Fighting Parkinson’s, and Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2022, part 2

As we discussed in my last post, if you are reading this blog, then you have a different viewpoint of Parkinson’s disease, and thus, a different viewpoint of Parkinson’s awareness. Today, we take the discussion to a higher level.

Last year when I announced it as 2021…the year of faith, I used the acronym for FAITH as Feeling Aware In The Heart. Here is another look at that concept to raise you awareness even higher.

Faith says that you can get better from Parkinson’s.

When you have faith in your recovery, then your attitude is an attitude of strength and perseverance. And, with strong faith and a “can do” attitude, you take action by doing the soul, mind, and body recovery of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®.

This is FAITH:

Feeling Aware In The Heart!

Aware by definition is having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

Feeling aware of what? Your intrinsic nature as a spiritual being. The perception in your heart that your essence is spiritual…spiritual being in a human existence. How about that!

You are not your body…your body is an accumulation of food and drink. 
You are not your mind…your mind is an accumulation of thoughts and impressions. 
So, if you are not your body and you are not your mind, you must be something else, the something else that is doing the accumulating…your soul.

As relates to PD, your body has physical symptoms, and your mind has fear and anger and frustration and stress and anxiety. Your soul does not have PD. First heal the soul and the mind and body will follow. Once you can let go of the attachment to the body (physical symptoms) and the attachment to the mind (negative emotions) and you can feel safe and secure in your soul, your PD improves because you feel safe and secure in being you, with no self-criticism. 

Let go of the attachment to the old perception of who you are (PD and all), and become the new you (no PD), the you that you cannot describe because you are doing and being, not thinking and over-thinking.

Feeling Aware In The Heart!

I have said for a long time that the soul is not impacted by Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a mind and body disease. The soul healing is how you feel about yourself. I do not feel that you can give a spiritual being a human disease. You cannot give Parkinson’s to the air or cancer to the ocean. 

Here is a meditation to assist you in experiencing the awareness that you are a spiritual being. Sit in a quiet spot and meditate:

On the inhale, think, “I am not the body.”
On the exhale, think, “I am not even the mind.”
Repeat for at least 5 minutes.

Feeling Aware In The Heart!

Are you filled with FAITH? Are you feeling aware in the heart? Are you having the perception in your heart that your essence is spiritual? Are you following the Recipe, which is a soul, mind, and body recovery protocol? If your answers are yes, yes, yes, yes, then you are on your way to your full recovery fully supported by the Recipe and your intrinsic spiritual nature. Good for you!

This is the new awareness with Parkinson’s, and having a knowing faith that you will be cured!

Okay, let’s chant this together for the whole world to hear:

“I am filled with FAITH!

I am Feeling Aware In The Heart!

I am worth it!!!”

All my best,


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22 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2022, part 2

  1. Neil S says:

    Thanks for keeping up all the positive energy!

  2. Sakina says:

    Good Morning Mr Howard. Yes we are having faith and we are following the recipe, which is a soul, mind and body recovery everyday and we are on our way to full recovery. Thank you for the positivity energy Mr Howard . Happy Friday and wonderful weekend . God Bless.🙏🏼

  3. Tery and Werni says:

    Thanks to remind us of this very truth, dear Howard!!!

  4. W’Ren says:

    Fiirst heal the soul and the mind and body will follow.

    I love this and it is just what I needed to hear today.

    You are awesome Howard

  5. Sally H. says:

    Oh my gosh, Howard. That message is profound and Spirit inspired. So well said! When I retired last year I finally had time to look at who I had become. I saw a person put together by life’s circumstances and peoples effect on my life. I saw so many things I was not happy about. Face down before My Lord, I surrendered everything and He healed me of me. Now He is putting me back together the way He had intended. I feel like a new born, growing up all over again. This time, I chose the right road to follow. Glory be to God. I am happier and more at peace, than I have ever been in my life. Keep speaking the Truth, Howard. I know all of us with PD have our own beliefs, but we are all on the same path to heal ourselves. God bless you. 🌻

  6. Chris M says:


    Thank you for this excellent message!! One place I still get a little hung up on is:

    “Your soul does not have PD. First heal the soul and the mind and body will follow.”

    If the soul does not have PD, what are we to heal it from and what methods should we employ?

    I can imagine something like doing things to enhance feelings of love, joy and gratitude in myself and others as a way to re-energize the soul so that it can resume it’s proper leadership role in the soul, mind, body triad??

    Any help you or others can give me on this important point would be most welcome!

    Love and blessings,


  7. Rabindar says:

    What a powerful message on Faith. With Faith in the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery, and with your support and encouragement we will one day recover.

