Fighting Parkinson’s, and inspiration for the kick-off of my 30-day challenge 2021

IT IS HERE!!! Today is the kick-off of my 30-day November to Remember, No Excuses November, Challenge 2021! Click here to review the challenge. I am so excited about how many of you I have heard from who are making a commitment to yourselves to do the scaled-down version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® for the 30 days of November. Congratulations to all of you on giving yourselves the gift of working on your Parkinson’s recovery. To kick-off the challenge, here is some inspiration.

In my previous post announcing the 30-day challenge, I encouraged those of you already doing the Recipe to share how you were doing to inspire the new people. Veterans to the Recipe and some new people taking on the challenge posted comments to that blog post. I share them with you here for inspiration to kick-off the challenge.

  • Maree from Melbourne says: Sounds like a lot of information to take in, but I am “all for it!” High time I do something that scares me and yet it excites me.
    Maree from Melbourne

  • Andrew from Ireland says:Hi All,I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Andrew from Ireland. I feel like I know a lot of you already from many hours spent reading the blog and thank you for all your input as well as all of Howard’s insightful blogs of course!!I did Howard’s 30 day challenge last year but lost my motivation to keep going and subsequently stopped following the Recipe in early December. I realised that I wasn’t ready to be healed but this time I am, so I started doing the Recipe about a month ago and will use this 30 day challenge to re-commit to my healing journey.Thank you Howard for giving of your precious time to all of us in our journey of recovery. I feel truly grateful to have you as our guide.Much love,
    • Val H says: Yeah, Andrew, motivation is a big deal. I read in Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, that, because of the absence of dopamine, Parkies have as much trouble initiating motivation as they do movement.
      In the past, I have made absurd calculations about when I’m ‘due’ to be cured on the basis of how much longer I’d had PD than Howard when he started the Recipe so I should double the healing time. Oh, and then add six months, say, for losing my sense of smell in 2006 … and so it goes on, completely random and irrational.
      I have found that if you can learn to forget about the outcome and just focus on the journey, it is conducive to opening up the heart and soul. But everyone’s journey is a personal one.
      If you’ve spent ‘many hours’ reading the blog, you’ve probably noticed that your compatriot, Karen, is one of the most inspirational and encouraging contributors.
      Glad you’re on board to share the craic!
      I’m accepting the challenge, no excuses!

      • Andrew from Ireland says:Hi Val,
        Thanks for your encouraging words. I’m doing my best to focus on the journey one day at a time! I know I’ll get there and have a full recovery; I just have to be patient, put the work in and have faith in the process.
        I’ve read many of Karen’s blog entries and I feel the blog wouldn’t be the same without her input 🙂
        • Karen in Ireland says:Val thank you so much for your lovely words about my contribution, it made me smile and feel warm on the inside. Like drinking water a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on Can’t remember the last time I had such a treat. 😁
          You seem to be all fired up for November. “Good woman yourself “ as we would say here in the beautiful Emerald Island. 😁
          I look forward to your progress posts in November 🥰 xx
        Rick says:Hi Andrew from Ireland, I’m pleased to hear you’re back on your bike, it’s gets easier as time passes. You may not feel like it, but make that not an option. Rick from Australia 😊
        • Andrew from Ireland says:Hi Rick,
          Yes it feels good to be back on my bike and this time I’m not going to fall off! I made too many excuses last time round so this time, to coin Howard’s phrase it’s my “no excuses recipe!” 😊
        Karen in Ireland says:Hi Andrew, thank you for your complimentary comment to Val about me, you are very kind and it meant a lot to me. I feel every single warrior on here, whether they write one line or a hundred, are a vital contribution as there is strength in numbers and we are building a community of like minded conscious people who support each other, through good weeks and bad weeks with love, compassion, understanding, encouragement and humour. We are one in spirit.
        Every one of us supported by our ever smiling coach that we all love and appreciate for his selflessness and care. ( although to this day we are all waiting for him to explain “ carrots and peas “ for BREAKFAST! Lol)
        Enjoy November Andrew. I am sure you have felt inspired by our fellow countryman Ray. My money is on him or Rick to be our next warrior across the finish line. 😊 xx
      * Susan from Chicagoland says: Dear Howard-
      Each day I am one step closer to full recovery, thank you for this challenge and giving me the courage to never give up!
      I am grateful!
      I know I can and will do this, and will kiss Parkinson’s good bye forever.
      Love and blessings to you Howard and all my fellow warriors,

    • Sheryl B says: This is Sheryl from San Diego, California. I’m all in on the 30-day challenge! Thank you Howard for all that you do to help others.Sheryl

    • Donna L. says: Just the spark I need to raise the bar. Very excited!

