Fighting Parkinson’s, and your electricity is flowing well

You have heard me say many times that Parkinson’s is an electrical issue, not a chemical one, and solving Parkinson’s involves looking at your electrical impulses flowing through your bodies…when there are blockages, there are tremors, and as the blockages are opened, usually there is pain. Let’s take a look at your electricity. It is flowing well!

To begin our discussion, here is a thought about pain: Feeling pain means you are feeling something. In a non-Parkinson’s sufferer, I believe the thought process is like this: “I feel okay, and when I feel pain, then something is wrong.”

I learned, as a Parkinson’s sufferer, that the thought process had taken on a whole new life: “There are areas where I feel nothing, but I know that something is wrong with my body. When I feel pain, at least I know the electrical impulses are alive and going to an area where I have been feeling nothing.” Much to many of your regret, I see this as “good” pain.

It means that the electrical impulses are alive and prepared to carry the messages. That is very good news, albeit in some cases, painfully good news. My most overwhelming experience with this was the morning I felt horrible pain in my left side. My initial panic was that the Parkinson’s was getting worse. Once I settled down, I remembered years ago I had pulled a muscle doing side bends, and this pain was remarkably similar to that pain.

After moving around a little to see when the pain would become pronounced, it hit me: As a result of having no feeling in my left hip and surrounding muscles, I had pulled a muscle doing the Medical Qigong for Liver, and NOW, for the first time, I was experiencing the pain. As I am certain all of you have experienced, this is a doubled-edged sword. “Yes, I am feeling pain where I have felt nothing for months so I am happy to know the nerves are working, BUT this really hurts.”

However, I still viewed the horrible pain as “good” pain. But, let’s back up a little to your tremors. Here is what many are facing and how some of you are viewing it: “I had tremor and started doing the Recipe and my tremors increased, and so did my pain. I feel like the Recipe is making my symptoms worse.” Usually this is more pronounced during Standing and Balance as well as Brain Vibration Chanting. In actuality, these temporarily increased tremors and the temporarily increased pain are excellent signs that you are healing yourself.

If you take a look at the Recipe and my explanations for why I selected certain things to be in the Recipe, you will find the following:
“Here is a Qigong exercise I did called “standing.” That’s all you do…stand. It is a very powerful exercise because it opens channels, lubricates joints and gets balance back where it should be.” And, “I did the brain vibration chanting to increase the energy in my brain.”

When you are doing the Qigong that involves movement, your awareness is focused on the movement and doing the Qigong itself. Tremors tend to decrease when you are moving…or maybe you are just less aware of them because you are involved in an activity that requires your attention to be diverted from your tremors. Standing, whether you like it or not, forces you to be aware of everything that is going on with your body, and you become more aware if your tremors increase.

The wonderful thing is that these increased tremors mean that you have created increased electrical impulses and that these increased electrical impulses are smashing the energy blockages trying to locate a passageway to connect “normal” energy flow in your body…and this smashing into the blockages causes your tremors to increase, temporarily.

Any other understanding is fear-based…fear that says, “Any time tremors increase, my Parkinson’s is getting worse.” Fight the fear — two minutes ago when you were doing a moving Qigong, your tremors were the same…your disease did not take an enormous downturn in the last two minutes while standing.

Fight the fear because fear will make you stop. It is the same thing with Brain Vibration Chanting. Brain Vibration Chanting is to increase energy in your brain…your energy-weakened Parkinson’s brain. If you are doing Brain Vibration Chanting and your tremors start to increase, this is cause for celebration — clearly you are being successful in increasing your brain energy which translates into sending more, and stronger, electrical impulses into your body; when these increased and more powerful electrical impulses hit the blockages that are causing you to tremor in the first place, you tremor more! Excellent! This is success.

And with continued success of this kind, the increased and more powerful electrical impulses eventually break through and open the blockages and the tremors begin to subside. How delightful is that!

