Fighting Parkinson’s, and some final assistance for playing the game, 2020

The last couple of blog posts have invited all of you to play the Positive Thinking Only game. If you look at the blog posts and read the comments from your fellow travelers, you will be inspired. Today, Sally has provided some inspiration to help all of you to keep playing the game, 2020.

As mentioned in my last blog post, why not take your time, slow down your life, bring your soul, mind, and body back into balance doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, and sit back on the Tortoise Trolley as you head to Recoveryville.

Sally sent this song to me to help all of you enjoy the ride.

Have a wonderful weekend!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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22 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and some final assistance for playing the game, 2020

  1. Sharon says:

    What an awesome way to help play the Positive Thinking Only game!
    Thanks Sally and Howard.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  2. Jeff A says:

    Thank you for the song, it’s very catchy.

  3. Petra says:

    Doo Doo Doobidobaa

  4. Donna says:

    The perfect gift on this Friday with such a beautiful message and from one of our biggest supporters. Thank you, Sally!!!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thank you!!
    Still playing the game and love it.

  6. Chris Meyer says:

    Well, yabba dabba do be do! So it’s actually okay to relax, sit back and intentionally enjoy life? This cave man’s in…

    BTW: my spell checker rendered ‘Well, yabba dabba do be do’ as ‘Well, habanero cabbage do be do!’ I guess that about says it all!

    – Chris

  7. Lynn McIvor says:

    What a happy song. Thanks, Sally

  8. Patricia Romero says:

    I needed a reminder to slow down–again. I seem to have trouble with that. Thanks for the catchy song.

  9. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, fabulous song Sally, thank you.
    Big love to all.
    Karen xx 💕

  10. Tery and Werni says:

    What a wonderful idea with this special song, thank you Sally🤗

  11. Sue SFBay area says:

    Thanks what a cheery song goes with beautiful sunshine especially when you need a little lift.

  12. Bob W says:

    Thanks Sally for providing the positive right brain stimulation! I have so much to be thankful for. This positivity seems to fuel itself once you get it going. I’m finding that I’m truly GRATEFUL for my worthiness!
    Thank you hoo hoo
    Woo hoo
    Thank you hoo hoo
    Woo hoo…

  13. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you Sally and Howard a great reminder. Cruising love Helen

  14. Nancy says:

    Grateful for so much

  15. Melanie S says:


  16. Jan - UK says:

    Brilliant start to my day – thanks Sally and Howard

  17. Bailey says:

    A positively big smile comin’ at y’all!

  18. Marie W says:

    Woohoo! Good News Guys!

    In continuing the positivity game I just drew a BIG BONUS ROUND for all of us to continue playing. Early this morning before daybreak I went to my deck to do the RECIPE. I love to watch the sun come up and hear the morning come alive with all the singing birds. I live in a neighborhood and I am very fortunate to have a creek run through my backyard. While practicing gratitude for this wonderful morning and completing the recipe I decided to walk down to the creek. As the light was just peering in what do I see? No, not a bird, not a rabbit, and not a frog. I see a large box turtle seated on a big rock. Now, no one else was awake and looking over the creek at 6:37 AM this morning. I believe he was divinely sent. That turtle spoke to my spirit and said to me Don’t Stop. Keep doing what your doing. You are going to make it to the finish line just like I did. As Howard reminds us, it is the slow and steady actions that win this recovery race. So with that said, I would like to share my Big Bonus Round with all of you to sing this upbeat song, stay positive, and stay in the GAME. The finish line is closer than we think. A turtle told me this morning!

    • Margaret says:

      Wow Marie what a beautiful “co -incidence” I love it!
      I once read “Co-incidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous!”
      Thank you for that beautiful bonus round !

  19. Ola Stasiak-Brough says:

    Thank you Sally and Howard! Lovely song just right for our game and practicing letting go and letting God!

    With love to all 🥰🌹

    Ola … Texas

  20. Rabindarjeet Singh says:

    A very appropriate song for all of us to stay positive and appreciate the Good Life God gave us.

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