Fighting Parkinson’s, and inspiration for the kick-off of my 30-day challenge 2020

IT IS HERE!!! Today is the kick-off of my 30-day November to Remember, No Excuses November, Challenge 2020! Click here to review the challenge. I am so excited about how many of you I have heard from who are making a commitment to yourselves to do the scaled-down version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® for the 30 days of November. Congratulations to all of you on giving yourselves the gift of working on your Parkinson’s recovery. To kick-off the challenge, here is some inspiration.

In my previous post announcing the 30-day challenge, I encouraged those of you already doing the Recipe to share how you were doing to inspire the new people. Veterans to the Recipe and some new people taking on the challenge posted comments to that blog post. I share them with you here for inspiration to kick-off the challenge.

Andrew says:

Thank you Howard. I am ready to commit to the 30 day challenge! I will remind myself daily that this is no excuses November. Having been diagnosed 12 years ago, it’s about time I did something proactive to improve my health rather than passively waiting to deteriorate over time. I can do this!


Donna L. says:

I am all in with the challenge! Thank you, Howard.


Chris Meyer says:

To all my friends on the blog,

Howard really dumped a big one on us this time! I recommend working through it several times. There are lots of great nuggets for getting your Recipe practice off to a fine start or, if you’ve been around a while, giving it a nice tune up.

Thanks a lot, Howard.

Getting out the wrenches and screw drivers in Wisconsin,



Petra says:

Thank God,

Its November, a good excuse to re-collect myself. I just read the blog about medication and I’m falling too hard on my body and I’m too impatient with it. OKAY, relax Petra. Okay, Howard, here we go. Thank you for all the adding blogs, good to refresh it.


Margaret says:

Oh Yeah! I’m jumping in with both feet!
I’m already doing the recipe so I’m adding at least one extra rep to each exercise and refocusing on calming my mind and loving myself a little more.
I am very excited and look forward to hearing what everyone else is doing.
I just re-read Fighting Parkinsons and Winning book again this week and am so inspired, invigorated and grateful for this journey that we are on, so blessed to have discovered you Howard and the Recipe!
Lots of love


Nagesh says:

Thank you Howard. Got everything to gain and nothing to lose apart from Parkinsons, so I am definitely in for the 30 day November challenge. I have been diagnosed for a year and committed in healing myself without medication……let’s do this!!


Anne says:

Fantastic summary of this amazing and life changing journey. I’m grateful every day I get to do the recipe and reclaim my healthy and loving self, mind body spirit.
Love to all my brother and sister warriors, Anne, Portland, Oregon USA


Sharon says:

Howard, thank you for all the encouragement you continually give us. Doing the Recipe every day keeps me moving forward. I have the use of my right hand back thanks to the Recipe!
Thank you so much.
Sharon in North Carolina


Tery and Werni says:

Thank you Howard, I am in too👍


Natasha Heath says:

Aloha Howard, your confidence is inspiring. I’ve been riding the PD rollercoaster too long and I am going to recommit to my recovery. All of the objections you mentioned are roadblocks I place on my path. My mind is so easily led astray and my heart is sadly neglected. With enthusiasm and gratitude I accept this challenge. Mahalo for all of your love and support!


Sarah says:

Count me in!

Thank you Howard and everyone in this community for your greatness and inspiration 🙂


Kerry says:

Fantastic info, thankyou so much
I’m finding it hard to fit in everything in each day.
Could you give us an example of your daily schedule please. I feel this would help with motivation as I do feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Cooking food from scratch can take up lots of time, also I allow time to rest.
Thanks Kerry

Response: Hi Kerry. In the November Challenge, there are 6 physical things to do and they can be done at any time of the day. The order does not matter and you do not need to do them all at once. Each day just do what you can, and fit them into your schedule. If you fit them into your schedule, you are more likely to be able to find the time to fit them in then if you are trying to fit somebody else’s schedule into your life. Blessings, Howard


Dora says:

Yes Howard. I’m doing the recipe. The only thing is that because I’m not a morning person I don’t start until around noon but I’m adding the evening practice or doing some of them over again in the evening. Hope it’s still ok to do it this way. Thank you for all the effort you put in helping others.

