Fighting Parkinson’s, and giving gratitude…for your ability to recover

2020…the year of gratitude: gratitude to Parkinson’s, gratitude to yourself, and gratitude to others. Each day that you wake up and do something positive in your life and your recovery, give gratitude for your ability to recover.

My view of Parkinson’s is that it is progressively degenerative if you are doing nothing about it (how we all ended up at the neurologist), and if you are following the Western Medicine treatment plan only (they tell you that you only will get worse). So, if you are doing nothing or are following the Western Medicine treatment plan only, you are not heading toward a recovery.

If you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, whether you are taking medications or not, you are getting better every day. Sometimes that means “facing” the symptoms that were suppressed on the way to getting the disease, the things that were ignored. When you are doing the Recipe, unearthing these issues, and generating good new energy, whatever the symptoms are doing is simply a sign of getting better. So, if you are doing the Recipe, you are heading toward your recovery every day.

As you can see, by doing the Recipe, you are doing something that negates the “doing nothing” you were doing when you ended up at the neurologist. And, even if you are taking medications, if you are doing the Recipe, you are doing something beneficial in addition to the Western medicine treatment plan, and that negates doing “the Western Medicine treatment plan only.”

Everything in the Recipe is designed for recovery, so if you are doing it, you are on your path to recovery. Click here for a reminder of the recovery signs you can see along the journey to your full recovery.

There is no reason to be afraid of your symptoms and no reason to be afraid of Parkinson’s.

Suppose on the first day of the season, you are sitting in the locker room and the coach handed everybody on the team a playbook and then said if they followed the playbook exactly like it was written they would not win a single game. What would happen? Everybody on the team would lose hope of winning a single game, and in the end, they would not win a single game. That is the Western Medicine playbook.

Now suppose on the first day of the season, you are sitting in the locker room and the coaching handed everybody on the team the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® playbook and then said that it was the winning playbook, the one that leads to recovery. What would happen? The locker room would be filled with joy, the dopamine would flow, and everybody on the team, filled with renewed hope and faith, would start the season knowing that it was going to be a winning season heading to recovery.

Please understand this fact…if you are doing the Recipe, you are recovering each and every day. Give gratitude for the ability to recover.

Western Medicine focuses on disease management. We are focused on disease eradication! The Recipe playbook chips away at Parkinson’s, eliminates the causes, and the result is recovery.

As you can see, if you are doing the Recipe, the soul, mind, and body recovery of the Recipe, you have nothing to fear about your symptoms and nothing to fear about your Parkinson’s. You are having your recovery.

You can do this!!!

Is Parkinson’s Curable? Yes!

They say incurable. We say, “YES, IN CURABLE!”
They say impossible. We say, “YES, I’M POSSIBLE!”

Okay! Let’s all grab onto the winning playbook, the Recipe, and chant together for the whole world to hear:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.



Yes, you are worth it!!!

All my best,


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12 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and giving gratitude…for your ability to recover

  1. Sharon says:

    Howard, thank you so much for this! How grateful we are for the ability to recover.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  2. Chris Meyer says:

    Great post. This reminds me that I don’t just intend to recover from PD’s symptoms.

    I intend to use the tools of the recipe to eradicate all the worldly concerns and worries that gave me PD in the first place.

    This will leave me fresh and revitalized so that I can fulfill the great promise of life’s adventure by being the most positive and generous person I can be – for myself and others.

    Feeling grateful for all the great posts on the blog,


  3. Jean says:

    Love this. A great reminder that symptoms should not be given too much energy. They are not the whole story! I am grateful to know that recovery is absolutely possible regardless of what arises in the body.

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Wonderful your steady reminders we need urgently, it gives hope and joy, thank you Howard🙏!!

  5. Jamal Najm says:

    Wonderful post. Particularly enjoyed clicking the link within about signs of recovery which took us back to 2015 when Tony and Helen were still trying to recover. Great to see their subsequent recovery. Praying 2020 brings more graduates to the table.

  6. Paul says:

    Omg this is simply the best ever the best ever!

    I’m feeling blessed to have read this. ty Howard ty

  7. Gerard says:

    Thanks for the link to the recovery signs, I have been picking up odours, now I know what other signs to look for.

  8. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and Warriors, lovely post. I’m having problems with my phone so have not been able to post. Today I just wanted to acknowledge a few of the regulars that I really enjoy. Chris I love your dry sense of humour, enjoyed particularly your plumbing episode. Jan in uk is always so positive, as is Margaret. Anne your posts are so honest that they sometimes leave me with a lump in my throat. I love reading all the others posts too but frustrated that I can’t post when my phone is in mobile version, to be able to comment to all the posts like I used to. I still feel part of this fabulous community and have made a great friend from here in Cynthia from uk who has become one of my rocks on this journey as well as Howard himself.
    Big love to you all.
    Karen xx

  9. Mona in India says:

    Respected Howard sir, Last week I felt increase in my symptoms. My tremors increased in off time, freezing increased, I was upset. My logical mind started thinking of using other modalities of treatment. But then today’s blog assured me that increase in symptoms is a sign of improvement. Thanks for timely advice. I then started focusing on my improvements, like my bowel, appetite, etc. are normal. I can smell Ratrani [night queen] flowers very well. You are the angel who reads my thoughts and give solutions every time. Thanks for being there. Thanks to all fellow warriors for sharing their experiences. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Mona

  10. Jeff Robinson says:

    Great post indeed. 15 years ago I was in a treatment center in Philly with early onset Parkinson’s and I felt like I won the HEALTH LOTTERY because everyone else in the center had more advanced Parkinson’s, ALS & MS… I know this condition all too well with my Dad having had Parkinson’s and us working together for those 15 years before his organs gave out on him. I too have had this temporary condition or imbalance for 15 years now as well. I’ve been on the western meds for 13 out of 15 years and while I used to beat myself up for starting the meds, it is what it is, and I move onward and forward and will continue until I am completely in balance, chased P out of my body and mind, like my man and Parkinson’s Angel Howard Shifke. I know the recovery is working because now when I take the western meds, I’m finding I don’t need as much dopamine and I’m way more dyskinetic because of it. At the end of the day, everything Howard says to me makes perfect sense and I’M TRULY GRATEFUL TO HAVE FOUND MISTER SHIFKE ON THE NET….

    • Chris Meyer says:

      Greetings Jeff. Thanks for sharing your story. My Dad had PD too and suffered a similar fate as yours. I was lucky to come across Howard early on and am doing great without meds.

      I would agree with your assessment of Howard. The more I work with him, the more I’ve come to appreciate his wise counsel and guidance.

      Good luck and I look forward to seeing you on the blog.

      Best regards,


  11. Rosa says:

    Thank you for the link to the signs of recovery.

    A few years ago, before any signs of PD, my husband started getting very bumpy rough long vertical ridges, from the tip of his fingernails to the cuticles and slowly getting worse.

    I’m not sure if this is a sign but, lately I been noticing that the surface of his fingernails are slowly but definitely getting more and more smooth and glossy every day. I like to think this is a sign towards recovery.

    Thank you Howard for providing this encouraging list of signs to look for!

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