Fight Parkinson’s, and more extreme temperatures

Today, as mentioned in my previous post, I was anticipating posting the full length video of Medical Qigong for the Liver. Sally and I made the video yesterday, but with a 3 mb Wi-Fi, the video simply would not upload to YouTube. Okay. Apparently, the video was not supposed to be posted today. Thank you for the opportunity to write about something else.

The something else I will be writing about today is more extreme temperatures and how they relate to your Parkinson’s. By the way, I am anticipating being able to get the video uploaded in the next week and posting it next Friday.

Here we go again. In the Northern Hemisphere it is summer, and many of you have been facing extreme heat. In the Southern Hemisphere it is winter, and many of you have been facing extreme cold. Each of these causes symptoms to look worse. Keep your faith and defeat your fear…you ARE NOT getting worse!

You need to realize that you are impacted by weather. I have discussed this in the past, but everybody needs a refresher as people have gotten afraid of increased symptoms over these last couple of weeks.

Parkinson’s sufferer’s in the Northern Hemisphere have been impacted in a harsh way during these last few weeks of summer. If you look in the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, in cause number 2, you will see that heat agitates wind. This means that internal heat makes you have larger tremors. As you know, larger tremors will set off a worse-looking set of other symptoms.

In the Southern hemisphere, the cold weather tightens rigidity and increases tremors. The body is using extra energy to stay warm. However, your Parkinson’s body was low on energy to begin with, so when the body is needing more energy to stay warm, you will suffer with increased symptoms.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the record hot weather has caused people to experience dizziness and fatigue. The difficulty with staying hydrated has caused increases in tremors and slowness. The body is using extra energy to stay mobile. However, your Parkinson’s body was low on energy to begin with, so when the body is needing more energy to stay mobile, you will suffer with increased symptoms.

This does not equate to you getting worse with Parkinson’s. It equates to a shifting in energy for comfort and survival. In the Northern Hemisphere, the body needs a certain amount of water to stay hydrated and to use perspiration to regulate body temperature, and it is prioritizing its energy. In the Southern Hemisphere, the body needs a certain amount of warmth and it is prioritizing its energy. That’s all!

Please know that you are not only impacted by weather, but also that the Parkinson’s body is moving very slowly inside. As a result, recuperating from the effects of extreme weather takes time, so do not be afraid.

When I had Parkinson’s, here is an example of how I realized how slowly my body was moving inside. One evening, Sally and I had roasted beets with our dinner. The next morning, Sally reminded me that beets will bring a reddish color into urine and bowels, so not to be afraid if I saw red in my urine or bowels.

It was three and four days later that there was a reddish color in my urine and bowels. After my full recovery, the reddish color from the beets appeared the same day or the next day.

I offer this story so you can understand that heat or cold has built up inside of you and exacerbated your symptoms. By the time your symptoms appeared worse, the heat or cold already had taken hold of you on the inside, but it had taken a number of days to appear as worse-looking symptoms. Drinking plenty of water and eating cooling foods (you can go on Google and look up cooling foods) will start the process of cooling you down (or warming foods for those on the Southern Hemisphere to warm you up).

Since you already are behind the heat or cold, and your body is moving slowly inside, it will take some time to catch up to the heat or cold.

As you have been struggling, it is important to know that your best is good enough. Not only do you need to know this, but you need to know that each day “your best” will be different than the day before. Don’t judge or criticize yourself…just do your best. And, let your faith defeat your fear.

Click here for a refresher that your best is good enough.

Click here for a refresher on faith over fear.

Be strong. We will get through these extreme temperatures together.

Here is a way to approach the situation and help your recovery: Every time you see an increased symptom, announce to your symptom, “This is caused by the extreme heat (or extreme cold). It is not caused by Parkinson’s getting worse.” Blame the heat. Blame the cold. DO NOT blame the Parkinson’s. You are getting better!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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23 Responses to Fight Parkinson’s, and more extreme temperatures

  1. Robert C says:

    Thanks Howard for the information about the extreme temperature and how it affects the body!

  2. Lynn O says:

    Thanks Howard for your encouragement. I look forward to reading your post every week. It helps more than you know.

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for this post, dear Howard, I will blame my recent worsening of symptoms on the stress that i have been under, for the last month or two as well as the incredible heat of the last couple of days…

    thank you for always giving me (us) hope!!!

    • Cynthia (from England) says:

      Heather, you’re doing great and part of this community of warriors – we are all there for each other on this journey, brought together by Howard.
      Thank you Howard – not quite sure where I’d be without you x

  4. Val H says:

    You’re right, Howard. We do need a refresher about this extreme temperature thing – I do, anyway, as I’m definitely struggling with my symptoms right now and had forgotten to factor in the searing 80s° Fahrenheit heat, which doesn’t suit my British constitution.
    I remember with affection traditional English summer holidays by the sea when I was a kid – being booted out of the guesthouse after breakfast and not allowed back before the evening meal, so trudging around in the freezing August rain to kill time. Seems like heaven now. LOL.
    Next Monday, it will be exactly three years since I started the Recipe. I’m going to treat the new videos as a new start and hope they’ll nudge me along the road to Recoveryville.