Response: Yes, Dora, it is okay to do the exercises when they fit your schedule. Blessings, Howard


Marie says:

Thanks Howard. It’s true, the recipe works. I encourage all of you to think about improving the quality of your life for yourself first and then for your family and friends. Life is a precious gift. Do this for you and then reach back and pull someone else up.
We are in this together!

Many Blessings to All
Marie in SC


Alison says:

Alison, Paris

Thank you Howard for the Recipe that I do entirely every day.
Sometimes I bunch up the afternoon and evening exercises into one session according to outside events.
Sometimes my mind wanders while I’m exercising, so there’s always room for improving concentration! On some rare days I think oh I am so tired today, I’ll take a holiday, but actually I always feel better for doing them.

It’s such a great help to have this wonderful tool at hand Howard !


Robert says:

I’m in Howard!! I will never stop fighting and your encouragement and advice is absolutely invaluable. I am going to do the recipe morning and late afternoon and heal, heal, heal. We can all do it together, I salute all of you that are doing the recipe and wish you all a complete recovery.

Thanks again Howard, it’s going to be a great month!


Ola Stasiak-Brough says:

Thank you Howard for this challenge! What I learned from our coaching sessions is that I need to lose my mind to open my heart ❣️ My mind is trying very hard to sabotage all aspects of my recovery so this challenge is an excellent pushback.

I am learning so much from you my dear Howard, and my favorite at this moment is that, my relentless negative mind is facing my relentless self-loving Ola and love of the Divine❤️ I am IN!!!!

Much love to all and our recovery,



Rick Gardiner says:

Hello everyone, I have only just started doing Qigong recipe for a week now . Just over 1 hour a day for a week , 40mins morning 40mins early afternoon followed by a 20 to 50 minutes power walk and I can feel the healing ! I’m very motivated. Keep smiling and lots of love to everyone Rick from Australia


Rick Gardiner says:

A big thank you to Howard for all the effort you have put in helping others with Parkinson’s. It has given us all hope that we can eliminate Parkinson’s . I’ve got the first sign of Parkinson’s 2 years ago doing a 120k push bike charity ride in very hot weather. Ive never taken medication . I’ve been trying everything because I love exercise and starting Qigong and first week I feel improvement mind and body already. I’m a fit 64year and Parkinson’s doesn’t even run the family. God Bless to everyone and keep smiling 😀😃😀


Bob W says:

Thanks Howard and all fellow PD warriors for the encouragement and support. Life is great, in spite of PD!

My mission this November is to find the young me inside and to love and nurture him. He needs it so much. You see he’s been withdrawn and in hiding for decades. Not trusting anyone I think. It’s time to heal and it’s never too late.

I love you young Bob. I really do. I’m sorry it took me so long to turn and open up my heart to you. I just kept running and just trying to survive. Please forgive me. Let’s talk. I’m here now waiting, listening, longing…


Rabindar says:

Howard, I am ready for the 30-day challenge to recharge my commitment towards the RECOVERY.

Thank you for your commitment and continuous encouragement.

GOD BLESS to you and to all the warriors out there.


Karen W says:

Thank you for all this review information that is wonderful. We can all do this! We our own support community. It so nice to have everyone working in the same direction. We can all do this, we can all recover! Happy November! Karen from Wisconsin


Jeff A says:

Thank you Howard. I accept the November challenge. I will be doing extra exercises every day and working on gratitude daily.


Dave M says:

Thanks Howard. I am continuing the Recipe with new determination.


Michael Allen says:


I have returned as drug free for the challenge.