  8. Val H says:

    Such a pity that we human beings are self-polluting. I love the idea of being as pure as the air or the ocean. The discussion between Chris and Howard about how to promote the soul to pole position is helpful. Body and mind are currently in their element. So, for the soul to lead, it demands a shift in consciousness to live a spiritual existence in a material world – probably good practice for when temporal things fall away and everyone is pure soul.
    To mark World Parkinson’s Day on April 11, I’ve sent a friend with Parkinson’s, whose birthday falls on that day, a red tulip card (although, personally, I think the trembly fritillary would make a better PD emblem) and a printout of Howard’s previous blog post.

    • Chris M says:

      Hi Val,

      “to live a spiritual existence in a material world –”

      One of my favorite expressions for this comes from the Native American tradition: to walk in a sacred manner.

      Love and blessings, Chris

  9. Roger W says:

    Great discussion! Prompts something I have been thinking about lately– “Is there a music of healing the soul?” Recalling the hymn “Balm in Gilead”

    There is a balm in Gilead
    To make the wounded whole;
    There is a balm in Gilead
    To heal the sin-sick soul.

  10. Rick says:

    Another great message thank you Howard! Tony C did 2 years doing the recipe until he recovered, that has to be admired! I’m at 15 months now doing the recipe and on the road to recovery! As Tony C said towards the end, it’s time to let that Dopamine flow like rain, and it did! I find reading peoples testimonials is very helpful! Who’s next 😍😍😍

  11. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, I hope you don’t mind but as today is 11th April, World Parkinson’s Day, I would just like to say a few words about my hero, my stepbrother Gary. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, in the last few years he developed a rare neurological disease called MSA., because of the combination of both diseases his deterioration has been cruel to witness. He never complains even when he falls five or six times a day. His speech is barely audible . He can’t walk anymore. He can’t use the bathroom by himself. He loves life and people so much and what everyone knows when they think of him is, he is always laughing . He never lets the disease stop him ever. He was a great footballer and would always get someone to bring him to all his sons football matches,hail,rain or snow . He is always full of fun and a joy to be around.
    A few months ago, he had to go into a nursing home as he was not able to do anything for himself. At only 54, that was so devastating for the family..
    Last Sunday morning he stopped breathing but as his eyes were open they resuscitated him. He hung on to life until all his siblings came home from Uk to say goodbye. Monday morning God called home one of his finest. We are all devastated.,but so happy that he has no more struggle or suffering. He will always be my hero for the way he handled the diseases. He used to tell me that when I was healed from The Recipe, he would follow but we both knew that the MSA would get him no matter what he tried.
    Howard, I appreciate you letting me post this tribute. I know all my fellow warriors feel for me, but truly I don’t need you to tell me here on the blog. This weeks message is a very powerful message about Soul. Sadly Gary had no faith in spirit or of the power and love of God. His faith was in the medical world .
    I hope everyone is doing well.
    Big Love, Karen xx 💕

    • Rick says:

      Hi Karen , Gary sounds like an amazing person , 54 is so young . I’m 66 in 2 months and feel very fortunate compared to others . Thank you for sharing and it’s lovely to hear from you . Funny I was just thinking of you this morning! Much love xxxx

      • Karen In Ireland says:

        Hi Rick, thank you for your kind words. Nice to hear that you thought of me, as Howard says, we are all connected. I believe that myself. xx 💕

    • Val H says:

      … just to say hello, then. I miss you when you’re not on the blog. I have come to expect powerful content plus love and laughter. R.I.P. joyous Gary. Val

      • Karen In Ireland says:

        Hi Val, your first line made me smile “ just to say hello then “ 😇
        Love and laugher I can do in bucket loads, powerful content is your department.
        Thanks friend. xx 💕

  12. Ola says:

    YES, YES, YES, YES! I am the Soul, I am free, I am grateful and life is AMAZING!!

    Thank you Howard for coaching me to this AMAZING life! If a “control freak” like me can do it, anybody can!! We all can!!

    Love to All,


  13. Ray says:

    Thanks Howard. sorry for your loss Karen. I have had a challenging few days as PD continues to throw everything at me. I am still doing the recipe + every day although some exercises are becoming harder due to the symptoms. I know the end is in sight although don’t know when. I feel a shift in my very soul has recently occurred to keep me going through a tough time. Keep the faith friends. Love xxx

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Thanks Ray. Stay strong, as we say in Ireland, as you know “ it takes a long road that has no turn” xx

  14. Susan K-S says:

    Thank you Howard! My heart is blessed by the truth of your words!!

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