Fighting Parkinson’s, and I’m So Grateful

I sat down at my computer to write today’s blog post. Generally, inspiration of what to write hits me as I sit in front of the computer. I then took at glance at my email from today, and the blog post was written for me. I’m So Grateful!

In my Inbox was an email from the daughter of a man I am coaching. Here is what she had to say:

“Dear Howard,

I hope you and Sally are well. 

I just wanted to bring to your attention to some lovely music which I really enjoy and think are quite fitting for anyone on a healing journey. I thought it may be of benefit to other people you coach or who follow your recipe and are on the road to a Parkinson’s recovery. 

The main artist is Karen Drucker – she has lots of spiritual songs/albums and I’ve linked below some of my favourites. The gratitude song is very fitting for your recipe.”

Well, SG, you are correct. I’m so grateful for you in not only caring about your dad, but also caring about the Recipe Parkinson’s community enough to share this with me. Sally and I just listened to the first song you linked, and here is for everybody to enjoy.

As I have mentioned many times, gratitude is an expression of joy, and it is love, joy, and gratitude that are the direct lines to lighting up your dopamine and propelling you forward in your recovery.

Again, thank you SG for caring about the warriors and for assisting me in writing today’s blog post.

Okay everybody. Let’s be grateful! Let’s fill up the comments section with what you are grateful for in your life!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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17 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and I’m So Grateful

  1. Rick says:

    Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing Howard and SG! I’m grateful for everyone of you for sharing your journey as we heal! 😀

  2. Anne says:

    Thank you for this. It makes me feel proud and connected to each of you. Let the gratitude flow and grow in us.

  3. Cicily says:

    Howard, I’m grateful for you and countless others I’ve met only online, who have offered up so much encouragement and advice to me. Also to my three wonderful children, and to my uncomplaining partner, who cheerfully calls himself my “support monkey.” Every day (weather permitting) we take a half-mile or a one-mile walk around the neighborhood; he holds my hand the whole way in case I lose my balance. The neighbors call us “the lovebirds.”

    • Margaret says:

      Thank you for that Cicily, I am picturing you two “lovebirds” walking through the neighborhood- how beautiful – pure love. I am also monumentally grateful for a very supportive husband and family and all they do without even thinking about it xoxox

  4. Sakina K says:

    Hello Mr Howard and fellow warriors. Thank you for the beautiful song and the wonderful blog post Mr Howard. Let the blessings flow and heal us towards our recovery. Amen 🙏🏼

  5. Ray says:

    I am grateful to you and my fellow warriors for your support and to my wife of 44 years Judith for her love and support xx

  6. Margaret says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors. This post completely reflects how I am feeling this morning. I reduced my meds Monday and felt great for a few days, then hit a wall the last couple of days I was feeling down in myself and symptoms reflected that. I woke up super early this morning and had a good talk to myself and before I knew it I was feeling on top of the world. Gratitude was 90% of that talk! I got up, had a shower, started laundry – all before taking my morning meds. I’m super grateful to have a Recipe to follow that I can come back to it even when I get off course. I’m so grateful to you Howard for your unfailing love and support, and to all my fellow warriors who understand and are behind me.
    Thank you for the beautiful song SG and for thinking of us. I’m adding it to my playlist.
    Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

  7. Andy says:

    I am grateful for the love and support that surrounds me every day, in particular my husband who is tireless and incredibly generous with his loving and caring. I am aware how lucky I am that I have the resources needed to help fight this disease.

  8. Rainer in Germany says:

    What a wonderful song! Thank you, SG and Howard. I am so so grateful for you, Howard, that you have been supporting me, with all your love, wisdom and enthusiasm, and with your infinite patience, for so many years, allowing me to heal my life and to stay, even in the darkest hours, on the path of recovery with an unshakeable strength and persistence. I am so grateful for our community, for the support and encouragement my fellow travellers offer with their comments every week.
    With love and gratitude.

  9. Chris M says:

    I give thanks for my beautiful wife who gives me such love and support!

    I give thanks for my wild dreams that show me I can still move briskly!

    I give thanks for Howard who helps me make sense out of this wild ride through the universe!

    I give thanks for the warriors whose blog post comments I read over and over again!

    Love and blessings, Chris

  10. Maggie says:

    I am grateful for learning how to be grateful for Parkinson’s and the messages it has brought to me.

  11. Silvana says:

    Thanks for having Howard and his blog!
    Thanks for the support of my mom and sister and all of you that we share with!

  12. Maree in Melbourne says:

    Hi Howard,
    Thanks for your continuous support.
    I am very grateful for my life, for the flowers, shrubs and trees in my garden.
    I am grateful for the air I breathe and I am also grateful that Parkinson’s is paying me
    a visit to show me the imbalance in my life.

    Love to all,

    • Chris M says:

      You are spot on about the imbalance part, Maree! I keep forgetting that this is primary. Without fixing the imbalance, love, joy and peace are impossible!

  13. Rabindar says:

    I am grateful that I was able to travel to Amritsar, India last week and pay my homage to the holy city and reflect on my health issues and meditate with my wife and two daughters. I am also grateful to my wife and children for their love and support in my journey to recover from Parkinson’s.
    I am also grateful to all the warriors for their comments every week fighting the same PD battle.
    Grateful to Howard for his commitment and encouragement leading to our recovery.
    God bless

  14. Melanie S says:

    Grateful for Howard, all of you, and my daughter, and for still being here.

  15. Helen says:

    Thank you Howard for your continued kindness, and for believing in me in my recovery. I am grateful for all the kindness I am shown throughout the day when my heart is open, and I’m feeling that gratitude for the divine in me. All is well and truly grateful for the gift of peace I feel in my heart into the life I’m leading. There are ups and downs, but every day I wake is the new beginning, a chance to feel the love inside my heart and all around. This I am grateful for.

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