    • Rick says: A good time for me to go over my notes doing the recovery, picked up something I could do a bit more of with my shoulders as my left arm gets quiet tight. I have been doing the full recovery from dot one, only missed one day because of a 24 hour bug. Thinking of you all fighting for that win 😊😊😊😊

    • Kevin says: Thank you Howard. Challenge accepted! The one month renewal is much better than a New Year’s resolution. I have had too many years where a resolution goes by the wayside a few weeks or months into a year.Each day of the Recipe is another step closer to full recovery. Blessings. Kevin

    • Kerry says: I’m reading this with tears, Howard’s words of encouragement, commitment and genuine caring about us is amazing. I so look forward to his blogs, they are always relevant to what I am working on and they ease the stress. The fact that he has made himself available via email is huge. I get stuck on things with no-one to help so to have Howard’s take on things and simply to be able to share the experience is exciting in itself. One very useful tip from this blog is to stop researching for the shiny new toy that is going to cure us. I do this and it usually makes matters worse. My heartfelt thanks to you Howard and everyone who believes they can heal themselves
      Kerry – Australia

    • says: Doing the recipe makes a difference.The following was my experience. From Feb, 2019, I started doing the complete recipe. In the first three weeks, I saw some symptoms being relieved. After that no progress in relief of symptoms. I continued doing the recipe till Dec, 2020. Gradually the relieved symptoms reappeared. By July 2021, my symptoms became so severe. I stopped driving. I once again started doing the recipe from July. In about a month, some of the symptoms were relieved. I was back to driving.The moral of the story: doing the recipe makes a difference.I encourage people to do the recipe, even though it seems not making any difference.
      Please go for 30 day challenge whether you are new or some one who discontinued it.

    • Uwe says: Hi everybody, you all are wonderful inspirers. Thank you for that. I made a commitment to myself: I do not stop the recipe until the day I am completely healed. I started the recipe on March 16, 2020. Sometimes the afternoon QiGong is not easy because of work. Than it gets delayed but never missed. My egomind and PD don’t have power over me.
      What helps is: I did sports all my life, and the discipline of making the finish line was never lacking. I see the finish line already, my egomind just has not kept up with me; but it will. Thank you Howard! All I know and all I do, to be healed, I know, because God gave me the grace to send you in my life. And I am very grateful for that (not only 10 times a day).

    • Heather P says: I started doing the challenge (the reduced one) last year but got derailed because of physical problems with a surgery that didn’t happen and insomnia, I am only getting about 3 hours broken sleep a night at the moment with a rare really good night being about 4 and a half hours… but I am sure that I felt better when I was doing it, so with Howard’s help and advice, I am going to try again…Thank you Howard and everybody who has contributed to this fantastic project!

    • Ulve says: Ulve from Estonia, I’m all in on the 30-day challenge!

    • Roger from Chicago says: The energy jumping off the page here makes me feel like the world is smiling!
      This year I can recommit to doing the Recipe every day and committ (as Howard describes above) to a Gratitude Journal. For today? My gratitude for Howard and every single one of you who are reading these words. Here’s to all of us fighting and winning!

    • Sharon S says: Howard, thank you so much for your encouragement. Please count me in!!

    • Raymond N says: Thank you Howard. I recommit to the whole recipe which I started Dec 2020. My advice is keep going despite days when you just want to go back to bed and when your symptoms suddenly appear worse. It is false western medicine ideas that make you believe that pain, stiffness, tremors mean something bad is happening. So far I am off the meds, have little anxiety, full sense of smell, no constipation and sleep well. BELIEVE that miracles happen. You CAN do it. All my love being sent from the emerald isle.Ray xx

    • * Russell S says: Thanks, Howard and all, for the opportunity to join this challenge with you. Count me in.

      * Ola says: Thank you Howard! Count me in! This helps me being accountable LOL!!

      * Sally H. says: I am jumping in for the 30 day challenge! Here we go everyone! Thank you, Howard. You are an inspiration, because you are changing the world for the better! God bless you.

