Fighting Parkinson’s, and extreme temperatures and compassion

In my previous blog post, I explained that extreme temperatures were running rampant around the world. I said, “Keep your faith and defeat your fear…you ARE NOT getting worse!” Today, we add compassion.

As I spoke with people this past week, even though they had read last week’s blog post, many still were upset with themselves over fatigue, lessening abilities, and increased symptoms. I began with compassion, “Please do not worry about these things. Yes, they are unpleasant. However, they are caused by the extreme weather changes, and they do not mean that your Parkinson’s is getting worse.”

Compassion is an interesting thing. As naturally sympathetic and empathetic people, we generally have no problem consoling others with compassion. The bigger question is, “What if you are the one who needs compassion, and you are the only one there?” Then you need to give compassion to yourself.

On Wednesday, I asked a person, “Do you have compassion for everybody who has Parkinson’s?” He said, “Of course.” I then pointed out that he was within the set of people who have Parkinson’s disease, so he needed have compassion for himself as well. He agreed.

So, as you face the extreme weather, or even when not facing extreme weather, if you are fatigued, or your abilities fluctuate, or your symptoms look worse, reach deep into your heart and soul and bring compassion to the surface…and then share the compassion with yourself by telling yourself, “I am doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, I am doing my best, my best is good enough, my Parkinson’s is healing, I am joyful, and I am grateful.” And smile.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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5 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and extreme temperatures and compassion

  1. Ray from Ireland says:

    I discovered this week that homeopathy has a name for when symptoms appear to get worse. It is called Hering’s Law and is used to determine if the treatment is working. Qigong is definitely working for me judging by my ‘apparent’ symptoms. This morning while doing the recipe with the window open I realised I could smell flowers which I never could before. I never lost my sense of smell but it must have been diminished and is now getting better. Approaching 7 months of doing the recipe and other divine wisdom healing qigong. Blessings to you Howard and our friends. Haola. All is well and getting better.

  2. Rick says:

    Funny thing is my symptoms are really affected by the cold but not the heat, I guess everyone is wired different and I’ve never lost my sense of smell either. Thanks for sharing this message Howard . Just over 6 1/2 months now doing the recipe , love to everyone 😀😀😀😀😀

  3. Alison from Paris says:

    Thank you dear Howard for this encouragement.
    It is true that I tend to forget about bringing compassion up to the surface for myself too.
    (I am enjoying a few days with cooler weather right now !)
    Best wishes and love to all as we all get better

  4. Tery and Werni says:

    Dear Howard, yes, for other people it seems naturally that we have compassion, but for ourselves to feel the same is harder…but we give it a try again. Great, dear Howard, how you see the point we need to regard, thank you!

  5. Rabindar says:

    I too have compassion with others who have Parkinson’s and other related conditions, but not on myself! I must learn to accept and LOVE myself more plus also SMILE more.
    Thanks and God Bless ALL

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