Fighting Parkinson’s, and Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health full length video 

As mentioned in my June 12th blog post, in celebration of 12 years cured of Parkinson’s, I will be doing full-length videos of every exercise in the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. I will post them in future blog posts and insert them into the Recipe, put them on my resources page, and have them on my YouTube channel.

Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health.

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Bring the backs of your hands across the kidneys and around to the front so that the backs of your hands are facing each other in front of your navel.
3. Raise your arms up in this position until the backs of your hand reach chin level.
4. Rotate you elbows down so your palms are facing each other like holding a small ball in front of your chin.
5. Exhale and squat down while saying Chui. (it is pronounced chew).
6. Stand back up out of the squatting position.
7. Repeat for a total of 6 inhalations and 6 exhalations.

As you can see, I did this at a moderate pace. If you need to do it faster or slower, or if you need to lean forward to keep your balance, please do it at your pace and for your safety.

Thank you for joining in my 12-year cured from Parkinson’s anniversary celebration. I am happy to be doing Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health with you each day. More to come.

You are worth it!

All my best,


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10 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health full length video 

  1. Sakina K says:

    Good morning. 🙏🏼💕🙏🏼

  2. Val H says:

    I love these videos, Howard, and I love seeing YOU. You are giving us the best possible chance to put Parkinson’s behind us. Thank you. You are a great guy.

  3. Chris M says:

    Thanks Howard, great refresher course for the recipe! I will know more than I ever knew!!

  4. Vincent says:

    Ahhh just like the Medical Qigong Sound for Calming the Liver, I was dragging out the sound… Chewwwwww :p

  5. Alison says:

    Hello Howard,

    Just to say that it’s really refreshing to do the exercises with you!
    There are little details that I can pick up and change.
    In this case my “chew” was long and slow, and now I tried a more dynamic
    version! Makes a nice change!
    So many thanks to you Howard.

  6. Rabindar says:

    Howard, thank you for the video on the technique of doing Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health.

  7. Colette says:

    Hello Howard, I am so happy about all the videos you are making. It gives me more confidence and hope knowing I am doing it right. Also I want to thank you Val and all the warriors for sticking together and encouraging one another. I need that.
    Howard, you are a blessing to all of us. Thank you.

  8. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, well done, another great video performed in your usual encouraging way. 😊. Hi to all my warrior friends. Hope we all having a good week. If you are struggling remember, “this too shall pass”, it always does with old man parky.
    Big love to one and all.
    Karen xx 💕

  9. Judy R says:

    I am so ready to release my Parkinson’s with your help and guidance Howard.

    I thank you from my heart in advance.

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