Fighting Parkinson’s, and let’s eat

Okay, I like to eat. So, here you are: You go out to a restaurant, you open the menu, you decide what you want to eat, and you place your order. Simple enough? Yes. And what does this have to do with your Parkinson’s recovery? Everything!

After you place your order and hand the menu back to the server, you have to let go of control of the preparation of your meal, how long it will take to prepare, and how it will be presented to you at your table. You have to have faith that it all will turn out exactly how you want it. This is the same way you proceed forward in your recovery doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®.

When you do the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Recipe, you then need to let go of control of how the recovery will occur, how it will feel while the recovery is occurring, and how long it will take to occur. However, just like in the restaurant, you have complete faith that eventually your meal, your full recovery, will be exactly how you want it.

How your time is spent between the placing of your order for your meal and its arrival at your table is a choice. You can choose to stare at the kitchen door, and you can choose to keep looking at your watch, and you can choose to call over the server and repeatedly ask how long will it be for your meal to arrive…OR…you can choose to engage in conversation with your companions, and you can choose relax because somebody else is preparing your meal, and you can choose to look around and enjoy the decor of the restaurant. These all are choices.

Same with the Recipe. You can choose to live in uncomfortableness of your Parkinson’s symptoms and be impatient about your recovery…OR…you can choose to accept that you have done the Recipe, that your best is good enough, that your soul, mind, and body are healing you, and you can choose to engage in conversation with your companions, choose to relax because you know you have done your part in your recovery, and you can choose to look around and enjoy the enjoy the sights and sounds of life. Faith in your path and faith in your full recovery make these positive choices easier.

BUT, what if your meal is served to you and it is cold instead of hot or it is not what you envisioned it would be? You send it back to the kitchen with an explanation to the server of what you want. Why do you do this? Because you realize that you are worthy and deserving of getting your meal exactly how you want it. And as a result of this, you are not afraid of insulting the server, the chef, or the kitchen staff.

You place yourself in a position of vulnerability because you open up your heart and say, “This is not what I want, and I would ask that you please have this prepared the way I want it.” And you have faith that eventually you will get exactly what you want.

Each day you do the Recipe is just like that. Each morning when you wake up, if the Parkinson’s is still there, you place yourself in a position of vulnerability because you open up your heart and say, “This is not what I want, and I am going to place my order again (do the soul, mind, and body aspects of the Recipe) so that I can get what I want (bringing life back into balance, full recovery, cure).” And you have faith that eventually you will get exactly what you want.

So, my friends, your full recovery is on the menu. Keep ordering it by doing the Recipe every day and receive your recovery exactly how you want it. Keep your faith strong and KNOW that you are worthy and deserving of your full recovery.

What is on my menu? Click here to see some of the food that Sally cooks for us at home. There are pictures and recipes. (When I clicked this link to proofread this blog post, I learned that Instagram now requires an Instagram account or Facebook account to read the recipes).

What is on your menu? Full Recovery from Parkinson’s! May I take you order?

Let’s eat!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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19 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and let’s eat

  1. Rick says:

    Thanks Howard, great analogy 😀😀😀 love and blessings to everyone

    • Val H says:

      Hello Rick! I was wondering where you’d got to. And Karen (hint, hint). I exchanged comments with Colette recently and it definitely does help to have some distracting conversation while waiting for recovery to arrive. So, if you fancy joining me for an aperitif and bringing me up to speed with what’s happening in your life, the drinks are on me.
      As for Sally’s beautiful dishes, if that’s her ‘everyday’ kitchen, I’d love to see what she does when she’s pushing the boat out!
      I’m enjoying this lovely day in England that’s just right after the heatwave followed by wonderful rain that made me literally cry with happiness.
      Well, Rick. I often think of you when I’m doing the Recipe because I know you are sticking with it religiously, and it gives me strength to do the same. I also never miss a day of doing the Medical Qigong for the Liver with Howard.
      I join you in sending love and blessings to everyone.
      Val 😎

      • Rick says:

        Thanks Val , if I don’t post I’m still around fighting for that win . I’m with you all the way 😀😀😀

      • Karen In Ireland says:

        Hi Val, sorry I missed roll call last week. I am guilty of going down the rabbit hole when I find a new artist in music or spirituality..
        I came across a beautiful song “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God” so then I had to find other songs, and then the singer shared some testimony about her experience with God and that was me down the rabbit hole lol. I only go online twice a day, so when I come across things that give me goosebumps, I lose track of everything else. That doesn’t mean I forget about you all, the friends I have made on here ( the ones that reply to me lol) get a mention by name in my prayers at night, but I always finish by including “ and all Howard’s warriors “ 😇
        I am VEEEEERRRRYYY impressed with you lady, not missing a day of doing the liver routine with Howard. I agree with you about Rick, he too is inspirational, although Rick , you’re saying less these days and then I think, your on the go so much, if you’re not doing the recipe, you are cycling up hills and down mountains lol, or working on your boat. 😁 that computer time is a hit or miss affair. 😊 I’m just jealous of your energy levels my friend.xx
        Keep on keeping on Val, you Rock my friend.xx