Thanks, Michael


Lisa says:

So great to read all of your comments, Howard and warriors. The review is excellent and re-affirming. We can do this. I’m in for the November challenge, to do more; especially helpful the reminders about breathing and water. My biggest challenge is the mind calming. Thank you for the visions and soul encouragement. I am grateful for the hope and encouragement. Howard, you are amazing, and Sally also. Thank you and blessings to you.


Andrea says:

Thank you Howard, I am in for the challenge… we all together will make it thanks to your support and our faith .. you are our angel .. we all will make it, I have no doubt .. I love u all … ocean of love and gratitude


You are not your Parkinson’s symptoms…you are something more than symptoms…you are the loving, beautiful, caring, grateful essence of who you are. The symptoms may go up and down, but you remain strong, solid, and ready to cure yourself from Parkinson’s. Some of the people who posted these comments are just a bit ahead of you on this path toward recovery, and some of them are just like you getting started right now. They are committed to curing themselves from Parkinson’s!

Now it is your turn. Jump in with both feet! Accept the challenge…make the commitment to yourself…grab onto the scaled-down version of the Recipe…make this your November to Remember for your Parkinson’s recovery. And, if you have been doing the Recipe already, re-commit yourself, challenge yourself…make this your November to Remember for your Parkinson’s recovery.

One more bit of inspiration:

Some people may say that it is impossible to recover from Parkinson’s. To them, let’s say:

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Audrey Hepburn

“I have the power to heal myself.”
“You have the power to heal yourself.”
“Together we have the power to heal the world.”

Every time another person starts down this path to recovery, together we are growing in numbers and we do have the power to heal the world from Parkinson’s.

Make the commitment to yourself for recovery!

Okay, everybody, put big smiles on your faces and chant together so the whole world can hear us kick off the best November to Remember ever:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.
I am doing great!
I’m possible!!


All my best,


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11 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and inspiration for the kick-off of my 30-day challenge 2020

  1. Patricia says:

    I’m in!
    Thank you Howard
    Patricia (UK)

  2. Christiane from Germany says:

    I’m also in!
    Thanks, dear Howard!

  3. Dianna says:

    I accept the challenge Howard and recommit myself to unwavering faith in my recovery. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Pat R in AZ says:

    I’m in!!!! I’ve been rather lackadaisical in doing the recipe lately and it shows in my symptoms. This is just what I needed to get me jump started. Thanks, Howard.

  5. YVONNE says:


  6. Renee in Southern Utah says:

    I’m ready for this challenge too! I was diagnosed with PD in August this year, so I am a newbie here. I ran into the “Recipe” while searching for alternative treatments ….it all made so much sense that I started immediately, day 1 on September 28. This morning is day 36 closer to being healed. I am not taking meds at this point and hope I don’t have to.

    I am so grateful to have a plan for healing, instead of a plan of destruction!
    We are not getting worse we are getting better!

  7. Andy Brooks says:

    Hello All! Count me in! I’ve been doing the Recipe since June 2020, diagnosed in June 2015. I am committing to continue the Recipe and make a push to perform the afternoon/evening Routine as I have not done the latter. Yes, the mind is the hardest part to change. Many years of being stuck in the same negative mindset make this difficult. Continue to tell yourself that you are worth the time, effort, love and healing. Thank you all for the comments and encouragement, and thank you Howard for your ongoing support and info. Count on my prayers! Happy November!

  8. Marie says:

    As someone who followed the Recipe for Recovery to a complete and lasting recovery, I encourage you all to go for it 100% this month! Don’t hold back; give it every chance to work for you! Sending love and best wishes.

  9. Mary says:

    Hi Marie. My name is Mary and I just started reading Howard’s book for recovery. I was diagnosed on February 2015 with PD. I only take Selegeline as treatment by my neurologist. Reading about the recipe has me very excited!
    How long did you do the recipe before recovery?
    I ordered the manual to begin the challenge.

  10. Sadhana says:

    I am also in, although I’m doing the recipe regularly but will do with more commitment.

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