gratitude!

  1. Jean says:

    Absolutely terrific post and resonates with me SO much! I believe that all illnesses can be healed with love, so giving thanks to my Parkinson’s makes perfect sense. I say thank you to my symptoms all the time – they are great teachers. Thank you for talking about this Howard, it’s so important. Happy New Year! May 2020 bring you everything your heart desires.

  2. Elaine J says:

    Thank you Howard 🙏 my soul, mind and body are filled with gratitude…and joy…thankfulness…and acceptance. This Parkinson’s has opened my heart to discovering my “self” and for this I am truly grateful.

    And to you for your fearless guidance along this journey I am truly grateful.

    The path ahead into 2020 is filled with wonder and anticipation for what will be…faith in myself that I will have the courage to let Parkinson’s go…and love for my fellow travellers that they will find their peace.

    Gratitude and love to all,

  3. Sharon says:

    Howard, thank you so much for this post! This is an incredible way to look at Parkinson’s. Thank you again for coaching all of us onward to the finish line where complete recovery awaits.
    Happy New Year to all.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Wonderful post, we send gratitude to you Howard for your support, ideas and love, as without you we couldn’t thank for PD, it’s a life lesson, once learned we are the winners!
    Happy New Year to you and our fellow travellers!!

  5. Jan - UK says:

    Thank you Howard for your wisdom and guidance as you lead your band of PD Warriors to a better place … health, love and happiness to fellow travellers, Jan UK

  6. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you, Howard. Great post.

  7. Chris Meyer says:

    Howard and another long time mentor of mine share some characteristics. Both are full of gratitude and both laugh heartily and often.

    Gee… Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!!??

    With gratitude for wise mentors,


  8. Dustin Anderson says:




    Awesome way to start the year!

    I had the realization a few months ago that PD was the third greatest gift of my life. I love how you broke down the components of it.

    Nanaimo BC

  9. Marie says:

    I am so grateful that Parkinson’s led me to you, Howard, and to this amazing community of love and hope that grew up around your Recipe for Recovery.
    I am grateful that the openness of your heart led you to share what you learned through your own recovery with me, and with all of us. I am grateful for the moment of grace when I learned that at least one person on the face of this earth did not believe that Parkinson’s was incurable, and had, in fact, recovered completely. That changed everything for me.
    I am grateful that I believed in my own cure.
    Though I no longer have Parkinson’s, I continue to come back here to read the blog because the wisdom in it is so important. I need the gentle reminders to help keep myself on track, grateful for everything that life gives me. Grateful that Parkinson’s was the path to greater acceptance and self-love.
    All of the expressions of gratitude above resonate with me. And today I say with such gratitude:
    Thank you Parkinson’s for leading me down the path least traveled where I learned to love myself, accept myself for the special person who I am, and to cure myself from a disease most others incorrectly think is incurable. Thank you. thank you. thank you!
    Thank you Parkinson’s for being the most powerful catalyst and agent of change in my life.
    I am so grateful to be here with you all, sharing this beautiful first day in 2020…the Year of Gratitude.
    Best wishes to each of you.
    Love, Marie

  10. Sue In SF Bay Area says:

    Happy 2020
    May it bring more people cured or well on their way.
    Thank you so much Howard for all your encouragement and wonderful blogs. And thanks to all responders, your posts are great. This is such a blessing.
    Love and blessings,

  11. Veronica Urquhart says:

    Thank you Howard for your insight and wisdom and most of all your continual support to us all. Love echoes throughout your message. Happy new year.

    Love and blessings
    Veronica 🌱🌺

  12. Sylvia says:

    Beautiful Howard!
    Very grateful for your guidance. Thank you.
    What a perfect way to start 2020!
    I wish progress to all of us brave warriors!!!!
    Happy New Year

  13. Margaret says:

    Oh my God Howard – thank you!
    Thank you for so much, reading this makes me realize how much there is to be grateful to Parkinson’s for as hard as it is to realize.

    1. I get to spend more time with my teenage daughters.
    2. Fostering more self love, compassion and kindness is contagious and has definitely changed our family dynamics for the better.
    3. The newly evolving me is much more enjoyable than the old frantic me………………..and much more I am so excited and optimistic for 2020.

    I feel so grateful and wrapped in positivity with all the love and encouragement here on this blog. I love and pray for my fellow warriors for the BEST of health, happiness, Joy and full recovery!!!

    Thank you Howard, Helen and Marie for cheering us on.

  14. Johnny L Woodruff says:

    Wonderful post; wonderful comments. May the FULL RECOVERIES stack up as we proceed through 2020!!

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