        • Rick says:

          Hi Karen , yes I have a lot on the go ! Qigong, walking , light weights and dropping and picking up my 10year old daughter of at school. Had a starting issue on my new engine , funny the engine supplier was quick to blame my set up but the end result was there is special way to start it and he didn’t know his own product, typical blame game , starts instantly now / so it should for 27k ! Of for 20 min soon thru the bush land . Lots of love 😀😀🥹

        • Val H says:

          Hmm. Is that allowed – you going off-piste? LOL. I do know what you mean, though, about serendipitous discoveries leading you through a labyrinth.
          Thanks so much for the name check in your prayers. I also pray for us warriors.
          When I’m doing the MQFTL with Howard, I feel closer to recovery because his presence inspires confidence and he’s so kind!
          Glad to hear that our Aussie friend is still setting the pace. But did I read that right? 27k for an engine??? I’d expect a whole new boat for that!
          Anyway, if I don’t see you guys on the blog any time, I’ll assume you’re busy with your adventures and wait for a postcard!
          Miss you already! Val 🤗

          • Karen In Ireland says:

            Val sounds like you are going to be going on your own adventures soon, as you are sounding so positive, God bless you. Sailor boy is just bragging about his posh boat. Rick, it better have two extra berths for Val and I as we will be dropping by on our way to New Zealand as I have family there. We have decided that the only place that we have some chance of Not bumping into any snakes, is out at sea. Lol. So a weekend on your cruiser is our visit to Aussie covered on our celebration tour. 😇xx
            Val you old softie, your “miss you already” warmed my heart .xx 🥰

  2. Kathy says:

    I am so thrilled at the possibility of healing! And I believe so much of what you say and do actually contribute to healing of other conditions.

    My question is, in you experience, is it necessary for everyone to adhere to the type of diet (vegetarian) that led you to health?

    • Howard says:

      Hi Kathy,

      If one does not become vegetarian, I feel they still can have a full recovery. In that case, I feel that eating less animal protein and eating more vegetable protein, fruits, vegetables, bean, lentils, greens, and grains, plus lowering or eliminating white sugar and dairy, will benefit greatly in this recovery journey.

      Love and blessings,

  3. Paul says:

    I really feel your love of life and your humour towards pd with this post but at the same time the profound truth of the analogy! Ty Howard

    Also I have recently tried one of those amazing recipes that your Sally makes and I just wanted to ask – Do you deliver? They are great!
    Maybe you can start a café – Sally’s Sugar-free café?

  4. Kevin says:

    Thank you Howard. This is a great analogy and is the encouragement I have needed recently. It is is so easy to begin to ask “How much longer?” for full recovery. It is also helpful to have the reminder to love myself enough and to know that I am worthy to keep place my order again until it is delivered as envisioned,



  5. Roger W says:

    I love the image of staring at the kitchen door and waiting for it to open instead of all the other choices available in that restaurant. I know that door and I love the moments I stop staring at it.

  6. Maree in Melbourne says:

    Hi Howard,
    Thanks for another wonderful piece of advice “I realised that yes, I want to recovery but
    still let. fear take over when I presume symptoms are getting worse. Yes trying to control
    what goes on in the kitchen, that’s me.”
    I shall trust more and have faith that recovery is going to happen when I am ready
    Maybe there is more to be learnt. Amen

    Love to all, from Maree

  7. Ray says:

    Thanks for the continued motivitation Howard. This path is hard but the rewards are worth it. Never lose faith, have total belief and above all ENJOY the journey. Love xx

  8. Colette says:

    Hello Howard, yet another way to look at Parkinson’s and recovery. Patience with the process, just feeling something is happening somewhere in my body, that is recovery for me. I love it!
    Thank you again.
    Many blessings to you and Sally and her wonderful cuisine.

  9. Rabindar says:

    Howard, I like the analogy of Parkinson’s recovery with the menu food ordered at a restaurant. I will keep ordering it by doing the Recipe every day and with faith, I will eventually receive the recovery how I want it.

  10. Karen In Ireland says:

    Hi Howard,
    Great post, lovely analogy. I do love my food. The third paragraph would be my weak spot. Letting go of control 🙄, how it will feel and how long will it take 🙄. I am fairly ok with the faith, but I am contradicting myself by feeling the above. Lol. So I think it is safe to say that Karen still has some work to do on herself. 🤔
    Your blogs always give me food for thought ( did you see what I did there lol) 😊
    Talking of food, I agree with Val, if that is Sally’s everyday food, I will be dropping by for a visit. 🥰
    I hope everyone in a good headspace.
    Big love to one and all.
    Karen xx. 💕

  11. Sakina K says:

    🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Love ❤️ and blessings to you and your family Mr Howard.

  12. Debra Murphy says:

    So fun to read this fabulous truth/story! Thank you sooo much Howard!

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