Fighting Parkinson’s, and how fear can impede your recovery

We have discussed many times how faith is important in this recovery. It is faith at the beginning, “I know I will recover,” that sends you down your path toward recovery. Faith gets you started, and faith helps you through the hardest of times. However, if your faith gets shaky in the face of fear, and fear takes over, the fear can impede your recovery.

The best example of how fear can impede your recovery is to return to my broken arm analogy:

You are 10 years old and you fall and break your arm. Your mother takes you to the doctor. The doctor says, “No problem. I am going to set your arm in place, put a cast on it, and when you come back here for your next visit, I am going to remove the cast and your arm will be better, 100% as good as new.”

Now let’s look at what happens in the healing process:

1. You have faith in the doctor (soul).

2. Because you have faith in the doctor, you do not worry that your arm is not going to heal (mind).

3. As a result of 1 and 2, you do not obsess about your arm, and then, your body heals your arm (body).

Now, let’s change this up a bit. Suppose the doctor said it would take 10 weeks for your arm to heal. At 7 weeks, you and your family and friends notice some terrible changes in recovery from the broken arm. Your arm has shrunk inside the cast, and it smells bad, and when you put the long stick inside the cast to scratch you arm which now itches all the time, it comes out covered in goo and it smells bad.

Enter fear…and FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). You start looking at these external happenings, let’s call them symptoms, and you experience fear. It is the fear that says, “Be logical, if your arm is shrinking, you are experiencing atrophy. If it smells bad, you must have an infection. If the scratching stick is covered in goo and smells bad, you are not healing your arm…it is getting worse.” If you know anything about a broken arm, then you know this is actually FEAR…it is 100% False Evidence Appearing Real.

However, if you listen to the fear and you listen to the people who are telling you that you look worse so you must be getting worse, then you cut off the cast, and as you hear the bones cracking as you arm falls to your side and you feel the pain as your arm re-breaks, you realize that giving into fear has impeded the recovery of your broken arm, and you have go all the way back to the beginning to begin the healing process again. Somehow, the fear made you completely forget that for the previous 7 weeks, your arm was healing from the inside.

Applying this example to your life, fear can impede your recovery by telling you to stop doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Somehow, the fear made you forget all of the progress you had made in your recovery, and you just stop…and that stopping opens the door for what you incorrectly feared, “I am getting worse,” to actually come true.

That is how fear can impede your recovery. Fear is so powerful, it not only can impede your recovery, but as in the broken arm example and in your Parkinson’s recovery, it can send you backwards, and that backwards spiral has the potential to send you all the way back to the beginning of your recovery process if you cannot break the cycle of fear. Yes, fear is a powerful weapon in Parkinson’s arsenal, but please remember, FAITH crushes fear.

If you are doing the Recipe, then you are doing Medical Qigong to cleanse toxins and energize your brain, you are standing to allow your body to open blockages and balance energy flow, you are chanting and stimulating brain energy and activity, you are doing Jin Shin Jyutsu to energize your organ meridians, you are eating healthier food, you are meditating to calm your mind, and you are connecting with your Higher Power to help you maintain your faith in your recovery. You are healing yourself from the inside out.

And, while you are healing yourself from the inside out, you sometimes will look worse on the outside because you are pushing the toxins outward, and you need your energy on the inside. Sometimes your tremors look worse on the outside or there is extra stiffness or pain. As a result of that, people may tell you that you look worse and what you are doing is not working.

Have they had Parkinson’s? Have they recovered from Parkinson’s? Are they inside your body and your mind and your soul? So why do they know more about what is happening inside of you just because they are looking at what is happening outside of you?

They don’t. You have to have the courage and strength to stay on your path of recovery. You have to trust yourself that your decision to recover from Parkinson’s is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal against Parkinson’s. You are fearless!

Fear can impede recovery. Faith gives you the strength to defeat fear and continue your progress on your path toward full recovery. Each step you take on the path is recovery in and of itself. Recovery is a journey.

If you can look inside yourself, have faith in yourself and the process, trust that you know what is going on inside you, and trust that you know that you have the power to heal yourself, then you can travel down the recovery path and find joy in the journey — joy in the fact that you are traveling the road less traveled to a destination the supposed experts say is unreachable — and that you know in your heart that you will reach the destination of full recovery one day. You know it!

