Fighting Parkinson’s, and changing symptoms

In a recent coaching call, I was asked, “On the days when your symptoms were worse and you were scared, how did you overcome the fear?” My response was, “On the days when my symptoms were worse, I was not scared.” I then was asked, “How is that possible?” My response is the basis of today’s post.

If you look at the physical part of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, there are two main elements. The liver Medical Qigong exercises are designed to heal the liver and clean toxins from the body. This results in increased energy in the body. The kidney Medical Qigong exercises, Brain Vibration Chanting, Near Hand Far Hand, etc. are designed to increase energy and elevate it to the brain for distribution to the body.

The physical part of the Recipe is designed to increase energy in the body. When energy is increased and it is able to break through blockages in the energy flows, tremors and other symptoms decrease. That is a good day.

When energy is increased and it is not strong enough to break through blockages in the energy flows at that time, but instead is hitting the blockages repeatedly in its attempt to break them open, tremors and other symptoms increase. That is a good day.

So, for me, whether the symptoms were decreasing or increasing, it meant the same thing…I was being successful in generating more energy in my body for my recovery.

Everything in the Recipe is designed for recovery of the soul, mind, and body. If you are doing the Recipe, you are recovering from Parkinson’s no matter how your constantly changing symptoms appear. 

How you progress in your recovery when faced with worse looking symptoms largely is dependent on the attitude you take when looking at symptoms. If you are determining good days and bad days by what your symptoms are doing, you are not understanding this recovery…if you are doing the Recipe, they all are good days. You are alive, you are working on your recovery, and you are overcoming the negative thoughts associated with what your symptoms are doing. 

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Click here for more information on your attitude about your symptoms and your recovery.
Click here for a refresher on faith over fear.

Please determine how you are doing in your recovery by how you are feeling about yourself and your life in your recovery. Accept yourself for the beautiful, courageous person that you are. You are saying to yourself and the world, “I have the power to heal myself…AND I AM HAVING MY FULL RECOVERY!!!”

Yes you are. 

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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29 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and changing symptoms

  1. Marion says:

    Thank you for re-emphasizing the need to keep positive and visualize being cured – a critical step in overcoming any adversity in one’s life – health, emotional, financial, etc.

  2. Rick says:

    I use to find doing the jumper cable was the easiest thing to do when I first started out but now I’m further down the track my left arm and left leg are shaking a lot while exercising the jumper cable , so I’ve learnt to alternate from sitting to standing while still doing the cable to finish my 5 minutes! I guess this is great news as it’s breaking down my blockages and trying to open up the energy channels! I won’t give up until I’m fully recovered ! Thanks for insight Howard and love to everyone 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Rick, keep meaning to ask you how far is it from your house to the boat?
      I am old school, as in miles, not km’s. I should know the difference but I can visualise a mile quicker lol 🤔. xx

      • Rick says:

        Hi Karen, not far 4 miles, 8 miles round trip! Riding back is the hardest as we live on a hill but I’m still managing to ride up without getting off my bike, l just get of my saddle. I ride better than I walk lol 😆

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Rick that is still impressive. I renovated an old fashioned bike a few years ago ( no gears and a wicker basket on the front, we used to call them “high nellies”) . I did a fabulous job on it if I say so myself lol. I really miss cycling her. I called her Nell. 😁 Never did 8 miles on her though, not in one go. Lol xx

          • Rick says:

            Hi Karen, I’m cheating a bit as my mountain bike is 18 speed and carbon Fibre, 29inch wheels which makes it roll better 😊😊😊

          • Val H says:

            Hi Karen and Rick
            I hope you don’t mind but I burst out laughing, Karen, when I pictured you bowling along on something called a ‘high nelly’. I’ll join you sometime on my high horse.
            I’m impressed that you’ve renovated a bike and I’m beginning to think you meant it when you joked a while back that you were game to give Rick a hand swapping the engine in his boat.
            Rick, I envy you still being able to ride a bike. Notwithstanding all the assist features that you mentioned, you’re still pedalling and balancing.
            I used to own a very snazzy bike which looked like an Easy Rider. It drew admiring looks everywhere I went and I fancied myself no end on it, but I I couldn’t bear to think of it unloved in the garage with the tyres going down and the rust setting in, so I wheeled it across to my local park to give it away. A guy was gobsmacked when he remarked, ‘Nice bike’, and I responded: ‘It’s yours.’
            While I’m working at healing, I don’t want painful reminders of my immobility around me. I can always buy another bike – a High Nelly next time, which is probably more age appropriate for me than the boy racer look. LOL.
            Rick, I think we’ve had a conversation before (we’re all at it now, Karen!) about the jumper cabling and how it increases tremors – I think you said it was most noticeable in your pinkie finger. I do find that I’m jumping around in my seat during the jumper cabling and I also get very hot, which I’m guessing probably fits in with what Howard is saying this week about how the energy flow works.
            When I’ve got my eyes closed during the Medical Qigong Sound for Calming the Liver exercise, I often see a thin triskelion shape, like the Manx three legs symbol, which appears to be electrified and is whirling around. I hope this indicates useful electrical activity in my brain (there is a certain irony in that).
            If any newcomers are reading this, I would also like to welcome you to our club. It’s great to know that others are still coming fresh to Howard’s book and joining us all doing the Recipe.
            All the best to everyone.