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Hi Val, I wish we were getting a little taste of your heatwave in the Emerald Isles. Every time my sister FaceTime’s me, on her day off, she is relaxing in the shade from the heat, swinging in her hammock. She lives in Uk. I am still sitting in the evenings with a soft blanket around my legs.
      I like your idea of a new start with the new video on your 3rd anniversary. Let’s hope that God willing, this will be your last year! ( of the recipe 😁) lol

      • Val H says:

        Hi Karen. I’m better now the central heating’s back on. LOL. I think I might have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in reverse because endless undifferentiated bright and sunny days tend to make me depressed. How contrary is that?
        You wanna watch sitting around with a soft blanket over your legs – you’ll end up with one of those feral cats in your lap. 😸
        I wish you and us all the same. RECOVERY.
        God bless. Val

        • Cynthia (from England) says:

          I too can get quite low on bright sunny days Val and don’t know why as I’m a person who has always thrived in the light and sunshine. Maybe it’s because I can’t move and get about like I used to and also I have the beginnings of cataracts which can’t help as I find the light too bright – there really is no pleasing some people! Xx

          • Val H says:

            Hi Cynthia. You’re the only other person I’ve ever known to have experienced this ‘good weather effect’ on mood, so thanks for sharing that with me. My aunt suffers from photophobia and wears shutter shades to filter out the light – dead cool! Cataracts and all the joys of getting older, eh? Val 😎

    • Rick says:

      Wow Val , three years that’s impressive . A true warrior . On my bike to the boat now for the affo xxx 😀😆😆😆

  5. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, I love the way you are so chilled about the video not sending. I do trust that everything happens in divine order BUT when it comes to technology, 😜 in your shoes, I would have been spitting feathers. Lol. God bless your patience. 😇.
    ps. A belated Happy 68th Birthday to my fellow Irishman, Ray for 13th June from last weeks post. Hope you had a few treats my friend. xx
    Thanks Howard. Big Love to you and all warriors.
    Karen 💕xx

    • Ray says:

      Go raibh mile maith agat Karen. The Irish weather is rather more like winter currently, but at least we live in the 3rd most peaceful country in the world according to the news. I am currently feeling mentally peaceful as I hope you are. Keep doing your best with the recipe. Good luck and one day we will prevail. XX
      PS thank you Howard as ever

  6. Sakina K says:

    Hello Mr Howard!! Thank you for the message in regards to the extreme weather temperatures.. God Bless . Very informative ..💕🙏🏼💕

  7. Roger W says:

    Howard! Your message in the extreme weather is perfectly timed. Thank you!

  8. Nancy R says:

    Looking forward to your new videos, Howard, but also grateful for your model of flexibility in the face of adversity. There is a lesson for us in your response ♥️

  9. Rosalie says:

    Thank you, Howard! So great to be reminded that nothing will permanently impede our progress if we “keep on keeping on” in faith and in action too. Blessings to you all!

  10. Rick says:

    Hi Ray , happy birthday for the 13th June , is the correct! I was a 66 on the 14th June. I’m still doing the full recipe, a bit behind you brother. I won’t give up 😀😀😀

    • Karen In Ireland says:

      Hi Rick, isn’t that interesting that you and Ray are only a day apart on your birthday’s, as if my memory serves me right , you both started the recipe within a week of each other. I love coincidences like that. 😁 There’s a saying I love “coincidence is when God remains anonymous “ 😇. Belated Happy birthday for the 14th June. 66, you’re only a young fellow, and you certainly have the energy and attitude of a man ,half your age. 😊. Keep on rocking amigo. xx

    • Ray says:

      Thanks Rick. I know I am winning as old parky is trying too hard to fool me. That’s its mistake. I tell it “I don’t believe you”. I no longer have constipation, dyskinesia, terrible anxiety and insommnia. Keep up the good work. We will prevail.

  11. Jeannie, NY says:

    Thank you for the reminder of how temperatures affect us. From running to empty my bladder constantly, due to the AC being too cool and when it is off I want to step out in the 95 degree weather to cool off LOL, (I kid you not) I can not find a happy medium.

  12. Rabindar says:

    Thanks for the information how temperature affects Parkinson’s. I am in a way lucky to be living near the equator where temperatures do not fluctuate to affect my condition.

  13. Colette B says:

    Hello Howard, as usual I am late writing to you. Congratulation on your 12 years and so many thanks for doing the full length videos. It is very helpful. I wanted to thank you for the information on the extreme temperature. I must say that 80 F would be heaven for me. We have been in the 100F for a while and a whole week at 106 -109F. My symptoms are worse; I feel like I am going backwards but I keep the faith. Thank you Howard for always encouraging all of us to keep on going one day at a time. Many blessings to you dear Howard.

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