As you know, this process requires dedication, faith in yourself, faith in your Higher Power, and faith in the process, and it requires the ability to realize that the fear you are facing is FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real — the Parkinson’s inside you thrives on this kind of FEAR as it is the only way for the Parkinson’s inside you to survive. Fight the fear and the FEAR and you disarm your Parkinson’s. Fight the fear and the FEAR and you experience liberation from Parkinson’s grip.

Let’s look at the biggest fear. It starts at the beginning with the definition of Parkinson’s…incurable, progressively degenerative disease. I accept that Parkinson’s is an incurable, progressively degenerative disease if you do nothing to fight it or if you take medications and do nothing else to fight it. History shows this clearly, so it is not difficult to accept: People who have done nothing to fight the disease and people who have taken medications and done nothing else to fight the disease, all suffer from an incurable, progressively degenerative disease. So fear is very real for these two groups of people.

However, I refuse to accept that Parkinson’s is incurable if you are doing something to fight it, and I refuse to accept that Parkinson’s is a progressively degenerative disease if you are doing something to fight it! And this “doing something to fight it” disarms Parkinson’s and makes fear and FEAR very false. Why?


So when you are doing the Recipe and your tremors temporarily increase or your pain temporarily increases, and you start to experience the fear that things are getting worse, be AWARE of where that fear is coming from. Put it through the FEAR test — “1. It is Appearing Real that my Parkinson’s is getting worse. 2. However, this is False Evidence.”

And then you realize, “I know this fear is actually FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) because I am fighting my Parkinson’s on my path toward my cure and I am winning. My fear cannot pass the FEAR test. My fear is not real.”

Let go of the fear and the FEAR and stay on your path toward your cure. Your electricity is flowing well! Know it!!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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13 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and your electricity is flowing well

  1. Jeff A says:

    Thank you, Howard, you have such a positive attitude and what you say makes sense. The less I care about the symptoms, the better I feel.

  2. Robert says:

    Thank you Howard for another timely post. I am reinvigorated after reading this great post. It truly helps to think the right way to be able to fight this disease!

    Have a great day.

  3. Bob W says:

    As they say, no pain – no gain! This is very encouraging news Howard. The pain and increased tremors are a sign of healing. Thank God!

    I have faith. Faith in the recipe which is proven. Faith in God who has given me a wonderful life. Faith in myself to let go of the Parkinson’s mind and open my heart to love myself and others.

    I accept the challenge. I surrender my need to control. I’m grateful to discover my worthiness. It is healing my soul – mind and body to follow…

  4. Sharon says:

    Howard, thank you for this OUTSTANDING post!!! Very encouraging.
    Sharon in North Carolina

  5. Dora says:

    Thank you Howard for explaining it so well. I do feel like an electric current go thru me during meditations, too, and have been feeling more pain in my lower back lately. It does make sense now.

  6. Tery and Werni says:

    Howard, thank you! It helps to understand what’s going on inside. On our steady and not easy way, your hopeful words encourage us! Thanks!!

  7. Mona in India says:

    Respected Howard sir,
    Thanks for making the logical understanding of electrical impulse theory. That helps in removing the incurable label from our mindset. Which is the 1st step towards recovery. You are an angel, sir. Thanks a lot, Mona

  8. Rabindar says:

    Thank you Howard for the post on electrical impulses and the “FEAR” factor — ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’
    Overcoming the “FEAR” is the right way to overcome the condition and liberate ourselves from Parkinson’s grip.
    Once again thank you for the encouraging explanation. I am motivated.

  9. Chris Meyer says:

    Very timely. My left lower back locked up tight and painfully last night. Of course the good news is my nerves are working great!

    So I’m thinking:

    1) I love myself.
    2) I accept my condition.
    3) I am grateful my nerves work, and I can use the pain to fuel my meditations and speed my recovery.

    Blessings to all,


  10. Val H says:

    ‘Parkinson’s is only incurable if you do nothing to fight it.’
    Should be put on a fridge magnet.

  11. Petra says:

    It’s hard to understand how the mind keeps me in prison by telling stories to me and asking questions about “ why” and “how “ and what others might say to convince me. Bloody mind.

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