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Hi Val, I was wondering when you would show up lol . What a FABULOUS thing to do, giving your bike away, that guy in the park will dine out on that story for years. A friend of mine now and again, does something similar (on a smaller scale). When she pulls up to pay for her car at the toll bridge, she pays for the car behind her too. 😇 she says sometimes it’s hilarious the looks she gets from the driver of the car as he/she, overtakes her,but for the most part, the drivers give her big smiles and thumbs.btw, I wasn’t joking about giving Rick a hand with the engine, my dad was a mechanic. I could change my cars oil, fit shock absorbers on its wheels, change a wheel ( every woman should learn how to change a wheel on her car 😊 especially pre mobile phones lol) OFCOURSE my sister and I would do these jobs together while my dad supervised and back then, we didn’t have electric cars. People are always surprised by this as I used to be really glamorous pre parky. I don’t give a monkeys what I look like these days. Lol
      Your visions while doing the recipe when your eyes are closed sound amazing!
      When I meditate I usually see colours, mainly purple which I love.
      Have a good week my friend xx😊
      ps. Laughed at “ we’re all at it now Karen”. 😃

      • Val H says:

        You have a good week, too, Rosie the Riveter. X

      • Rick says:

        Hi Val , I’m lucky I haven’t lost my balance but I did yoga prior to PD which required a lot of balancing which I still practice! I’m not as quick or agile as I use to be on the bike! One thing I’ve stopped doing is lifting my front wheel up to jump the curb as it pulls on my stiff shoulder but I have to remind myself I’m a 65years old lol 😆 When I get rid of my PD maybe I can pickup the pace 😍!

  3. Bob W says:

    All good days. Love it! Everyday! Thank you, Howard.

  4. Sakina says:

    Hello everyone.. this Sakina’s a beautiful day and I thank God for the blessings for giving us another day.. I have been doing the recipe for recovery religiously and I know the good lord is watching over us..he shall indeed bless us..Just have to keep faith and keep on moving even if some days are hard for us ..Ameen.. wishing all friends a safe weekend..God bless us all and help us reach our goals for recovery. Ameen.

  5. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and gang. I think I need to stick with just commenting on others post. I looked through a couple of posts recently and I seem to repeat myself . Lol
    I am obviously forgetting what I have written from the previous week, which I need to keep an eye on . I am 57 and my short term memory is knocking at the door 😊 BUT it is still a good day. 😁 it truly is.
    Big love to one and all.
    Karen xx💕

    • Rick says:

      Hey Karen , l keep saying the same thing too , but I can’t help myself lol . Keep posting as we love to hear from you and you don’t repeat and even if you do , who cares , I don’t xxx ! 😊😊😊

  6. Ray says:

    A much needed pep talk for me Howard at this time as I have been having a difficult few days. Increased tremors, stiffness, pains in my right arm and leg, headaches and I have been deaf in my left ear for several days. Occasionally my monkey brain tries to create FEAR but I know this is false evidence. PD makes the mistake of trying TOO hard. I am not fooled. Thanks Howard. Hang in there everyong. Love to all

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Ray, sorry to hear you having a rough time, but you still posted. 😊.
      I noticed you were missing in action last week. It sounds as if you have parky running scared as he seems to have all the big guns firing at you, but he’s met his match in you, my Irish friend. Hang in there! 😅
      Karen xx

  7. Hugh F says:

    New to the group and happy I’m connected to all of you. Just read Howard’s book and started the recipe. Hi everyone.

  8. Sakina says:

    Hello .. you are welcome Karen and thank you Mr Howard.. another beautiful day inspite of the stiffness, tremors and slow pace.. we can do it with faith and blessings from our friends and good lord.. I know all days are not the same , but let’s keep faith on the good lord and keep on with our recipe for recovery . God bless you all and thank you for your motivation and inspirational words Mr keeps us going 🙏🏼

  9. Rabindar says:

    I have been working on the Recipe for over 18 months and every day is a good day. Thank you Howard for the motivation and inspirational words.

  10. Sakina says:

    Hello dear friends.. this is Sakina from Houston, doing the recipe for recovery everyday and hanging in there inspite of symptoms.. waiting patiently for the Lord’s blessings. Patience is a virtue and I will keep on doing the recipe religiously.. God bless all, my dear friends.

  11. Jill F says:

    Good morning everyone. This is Jill from Tennessee. I turned 60 yesterday. I was diagnosed five years ago. I’ve been blessed that my symptoms have been relatively mild over the last several years and many people didn’t know I even had PD. That is no longer the case.

    I ordered Howard’s book in 2019 and started it then stuck it in a pile of research that I had accumulated. I pulled it out again this week and finished it. I believe in the healing power of God and have a strong faith. I also believe in God’s timing and this is His time for me to heal! I’m trying to wrap my head around all of the exercises and watching Howard‘s videos so I can begin the Recipe.

    I believe God puts people in your life for a reason a season or a lifetime and I believe now God put Howard and his book in my life maybe for all of those. Thank you Howard for giving me hope! I am about to push off! Here we go! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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