      You are not your Parkinson’s symptoms…you are something more than symptoms…you are the loving, beautiful, caring, grateful essence of who you are. The symptoms may go up and down, but you remain strong, solid, and ready to cure yourself from Parkinson’s. Some of the people who posted these comments are just a bit ahead of you on this path toward recovery, and some of them are just like you getting started right now. They are committed to curing themselves from Parkinson’s!

      Now it is your turn. Jump in with both feet! Accept the challenge…make the commitment to yourself…grab onto the scaled-down version of the Recipe…make this your November to Remember for your Parkinson’s recovery. And, if you have been doing the Recipe already, re-commit yourself, challenge yourself…make this your November to Remember for your Parkinson’s recovery.

      One more bit of inspiration:

      Some people may say that it is impossible to recover from Parkinson’s. To them, let’s say:

      “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Audrey Hepburn

      “I have the power to heal myself.” “You have the power to heal yourself.” “Together we have the power to heal the world.”

      Every time another person starts down this path to recovery, together we are growing in numbers and we do have the power to heal the world from Parkinson’s.

      Make the commitment to yourself for recovery!

      Okay, everybody, put big smiles on your faces and chant together so the whole world can hear us kick off the best November to Remember ever:

      “Parkinson’s is curable. I am my own Parkinson’s cure. I am slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s. I am extraordinary. I am recovery. I am doing great! I’m possible!!

      AND, I AM WORTH IT!!!”

      All my best,


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    12 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and inspiration for the kick-off of my 30-day challenge 2021

    1. Yvonne says:

      Dear Howard,
      I thank you so very much for all your input, for your warmth and time you give.
      I want to go for the November month! Its the hardest thing to do, going to give it a real try. Kindest regards. Yvonne

    2. Val H says:

      Thank you for your comprehensive support package, Howard, and all your galvanizing words. I decided that, for the November challenge, I would try to move myself on with the Medical Qigong for the Liver. I have struggled with this since I started doing the Recipe in June 2019. I mean, I struggle with the Recipe as a whole, but building up to 10 repetitions of the MQFTL just once a day was challenge enough, so I only did it in the morning, when I have slightly more flexibility. However, a couple of days ago, I vowed to get myself ready for November by trying again in the evening, and I’m going to keep it up for 30 days and, hopefully, beyond. Let’s just say that if you compare me to the video of Howard demonstrating the sequence, one of us looks like an ironing board trying to put itself up … LOL.
      Wishing you dopamine sprinkles on your hot chocolate, Karen, and chi seeds on everyone’s daily bread!

      • Ray says:

        I too have trouble at times Val with the liver exercise. I find then what helps is to leave the hands in place and circle the elbows instead while slightly lowering the hips down, forward back and up. Your best intention is good enough. Good luck xx

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Witty as ever Val. Yes please to dopamine sprinkles . 🥰 Very impressive target for yourself, you go girl.. great suggestion from Rick. 😊xx

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Apologies Ray, I meant great advice from you , not Rick, for Val.
          Not that Rick doesn’t give great advice but on this occasion it was your advice I was referring to. I am going to stop typing now as I feel I am digging a bigger hole lol 😂 xx

    3. Linda M says:

      Greetings! This is my first time posting, although I have been quietly participating for a few years. I have benefited from your comments and cheers, so I add my voice to the posts.
      Nothing like a challenge to motivate renewed effort so I won’t miss this November challenge and being a part of this strong, focused, optimistic group. I certainly will not regret one day that I have put in the effort, but I know I will regret the days I do not.

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Linda, welcome to the gang. I was nervous when I posted my first time here, now they can’t shut me up lol 😊 xx

    4. Rick says:

      Here we go let’s fire it up. If Australia can keep going so can you. I’m not stopping until I’m over the line . Thinking of you all with much. Love 😊😊

    5. Helen says:

      Reading all the inspiring comments I am going to pull myself up and be more consistent. Every day is a new day and now is the time. Off to do the exercises. Love to all, Helen. Thank you Howard

    6. Margaret says:

      I’m in !
      Re-dedicating myself to continue the Recipe, quieting the mind, feeling joy and working on continuing to lower my Mucuna without fear!
      I AM WORTH IT!
      Thank you Howard and fellow warriors for all your encouragement and inspo!

    7. Jeannie R says:

      Dear Howard,

      Thank you for your motivation and ability to kick start my drive. I am doing the challenge and needed this to get my butt in gear. I am experiencing more chunks of time having a “golden nugget” and this along with the challenge keeps my eye on the prize.

      Much love.
      Jeannie, NY

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