Keep the faith; defeat the fear. Each day you do something positive to fight your Parkinson’s, you are recovering! You are your Parkinson’s cure!!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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14 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and how fear can impede your recovery

  1. Sharon says:

    Howard, thank you for this wonderful explanation of how fear can impede our recovery.
    May we all stay in faith.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  2. Jan - UK says:

    Easter Greetings – may everyone stay safe – may everyone have faith.
    Keep strong,
    Jan in UK

  3. Margaret says:

    Thank you Howard, wonderful blog and wonderful explanation of that pesky emotion called Fear that creeps up up on all of us I’m sure from time to time. We’ve called your bluff and know you’re trying to derail us. Calling it out really takes the wind out of it’s sails and renders it less harmful – next time we encounter it hopefully. It is a process I’m sure, but we’re up to the challenge!
    Happy Easter Happy Spring to all!

  4. Robert says:

    Thank you Howard, very well said. This is as always very appropriate considering the times we are in today. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by fear, especially for all of us fighting Parkinsons. We just have to focus on the recovery we area going to get and not worry every time we have a symptom that seems worse! Happy Easter/ weekend to all!!

  5. Gina says:

    Another beautiful and uplifting analogy! Thank you!

  6. Tery and Werni says:

    Unique, dear Howard.
    Right now it is very important to keep faith, thank you for your steady support🙏!
    Happy Easter and good health to all👍

  7. Chris Meyer says:

    Fear manifests in me as agonizing worry and dread over all the little details in life.

    It makes me ask myself, “Why am I here, to worry about inane details or to relax and enjoy life’s blessings?”

    Camel and Donkey were walking together through the desert. Donkey was stumbling over every rock while Camel strode forth with confidence. Donkey, getting frustrated, asked Camel about this, and Camel replied, “You look down just in front of your feet and worry about every little stone and never see the real impediments until you are right upon them. I keep my gaze fixed on the horizon. This way I see all the stumbling stones that are coming, and I know where I am going.”

    I’ve been a donkey for years. I prefer the Camel…

    With gratitude, love and blessings for all of you,


  8. Mayank Patel, Greenville,SC says:

    Howard and community,
    Great post to boost up FAITH, boost up recovery. Inspiration to ignore symptoms and focus on Recovery.
    One thing I have noticed and experienced that IF I FOCUS ON SYMPTOMS, THEN
    My Faith has grown FULLY by the repetition of prayer, meditation, affirmation. going through success stories…..
    much love and gratitude

    • Chris Meyer says:


      I LIKE this wonderful advice. Keep on keeping on, Mayank!

      Best regards, Chris

      • Mayank Patel, Greenville,SC says:

        Thank you so much, Chris.
        One more thing. I have experienced that boosting up of Faith just KICKS OUT FEAR and makes our journey easier.
        with love,

    • Paula says:

      Thank you Mayank. I have been very fearful as of late focusing on the symptoms and not on my recovery. Thank you so much for that succinct simple statement. I’m writing it on an index card and keeping it handy. This is my first posting and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments. it makes me feel more connected in my journey. In our journeys!

  9. Patricia says:


  10. Dianna Suggs says:

    Of late I have been plagued with fear that I might have some other dread disease in addition to symptoms increasing — tremors, freezing gait, unsteadiness etc. Your words are so hugely welcomed. I know the virus
    prompted the fear of other diseases. I know you’ve addressed the fear of increased symptoms but I sure needed a reminder regarding faith. What a beautiful time to receive your message. Thank you.
    Wishing one and all many blessings.

  11. Pamela Fox Klauser says:

    Thank you Howard and the rest of our community that keeps these positive conversations alive. Fear is like a virus, one can feed it with negativity and lack of self care or deprive it of life by having faith in Our Source (God, Spirit), our Recipe and having a community of people who believe in us and support our approach. It takes commitment and effort, but worth every second we spend on it. What else are we going to do? Blessed Easter/Passover to all. Let’s continue to celebrate new life.

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