Fighting Parkinson’s, and love defeats fear, part 2

When I wrote last week’s blog post, I was not anticipating a part 2. However, ”love defeats fear” sparked lively conversations about getting to the point of self love. Today I will share what I did to get my internal self love dialogue under way.

When I had Parkinson’s, and I was working on the emotional and spiritual healing, I had the sense that I needed to have self love to move into the final stages of my recovery. The biggest problem for me was that I felt the idea of self love was repulsive.

As a result of feeling this way, my internal turmoil was at the breaking point and was crippling me physically and emotionally. I decided that I needed to embark upon the path of self love. It began with the following conversation with myself.

1. Do you think God loves you? Yes.
2. If God loves you, don’t you think it is a bit disrespectful to God to not be loving yourself? Yes, but I still cannot do it.
3. Do you believe that there is a part of God inside you, your soul, that lights you up energetically and gives you this life? Yes.
4. Can you nurture that seed of God inside you and help it grow, knowing that as it grows from deep inside and pushes away the toxicity of the mind and the body thus consuming you with radiant light, that your love of God inside you equates to love of yourself, or self love? That I can do.

So, how did I nurture the seed of God inside me and help it grow? I needed to change my personal vibration in the Universe.

I felt that my personal vibration was like a fingerprint, unique to the essence of who I was, my authentic spiritual self. I felt that there were four areas where my vibration was the strongest:
1. What I said.
2. How I acted.
3. What I thought.
4. How I felt.

Each of these words, actions, thoughts, and feelings sent out a vibration. If all of the vibrations were flowing in a positive, loving, joyful, compassionate, grateful, and accepting manner regarding everything that was being offered into my life, then my vibration and God’s vibration would be in synchronicity.

At that point, I was no longer resisting what God was offering into my life and I flowed through life in a calmer, more accepting manner, with my newly-found-again radiant smile on my face, Spirit Howard, fully consumed with self love, on my way to finishing my recovery.

Everybody has the opportunity to find self love and full recovery.You can do it!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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11 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and love defeats fear, part 2

  1. Rick says:

    I love to walk, I love to run, l love to swim, I love to cycle, in fact I love most sports! What I’ve started doing with my short walks is mixing it up with walking and running, I may be a bit shaky on it but I’m doing it! I may have PD but it’s not going to own me. I’m doing this with love and respect for myself. Parkinson’s will not own me 😀😀😀

    • W'Ren says:

      Here here brother!

      I have been an avid cyclist for most of my adult life. Cycled across Canada, around Cuba and on…. In the New year I dusted off my fixed gear and started riding again. I came alive and then realised that my 51 year old body doesn’t like the single speed in my hilly and windy home….So I bought a Pedego electric bike and my life is rejuvenated. Hills, wind, and loaded panniers – No problem. Spinning easy all the time.

      These symptoms this body is experiencing have been a great teacher and will not rule my life either. When they are released I will be grateful to them for being such a powerful education….and I won’t miss them. :)

  2. Val H says:

    Great blog, Howard; a thoughtful and useful insight into how to overcome a few obstacles to physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally opening up to healing – specifically, how to surmount the barrier of loving oneself when it feels awkward, embarrassing, self-indulgent and, as you say, repulsive even.
    Re your conversation with yourself, I tried putting the same questions to myself and the answers were: 1. Sometimes; 2. Yes, but I still don’t feel worthy; 3. Unreservedly; 4. Um, I WANT to.
    I still need to work on myself and, paradoxically, stop working on myself and let my unique personal vibration connect with God and the universe, and become in everyday life the spiritual being I am in essence.
    Karen, I would like to give you the belated birthday gift of a beautiful exposition of love by a compatriot of yours. You said last week that words were powerful, whether written, spoken or sung, and I think this recording is an aural and visual treat.
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s on my 58th birthday. I guess that makes me lucky that I didn’t get it/know about it earlier. I hope you go into your next decade without Parkinson’s, you lovely person. I wish you and everyone else on the blog newness and happiness, anyway. God bless. Val

    • Rick says:

      Thank you for sharing Val , beautiful video 😀😀😀

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Val, I got a lump in my throat reading your beautiful words to me, thank you from my heart. I then was riddled with goosebumps when I listened to Imelda May’s stunning poem “ Home”. I remember her reciting it on a chat show here. I got goosebumps as I listened back then as well . I really admire her, as she is so raw with her truth about herself . The video is simply beautiful, I hadn’t seen it before. Thank you my lovely friend for such a thoughtful gift , it meant a lot to receive it and your wishes for my next decade. God bless your generous heart, your gesture truly touched my soul. Big love, Karen xx 💕

  3. Margaret says:

    Beautiful post and really breaks down into an easier way to understand what self love is. I’m working hard on it and I will get there!
    Thank you Howard!
    Lots of Love and healing to my fellow warriors
    Beautiful video Val – Love it!

  4. Chris M says:

    I like the idea of my will being in sync with God’s will, thus ending resistance and blowing the wheels off the ego mind!

  5. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, awesome post. Short & sweet & powerful, AND easy to remember.
    I am doing a lot of spiritual reading and study these days which I find empowering and essential with this relentless mind of mine. Four of your words I am going to remember, and be aware of daily, what I Say, Act, Think & Feel. SATF, SATF,SATF. Right, I’ve got it.
    Big love to you and all my fellow warriors.
    Karen xx 💕

  6. Colette says:

    Oh Howard, just as I am about to give up, you bring hope home again. I will practice loving myself more every day. I believe love can heal me with the love of God by my side. Thank you for the love you have for all of us and for the hope and help you bring every week. May God bless you in many wonderful ways. Love, Colette

  7. Judy M says:

    Hi Howard,

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help people with Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013. The Neurologist just bluntly said you have Parkinson’s…. go home at take these pills and come back in six months. No examination or anything else. I did not know there was any hope for recovery or any alternative than to take the medication. I read your book and was so encouraged. Thank you! I started doing the recipe for recovery. I already feel better with so much hope in my heart. May God bless you abundantly and continue to use you in the lives you touch.
    Love, Judy M

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