Fighting Parkinson’s, and your confident voice

About a year and a half ago, I began a Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Relief video series. Today, I am posting again the third video, which focuses on strengthening your voice and improving articulation so you can face the world with confidence.

Many people with Parkinson’s find it difficult to go out in public or be in other social settings because they have a weak voice or feel like they are not able to correctly articulate their words. This is the worst feeling.

Parkinson’s has a way of making you lose some of your confidence, in the way the look, in the way you move, in the way you feel, and in the way you talk.

It is important to be able to go out into the world with confidence and a fully articulate booming voice. It is one of the things by which others judge how you are doing, and nothing says “I am getting better” more clearly than your voice.

1. Inhale deeply, and on the exhale say aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh loudly for as long as possible. Repeat this 5 times in a row two or three times per day. This will shake phlegm loose and increase voice volume as well as raise your internal vibration. 

2. Repeat the following for one minute each:




You can do this 1-3 times per day. These are exercises for the tongue, and they help with articulation.

Here is a video for further explanation and a demonstration:

Okay. One last thing. I could not hear any of you. So, take a deep breath right now in the moment, and let me hear a big, booming aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay, okay, okay…I am hearing you now. Good for all of you.

If you wish to see the other symptom relief videos, here is my You Tube Channel,

Now grab onto the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, be with people when you are allowed to go out again, and in the meantime, pick up the phone and call somebody. Brighten their day, and as you give them joy, you will feel joy, and your dopamine will flow. Be your own cure for your Parkinson’s!

I know you can do it.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and your confident voice

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much, Howard!
    Sharon in North Carolina

  2. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard
    Great help! Werni wanted to make a phone call to a friend, as he did several times with succes (Howard’s advice👍), but today it didn’t work well. So you really sent this blog on time, the next call will work🤗, thank you!

  3. Dave M says:

    Thanks Howard. Yesterday it came to my attention that I need some voice exercises . Thanks

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