Fighting Parkinson’s, and getting a good night’s sleep

Many people struggle getting a good night’s sleep. Some have difficulty going to sleep. Some have difficulty going back to sleep after waking up. Some have both issues. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you heal and improves the quality of the next day. Let’s get you a good night’s sleep.

Today we will look at three different breathing exercises you can do in bed to assist you in falling asleep and to assist you in going back to sleep once you wake up or when you get back into bed after getting up to empty your bladder.

1. Simple breathing and counting (sitting zazen uses this type of breathing for meditation):

Exhale, Inhale, 1.

Exhale, Inhale, 2.

Repeat to 10.

Start again at 1.

Since you are counting breaths in a way that you normally do not count breaths (usually inhale, exhale, 1, etc.), you have to pay attention. Since you have to go back to 1 after 10, you have to pay attention. If you have to concentrate on these two things, you eventually reach a deeper meditative and sleep state. 

2. Breathing with nature.

Exhale while thinking, “I am serving the greenery with my carbon dioxide.”

Inhale while thinking, “Thank you Mother Nature for the gift of life’s breath of oxygen.”

This is service followed by receiving a gift in return. It creates a better and more relaxed feeling than “taking” a breath. It reinforces your connection to nature.

3. Sending away negative emotions. (Examples: anger, fear, worry, anxiety).

Close your eyes and visualize the word of a negative emotion in bold black letters right in front of your closed eyes. FEAR for example.

As you exhale, watch the word move away from you and break down until it dissolves and then completely dissipates into the Universe.

Inhale. Exhale and do it again with the same word or another negative emotion word. As you exhale away these words, you relax because you are releasing the negative emotions from inside you and sending them away. As you inhale, you have a better feeling of safety and security because you have released the negative emotions and now are bringing in fresh, clean air.

If you are one of the fortunate people who does not struggle with sleep, these breathing exercises will help you relax whenever you need to relax throughout the day.

Okay everybody, let’s breathe…and let’s get you a good night’s sleep!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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10 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and getting a good night’s sleep

  1. Chris Meyer says:

    Howard –

    Thanks for the simple yet effective tools that counter those negative, persistent thoughts that can be so disruptive to our efforts to find rest and balance.

    Simple, effective AND DRUG FREE. The timeless prescription!

    Blessings to all,

    – Chris

  2. Bernadette says:

    Thank you Howard.

    Best wishes


  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Howard. Very much needed.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Thank you for the good advice, dear Howard!! Normally I have a good sleep but if not, I am very happy to have your advice in mind.

  5. Mona Desai says:

    Respected Howard sir,
    I implemented your suggestions and feeling better.
    Thank you
    Have a great weekend

  6. Virginia Torrance says:

    Thank you Howard for these suggestions. I found the first one most helpful. I have been doing the recipe for over 8 months and I feel very blessed for the recipe, for your guidance, and for my faith in my recovery.

  7. Ola Stasiak - Brough says:

    Thank you Howard! This is brilliant … as you know from our coaching session I suffer from both.

    I am grateful for all your wisdom and my Parkinsons symptoms because working with you I am getting a brand new manual for fabulous life!

    Much love,


  8. Noel O'Donnell says:

    Thankyou, Howard.

    You are a true friend to us all.

    Warm regards

    Noel O’Donnell

  9. Paula says:

    Reading everybody’s posts has been so helpful for me. I feel more connected and not so alone. I started the recipe six months ago and indeed fighting negative thoughts is the most difficult battle. Thank you all for sharing. I will post more frequently so to feel like part of the community. I am in, I am committed just like the rest of the you warriors. My thanks to you all and Howard. Just even writing this helped.

  10. Markos says:

    Very good suggestions. Keep your room dark and quiet also.

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